yet another hiatus…explained

We’re finally moving. The furniture mostly came last weekend on trucks with lots of boxes.

About a dozen dolls have made the trip so far. The rest are waiting in the old doll room amongst yet more boxes. Thankfully, they can stay there a little while because the new doll room is occupied by my eldest daughter until her suite is finished. Sadly, we can’t start that until spring.

Sometimes it does feel like it doesn’t end.

However, I’ve decided that once we’re cleared out of the old house that for mental health, I need to get back to my dollings so I’ve held back some of the minis from storage and I’m going to try to focus on them and some crafting over the winter to pull me through.

I have saved three old tvs to convert to mini dolly condos/houses (dolliramas!). All the mini dollies could use some more clothes too.

I’ll be in touch soon. Until then, guest posts and pics are welcome!


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