tea and cupcakes

This weekend I sent an invitation to Xyra and the gang from Tea Time with Melody Q to see who was free to join Gen and Suzi for tea while I got the dolls out of their boxes. Luckily, Xyra, Kaya and Lea were available!

Gen checks to make sure everyone has enough sweets to go with their tea. I used a set of 4 cupcake erasers from the Valentine’s Dollar Section at Target along with the paper mochi I made for Hinamatsuri. The other thing you may see on the plate are red foil hearts meant to simulate chocolates. Xyra and I ate the chocolates with our tea then I crumpled the wrappers into doll size treats.

My daughter and I found this darling ladybug tea set at Home Goods last fall. Personally, I use a giant mug for tea instead of pretty cups most of the time.

Lea and Kaya got to taste three teas which Xyra will post more about soon. (Check Tea Time with Melody Q for the posts)

Here’s a better view of our treats. How did we do? Is this a nice assortment for tea?

The girls stood on one side of the table for a group photo of new friends. Kaya, Gen, and Lea look like they’ve heard something in the tea pot. Only Suzi looked up for the camera. Oh, well. Dollies will be dollies.

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2 thoughts on “tea and cupcakes

  1. Great post! The girls look fabulous! Kaya and Lea had a great time with Gen and Suzi! Perhaps they heard the Dormouse in the teapot. 😉

    Yes, please do check out our blog next week for updates on the tea we tried. Grace will be finished her report on her trip to Nevada soon then we an move on to more tea related items.

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