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Happy Monday, Dollings!

This weekend I finally got a chance to let my new friends out of their boxes. On the left we have American Girl Truly Me Number 54 and on the right, Our Generation Suyin.

I took #54 out of her box first because I thought it would be easier. It was. No hairnet and the neck and ankles were wrapped with plastic foam under the strapping.

Our Generation doll boxes have an insert that slides out. The neck and ankles are secured with zip ties that you must cut carefully to release the doll.

Both dolls stand pretty well. Suyin is a little off balance right out of the box but putting her one arm back balances her nicely. Suyin comes with a beautiful light pink coat. I took it off to see her dress which is also lovely. Suyin is a non poseable (aka regular) doll from OG. She has the same points of articulation as an American Girl. Oh, yes, her eye sticks. I have found this with a few OG dolls; they do loosen up over time with play (movement).

Skivvies test! I removed both dresses and shoes and Suyin’s tights. Suyin’s undies are definitely more bikini’s but I am still glad to see them included on her. #54’s look at little lumpy here for some reason. I was not clever enough to get a picture of their backsides in their own undies.

Undie swap! As you can see, #54’s undies seem to fit Suyin better than her own. Suyin’s bikini’s look good on #54 too.

Suyin is still doing well backside with the Truly Me undies; on both dolls, the bikini underwear is not full enough cut for their bums.

Suyin’s dress, tights and shoes fir #54 well. The Truly Me outfit and shoes also fit Suyin well. The colors aren’t anymore flattering to Suyin that they were to #54. Consensus was that we just really don’t like this Truly Me outfit. The shoes really don’t go except for the little bit of embroidery near the shoulder which feels like an afterthought. If it weren’t for the gold in Suyin’s dress (next to the white dots are gold dots), I would say the AG shoes go better with the OG dress. (The AG shoes have big silver dots on the toes).

“Try the jacket!” Suyin suggested. Now, I bet you were expecting it not to fit over #54’s hands (so was I). I was pleasantly surprised that it did.

I think this jacket looks great on #54! I guess we should stop calling her #54 too. Meet Gen Chen! She is named after my sister’s friend. Her full first name is Genevieve.

Overall, the price points for OG are much fairer than AG which we all already know. The wig on the Our Generation doll crimped in packaging (I’ll try a hot water treatment) but the hair feels soft like a PC AG. I had to trim Gen’s bangs and she had constant flyaways so I’m not that impressed with the AG wigs lately.

The dolls have the same limited range of motion and both sit goofy because of their hip joints. They can’t do much but sit still and look pretty.

I will do separate posts on each doll later so you can see their uniquenesses. (Yes, I made up that word). I really enjoy Suyin’s face sculpt. I wish OG would choose different vinyl colors though. Several of their skin tones photograph out to yellow orange and not very natural looking. Then again, AG tends to pull flat or beige in photos so eh, whatcha gonna do?

While I was taking photos of our new friends, we were also hosting a tea party. Come back tomorrow for that post!


“Call me Suzi,” Suyin told Gen, “everyone else does.”

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6 thoughts on “two new dolls

  1. The new OG Asian face mould that Suyin has is very pretty and the eyes are more successful than the May Lee mould. I have a May Lee myself and though she is very sweet the eye sockets on May Lee are a bit too tall for the ‘eyeballs’ and she can look a bit startled or staring. The Abrianna mould can also suffer from this issue.

    I wonder if they had some feedback (or maybe poor sales figures?) on the May Lee mould because it hasn’t been used again for another doll, whereas Suyin’s mould has been used for several dolls.

    Also, looking at the outfits you wouldn’t think the AG one was for the more expensive doll. If you compare to the outfits that modern AG dolls used to get to what they have now (one piece with shoes and underwear – if you are lucky!) it’s obvious where they are trying to save money.

    • I think they rushed the May Lee mold out too fast or stood to lose too much by not using what they produced but I don’t think we’ll see it again without revision because of the eye sockets. They just don’t work. The Suyin mold, which is also used for Tamaya, is much nicer in my opinion.

      I completely agree on the outfits! It’s really sad that AG now only comes with shoes, a dress and underwear (and soon not even that will come off). Their non-historicals use to come with so much making the price point realistic but not so anymore. OG definitely outdoes them on this. As the quality of AG goes down, OG seems to go up. I wish OG would do a better job with color matching vinyl though. They do seem to change color as they age. Their accessories are far superior right now.

  2. Both dolls are gorgeous. I think Suzi’s OG mold is one of the better ones; more lively or human. I’m still partial to the AG faces; 54 is my current favorite.

  3. Always fun to get a new doll. Totally agree with you on the flyaways with the new wigs, since I rewigged Abby, I’ve spent a lot of time combing things out of her face, argh.

  4. I sure wish AG would bring back #4. She is the most beautiful Asian doll in my opinion! Wonder why her face mold wasn’t used again.

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