in store report: Penelope at AC Moore

My daughter had a craving for Tuscan Garlic Bread from Wegmans so like a good mom, I went into the AC Moore next to Wegmans when I picked up the bread. ūüôā

Penelope was well represented at our store (although the blond was missing).

I really enjoyed the new carded outfits. I hadn’t seen these before (no after work runs for bread lately).

This panda hat set is on my list to use a 50% off coupon on…

The kitty set is very cute too!

Plenty of furniture…

And it looks like almost all of the Springfield line has been retagged as Penelope. Interesting. (The pink t with the kitty faces on it and gray skirt set is SO CUTE).

There were a couple Springfield dolls chillin at the bottom of the isle but that’s it.

I like the face of the Penelope line but I don’t know much else about them from first hand experience.

Now where’s my coupon?

new Springfield doll sighting

From what I’ve been able to gather, there are several changes to Fibre-Craft’s 18 inch dolls. Previously, we just had the Springfield dolls but now there is a line with a chest plate, a line of new cloth body dolls and some updated¬†old favorites.

I spotted these old and updated old favorites side by side at AC Moore last night.

Here’s Abby:


And here’s Madison:


Abby looks less messy but most of us are when we’re fresher. Madison, however, looks bleached. The doll shown on the box looks darker but I’m disappointed to see this change.

JoAnne’s Fabrics will now be the exclusive provider of the Springfield Boutique line (from what I’ve heard) that resemble our old friends but without bangs and with hearts on their dresses (how original?).


I guess they thought we wouldn’t notice two Madisons?

introducing Springfield Boutique

logo less blurry

A trip to Joanne’s revealed some interesting changes for Springfield dolls. (Our Michaels and AC Moore have not had any of the new items yet but I hear that some do.) A quick visit to the Springfield online store reveals most of the dolls appear sold out (except Maria). And the pictures of dolls that are there now all don’t have bangs…that’s new (Maria did not have bangs before).

Meet Paige.


She looks an awful lot like Emma (even in the picture without bangs on the online Emma page). She has a glitter heart on her dress that’s new too.


All of the other dolls were their same old selves and none of them were on sale at my stores. I have heard reports that they are being cleared out in some places. I encourage you to watch for the sales and consider donating some of the dolls at the clearance prices (or with 50% off coupons for these or the Moderns Girls).

Right above Paige, there was a fancy dress with the new logo so I looked around for all the new items (begging your pardon for the blurry phone pictures)…








Some of these items are in the online store already. There is a lot of clearance, perhaps for rebranding or for making space for new stuff. Sadly, in store doesn’t seem to be as motivated to sell and shipping online isn’t worth it (unless you bulk order with buddies) most of the time. I did pick up that adorable bathing suit – I will have to do a Who Wore It Best to check the fit. I was on a swimsuit kick this year (last year it was jackets) so I have several brands to show fit with.

Also spotted – some rebranded shoes (note the old design and the new for the silver flats).




Walking around, I checked for any of these on clearance (none) but they do have some of the new design for these pincushions ($14.99) which are PERFECT for minis. With a half off coupon, these would be adorable for a mini MaryEllen or Grace room.


We also caught these cute sets on our way to check out…


These would be very cool stocking stuffers. They are sized for the 18 inch dolls.

So what’s at your craft/hobby stores now? (Go see)

my doll Friday – Niya

MDF very yellowNIYA

Niya is a Springfield Collection doll.  She was released in 2009 in limited run.  She came pre-stuffed but nude.  I purchased mine new directly from Springfield last May; they have since run out but seem to still be available here.

Naya crop

Most were sold without a box even directly from Springfield. ¬†My Niyas (that’s right, I ordered more than one) arrived in bags ordered directly from Springfield online.

Naya in packaging 2014

Overstock advertised their stock in boxes though.

Niya in box from overstock

One of the biggest complaints/nicest features of this little gem of a doll are her middle parted braids.  She was clearly intended to represent a Native American.  Just like with other dolls that come with braided hair, like American Girls Kaya and Kirsten, once you take the braids down, they become a challenge sometimes.

I have to admit, I’ve been reluctant to purchase a Springfield Collection doll because they always looked cheap to me online. ¬†They looked happy enough but since there was the one face mold and a lack of authentic looking coloring, I resisted. ¬†Then I saw Niya whose coloring was exactly what I was looking for. ¬†As it turns out, I’ve concluded that I don’t believe most Springfield dolls photograph well with the notable exception of all the dollies on Julie Newman’s 70’s Time Capsule blog. ¬†Her blog let me see these dolls in a favorable light and I’m glad of it.

I did purchase two Niya dolls with the intention of gifting one.  That intention lasted until I opened the box.  Being a twin myself, and always having grown up with two dolls that looked alike in the house, I had not set out to have any doll twins in my 18 inch collection.  But the hair!  The dolls instantly remind me of . . .


the Penny twins from the 1977 Raggedy Ann movie (which you can watch on youtube). ¬†Ok, so they don’t have braids but their coloring is similar, they all have pudgy cheeks and I love that movie (but I wouldn’t argue that is a trippy and slightly creepy since we’ve left the 70’s).

IMG_20140824_215013_799-1One of my Niya’s became Ashley (on the right, she’ll get her own post someday too).


Since they arrived naked as jaybirds, I was quite pleased to discover these Dollie and Me outfits at Kmart on clearance in the same week (I gave away the matching girl outfits).

Karen Mom of Three’s blog does a nice comparison photo shoot between AG and Springfield here. ¬†It’s not Niya but you can see the proportions are slightly different.

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