forgotten school supplies

2015 10 5 image Flo

Uh, oh, no post on school supplies before school started so maybe you forgot some things? Never fear. Last year’s post is still here and so are these new links! (Like Flo’s awesome doll pencils above – click on the image or visit Say Hello to My Little Friends blog today!)

Backpack (felt)
Colored Pencils
File Folders
Glitter Pencil
Pencil Holder
Pocket Portfolio
Sharpie Marker

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school scenes

Are your dollies back into the swing of school?  All their supplies ready?

Check out these cool links for scenic inspiration!

school scenes

Art Room 
Science Set 

Don’t forget the accessories!

Artist Easel
Feather Pen 
Butterfly Life Cycle Display 
Rock Collection 
Science Fair Ribbons 
Science Set 
Volcano School Presentation 

back in the swing

gymnastics from twoityourself

When I was younger, back to school also always meant back to gym team.  I loved swinging away on the high bar so much I often came back with hips covered in bruises from tricks on with the low bar.  Thankfully, dollies don’t bruise…(and I healed quickly enough to keep doing it while I loved it).


Here are some things to get you ready to practice!

Leotard – Long Sleeve
Leotard – Short Sleeve
Leotard (no sew)
Balance Beam
Balance Beam
Cheese Mat
Gymnastics Grips
Gymnastics Mat
Gymnastics Spring Board
High Bar
High Beam
Practice Beam
Uneven Bars
Uneven Bars
Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop 1
Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop 2
Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon 1
Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon 2

dollie tech

iphone agcraftsandmore

Dolly need some tech for back to school?  Mom finally splurge on a cell phone (above printable from agcraftsandmore blogspot)? Time for a new PC?

Here are few links to keep your dollies ready for the future.

Alarm Clock
Desktop Computer Keyboard
Desktop Computer Monitor
Desktop Computer Mouse
Portable Video Game Console (DS)

back to school – CARRY IT IN STYLE!

ego bag gina's craft corner

This is such a cool repurposed bag from lost purpose (trash!) items from Gina’s Craft Corner that your dollies are gonna flip!

Other cool book carriers …

Backpack (small)
Craft Bag
Craft Bag Accessories
Duffle Bag
Eco Bag
Pencils and Pencil Case

Let’s not forget lunch!

bento box dd

Anna contributed this awesome bento box lunch to Doll DIaries and our dollies are so glad she did!  Dollar stores often feature small plastic containers totally suitable for bento box lunches.  Old style metal lunch boxes can often be found in candy sections or as Christmas ornaments too.  You can also cut a paper sack down for a down sized brown bag lunch!

Drink Bottle
Addy’s Lunch
Bento Box Meal
Insulated Lunch Bag

back to school – BOOKS

Did your dollies do their summer reading or are they cramming it in now right before school starts?  Either way, here are a few simple book tutorials for more reading material.  An easy way to make books is to use very inexpensive small glue-edged notepads cut to size with duct tape covers.  Depending on the size notepads you find, it may be easier to cut down to size after adhering the duct tape to the cover so it doesn’t change alignment as you’re cutting.  Scrap paper (particularly from junk mail) makes great filler for books too!



For more school supplies, check out these cool links!

school accessories from jenwrenne

Braille Sheets
Bulletin Board (wall)
Pencils (Mechanical)
Pencils and Pencil Case
School Accessories
School Workbooks and Worksheets

above photos from Pixie Faire and Jen Wrenne

At what cost, Independence?

As we prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July as America’s Day of Independence from England, NPR published a great read on a man who’s dedicated his life to creating a map of the tribes, the people, who were indigenous to North America before the Europeans arrived.

TRibal map

Several maps are available for viewing and as a pdf download here:

This would be an excellent addition to your classroom scenes and school play.

Independence and Freedom will always be disputed terms but I think they’ll also always be desired states.  There’s a great scene at the end of Schindler’s List where the man who has saved so many Jews from death laments from his soul about keeping his car and how many more live she could have bought with the money from his car.  I cry just thinking about that scene.

As much fun as my dolls are, I live in this world.  If you can give back, do.  If you don’t have resources to share, take care of yourself until you do – then share.  Because, dollings, we are all worth it.