my doll Friday – Penny


Penny is a Precious Day Julia doll by Gotz from 2003 with a Starshine mold face. Here is her original catalog shot.


Gotz made the doll that the first American Girl doll was created from so I was curious how these two dolls compared. Our resident redhead AG doll, Saige, volunteered to help us out. (naked dollie warning!!)

reds saige penny front

reds saige penny backs

reds saige penny

reds saige penny hands

Yup, pretty much the same body. The faces and wigs are quite different though.  Penny’s hair is much fuller than Saige (although we know earlier AG had fuller wigs). Penny almost looks pensive compared to Saige.

The vinyl used for Penny’s shoes or her feet has left her with some stained tooties though.

reds saige penny feet


reds saige penny swaps

Saige looks cute in Penny’s top and skirt but Penny looks great in Saige’s dress (again, I state for the record that I haven’t met a doll who doesn’t yet). With the staining on Penny’s feet, I didn’t risk the shoes on Saige. It’s like Penny has permanent poison ivy!

My best photo of Penny in her original outfit features an expanded view of a photo from last week with Nomi and Saige (and yes, that is the entire series of MacGyver on blue ray). The photo of Saige in her own dress with Penny was too blurry for any usefulness and I didn’t notice until the sun went down. My camera is awesome but it has issues focusing when the flash isn’t on. Oh, well. Penny, Saige and Nomi had a fun day in front of the camera.

reds tower

You can still get current versions of Precious Day dolls from Gotz although the face molds have changed, the line is still continuing. I like my starshine mold. She’s sweet.

my doll Friday – Abigail

MDF redname

Guess who I got? Newberry’s Abigail has been #1 on my Wish List for quite some time and thanks to a generous woman in New York who drove to Canada to pick her up for me, now she’s mine.

Newberry Abigail fall 2014

abigail 2

The above photos from Sears Canada Online show all she comes with. Her red hair and green blue eyes are what drew me to her. I really want to compare her to JG Kelsey but that will have to wait for a future post because I can’t reach Riley (my Kelsey) at the moment. (She’s stuck in the back of the “elevator” in the doll room which has my son’s clothes in it after we had a fire at my daughter’s house).

Riley is back here

Newberry dolls are made by Lotus and only available at Sears Canada. They are soft bodied dolls like Lotus’ Today’s Girls (Constructive Playthings). Lotus also make Journey Girls, espari dolls and many others (see for a list of brands and products and track your collection too).

IMG_5658 b

Abigail came in a dark blue coat. Can you guess that that coat did to Abigail? Yes, nasty stains. She looks like she has matching arm band tattoos right where her shirt ends.


Since I recently featured Newberry Jacquie, we can skip the rest of the naked dolly pics since they’re the same body type. So what should Abigail wear?

IMG_5664 b

This is the Baker Street Steampunk Outfit from Carpatina’s Girlfriends Collection.  My awesome daughter bought both Steampunk Outfits for me for Christmas. The outfit fits well. The collar is a separate piece like a choker necklace so it doesn’t bunch. The wristlets are big on Abigail and slide down. They still look good though. The boots are the only item that is tricky. Her feet fit but you can see how the back of the boot tapers in at the top of the zipper. Well, that meant I couldn’t zip it all the way up. They still look ok.


The outfit is very well made and worth every penny in the details. The skirt fastens in back while the blouse fastens in front. Both have hidden snaps which I love. The gather to the skirt is just perfect. Even without the blouse over it, you cannot see the snap on the waist.

IMG_5670 b

IMG_5671 b

The outfit comes with really cool goggles that don’t quite fit but Abigail can still see.

IMG_5672 bThey make a much better headband for her. Her hair likes to go in face all the time!

IMG_5676 b

I found two more babies this week too. Arthur (left) and Jerome (middle) join Hiro in our baby family. Here they are with Steampunk Abby for scale. My dad got me the bench for Christmas.

IMG_5681 bHere’s Jerome close up. I love the lips, hair and side glance unique to his head sculpt. They all have the same adorable hands and feet (look at those toes!).


