someone say pie?

2015 7 16 image american-girl-pie-and-cake from the room mom

In honor of my daughter’s birthday, let’s have pie! Here are some ways to make pie for your dollies! (The above image is The Room Mom‘s blueberry no bake, no sew pie! Image links to site too.)

Pie – Blueberry Pie
Pie – Cheesecake Slice
Pie – Cherry Pie 
Pie – Mini Fruit Pies
Pie – Pumpkin Pie
Pie – Pumpkin Pie Slice (foam)

Not feeling crafty? Someone else is! etsy sellers have created some astounding looking pies too (click images for links – no formal endorsements here folks, they just look GREAT!):

KatydidMinatures Pecan Pie (I LOVE THIS ONE)

2015 pie pecan KatydidMiniatures

FeliciasKitchen apple pie slice or whole

2015 pie applie slice

BrownDaisyDesigns apple!

2015 pie brown daisy

Don’t forget The Queen’s Treasures pie options too!

2015 pie cherry_pie_2_magento

Cherry is my daughter’s favorite.  One Thanksgiving she asked for a whole cherry pie for herself. Her father and I agreed to teach her a lesson and let her have it so I made two cherry pies that year.  She ate the whole thing at the table following the big meal without getting sick proving to us that she was really part cherry herself (or possibly part pie?).  I have to make two every year now.

Happy Pie-ing, Dollings!


PS. I decided to include the pre-made options for inspiration nor endorsement purposes. Please let me know if you don’t like that too 🙂

something sweet to eat

2015-06-23 post image

Grace’s movie came out today (with special editions in store only at both Walmart and Target) and Camp Doll Diaries is celebrating baking too this week so why not whip up some new sweets for your dollies?  How about Madelon’s Crème Brûlée from Karen Mom of Three‘s blog (shown above – click image for link)?

More tasty treats!

Treat – Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Treat – Chocolate Croissants
Treat – Cinnamon Rolls
Treat – Cinnamon Rolls
Treat – Coffee Shop Treats
Treat – Cotton Candy
Treat – Crem Brulee
Treat – Croquembouche
Treat – Fruit Tarts
Treat – Gingerbread House (clay)
Treat – Gingerbread House (Phoomph)
Treat – Jam Tarts
Treat – Pink Tarts
Treat – Rice Crispy Treats
Treat – Scones (blueberry)
Treat – Smores

is it time for cake?

image 2015-04-27 ckaes

I know there are more than one of us celebrating this week (and last)!  The above image would be a perfect card/present in my opinion and comes to us from big ideas from a little girl.  That’s one of the most clever and beautiful uses of a battery powered tea light that I’ve seen.  Teri’s tutorial is brilliant.

For more cake options, including some historically themed ones, check out these links.  Remember, for real cake recipes and dolls together,  you can’t beat A Peek Into the Pantry‘s blog!

Cake – Applesauce Cake
Cake – Birthday Cake (foam)
Cake – Birthday Cake w candle
Cake – Cake
Cake – Cake
Cake – Cake (duct tape)
Cake – Cake Plate
Cake – Cake Pops
Cake – Cake Slice 
Cake – Cake Slices
Cake – Carrot Cake
Cake – Celebration Cake
Cake – Chocolate Jelly Roll 
Cake – Cupcake (felt)
Cake – Leprechaun Cake
Cake – Mini Heart Cakes (like Little Debbie)
Cake – Molly’s Birthday Cake
Cake – Monster High Cake
Cake – Mug Cake
Cake – Pound Cake Slices (lemon) 
Cake – Sheet Cake
Cake – Sponge Cake
Cake – Sponge Cake
Cake – Sponge Cake (Éclair looking)
Cake – Swiss Cake Roll

let them eat … cake

image 2015-02-23 cakesThe above image of an amazing repurpose craft of Felicity’s Tea Cakes  is clipped from youtube and links to the video (also listed below).  If you’ve found Living a Doll’s Life blog and not Rhonda’s youtube channel, now’s the time to camp out for a few hours watching doll videos.

With both AG Grace and JG Mikaella enjoying baking, it seemed time to dig out the cake recipes.  Several cake crafts are similar and that’s ok; we each have our own take on decorating.

For more cakes…check it out:

Applesauce Cake
Birthday Cake (foam)
Cake (duct tape)
Cake Pops
Cake Slice 
Cake Slices
Carrot Cake
Celebration Cake
Cheesecake slice
Chocolate Jelly Roll 
Cupcake (felt)
Felicity’s Tea Cakes Tree
Mini Heart Cakes (like Little Debbie)
Monster High Cake
Petit Fours
Pound Cake Slices (lemon) 
Sheet Cake
Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake (Éclair looking)
Swiss Cake Roll

cookie time!



Image from small dolls in a big world

What can everyone get behind every holiday season?  COOKIES!

Chip, Chip, YAY!

Button Cookies
Cookies – Chocolate Chip (felt)
Cookies – Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Cookies – Ginger Molasses Cookies
Cookies – Simple Easter Cookies (stickers)
Gingerbread Cookies
Gingerbread Cookies (paper)
Sugar Cookies
Sugar Cookies for Easter