I’ve had Hiro for a little while. He was purchased at Barnes and Noble. They are all Corolle Les Minis. They are sold in pre-packaged assortments so you can’t usually pick the one you want online. I found the other two in a local toy store and snatched them up. Some of the Asian boys and girls have painted hair instead of the wigs. I think the wig is cute.


And here’s little Arthur. He also has a unique head sculpt. I like that his eyes face forward (and yes, he reminds me of someone I know named Art).

IMG_5684 b

I also bought some of the Justice pajamas for dolls. This is the 2 piece Cool Penguin set. It’s very soft.


And this photo shows a quality control issue with Newberry dolls quite well. I’ll have to clip that stray hair!


One more shot with the boys.

IMG_5697 b

A little more about Newberry…

LADL 2016

my doll Friday – Aoibheen


I found Aoibhean (pronounced Eve EEN) at Tuesday Morning on a Tuesday morning for a whopping $19.99 (listed as $39.99 retail which no one should ever pay). She is a Style Girl.



IMG_5254There appear to be four Style Girls. None of them come with names so we researched Irish names for our pretty new redhead and came up with Aoibhean.


I could see the travesty that is her hair before I bought her but her pretty face made me overlook that. Her scalp is painted to match her hair to make it look fuller. Here’s a look from the back.

IMG_5273Taking it down did not help.

IMG_5276I’m having an 80’s  flashback…

IMG_5275Why are we holding hands you ask? Soft soled shoes.

IMG_5291Ok, hair is up so we can look at her outfit. The vest does come off.


IMG_5295The dress does not continue around the back. Likewise, the shirt and dress are not separate pieces 🙁

Aoibhean has a nice chest plate like Journey Girls.


IMG_5298Her tag doesn’t give much more hint to her origin.IMG_5300Her vest does fasten nicely hiding the red belt.


IMG_5277Her tights and soft soled boots do come off (without any marks!). She can stand without the boots. Her limbs are not the greatest quality plastic.

IMG_5293Her joints are more baby doll design but for $19.99, that’s ok. The seam on the bum is interesting.

Overall, she’s a nice little dolly.

There’s no More Around the Web because nothing comes up on a web search. Have you ever seen them? 🙂

my doll Friday – Riley

MDF green altRILEY

Riley is a 2011 Journey Girl Kelsey. My Kelsey is likely one of the first Kelsey’s and I can’t find a “professional” photo for her anywhere. The original JG’s introduced included (L-R) Alana, Taryn, Meredith and Callie in 2011.

orig 4

Over time, Alana was replaced by Kyla and Taryn was replaced by Chavonne. (I’d still really love a Taryn and original Callie!). Kelsey was produced in 2011 and sold in 2011 but not part of the orginal marketing announcement in 2010.

Newer Kelsey versions look like these:



Fall 2012

Fall 2012

Paris Fall 2013

Paris Fall 2013

London Fall 2014

London Fall 2014

Italy Spring 2015

Italy Spring 2015

I have not seen the Italy on in the us yet. This image (which links to) is from the Canadian TRU site. The Paris version is still available in the US (click image to link to TRU).


Recognize that box? Riley is from before the Journey Girls had exotic adventures in Europe. Here’s her TRU Bio (click image for source site).

JG Kelsey bio

According to her Bio, she has a twin brother and her prized possession is her hiking boots. That little blue box also says she’s been to France so apparently, she’s been a few times.

From the front…


From the back…IMG_20140831_194242_683

and without the vest and shoes (no socks!)IMG_20140831_194448_766

I really want to give her freckles (check out Journey Girl Adventures for the look and tutorial). Her face is so pretty and I love her very pale (if totally unrealistic) eye color.

From the front (note the nice full lips and not too much face paint)


Her right side (Sweetie, your roots are showing!)

IMG_4147Her left side (“Where’s my ear?” Riley)


and the eyes have it!eye

If this was a tad more blue, I think it would be realistic. I still like it. Look at that brow detail!

JG eyes do not close. The legs do not bend. They sit rather oddly with their legs splayed out at the hip. They don’t come with a book or story and their bios have been pretty much removed from their promotions. None of that troubles me. They started getting facelifts in 2014, holiday special editions in 2013 and now travel the world annually.  While that’s fun from a collection standpoint, I’d rather they dream of going places and tell stories than go because that aspect of it makes me feel they’re a little spoiled.

I’m glad I have an older Kelsey. Oh, and her name? Riley is the last name of one of my bff’s who has two daughters who if you composited them together look like Riley (they both agreed too!). They are both beautiful and successful (chef and large animal vet) young women too. Riley thinks she might go herd sheep someday…

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my doll Friday – Anna

MDF purpANNA name

Well, well, well, this post will be back dated as I was requested to do so by my daughter who purchased Anna for me as a birthday present. Here’s Anna in her Madame Alexander publicity shot (click photo for link to MA site):

MA photo

Anna is a lovely doll. Both the lead characters in Frozen have major issues to me (but I still love it!) but I do prefer Anna.  Plus, you know, she’s a redhead.

Anna’s outer box is really pretty as is in the scene on the background behind her.

Anna boxes

She was secured in typical Madame Alexander fashion including clever ties through Anna’s boots.

IMG_4663bIn full costume, Anna looks much like Anna.


Her cape and hat indicate she is intended for a collector and not a playmate to me since the cape has tiny holes from the package securing and the hat left a visible indentation in the hairline from being so tightly fastened.  Still, they are cute.

IMG_4669 IMG_4670

Sans cape, the dress is nice.  It is one piece with a simple velcro open in the back.  Here we can see Anna’s “frozen” streak:


Anna had a very difficult time standing up.  Once her boots came off, forget it.

IMG_4692b IMG_4684

The white tights were nice.  They may have saved her feet from markings.  Her neck was not so lucky.


She also has a little mark on her hand near her thumb.


Since I wanted Anna for a play doll, neither mark will bother me much.  My kids had birth marks where Anna does when they were born that faded (which is fairly common).


She has a typical MA body with chest plate.  Her hips are really unstable which seems to be her largest issue with standing although … she didn’t sit well either.


(More puppy photos for no reason whatsoever)IMG_4724 IMG_4721IMG_4719bI think Anna looks smashing in the pjs I picked up this week on sale at Target (one aisle over from the OG stuff with the doll babies).


Unfortunately, my camera got a little blurry when Anna and I were being silly.  I was explaining Pippi Longstocking to her.

IMG_4712The more I photographed Anna, the more she reminded me of someone. I finally figured out who…


Rounded cheeks? Check.  Blue eyes? Check.  Wavy sculpted hair? Check. Pouty lips? Check. Upturned nose? Check. Crazy pink lips? Check. (on the left is my 1974 Horsman doll, Mikey, from childhood). This MA face sculpt has always been interesting to me.  They use it on a lot. I can’t find any online material for the evolution of the face sculpts though (anyone know?).

One striking thing about Anna is her hair.  While it looks somewhat like it has blond highlights, it looks downright bright compared to my Lucy’s auburn locks.  (Lucy is a $10 doll from Kmart).

IMG_4731b IMG_4733b

Overall, I think Anna is very pleasant doll.  She’ll be tricky to use as a prop but worth it, I think. 😉


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my doll Friday – Ella

MDF violetELLA

Ella is a 2014 Holiday Special Edition Journey Girl sold as Mikaella.

JG Mikaella 2014 LE London Holiday doll blonde

This doll is still available on Toys R Us’ website (click photo for link).  Mikaella has also been added to the 2015 line up of Journey Girls focusing on Italy.

Since I received both the brunette and strawberry blonde versions of the holiday doll as gifts, they had to have to different names.  I split the name and our blonde girl is now just Ella.  (Our brunette is Mika).

I still don’t know how I feel about the new face sculpt and body type.  She is a pretty doll though.  This is the face that graced holiday Mikaella’s box.

JG Mikaella 2014 face

And this is my Ella’s face.


I know these photos are at different angles but the change is noticeable.  Ella looks more like the full frame shots on the website (above).



Ella models the older JG owl pjs with a pair of Springfield sneakers.  While this outfit was intended to be pjs, Ella thinks it looks nice as a shortset too. Because of the issues with the very spread out rooting of her hair, she must keep it pulled up on top to cover the bad root job.  Her fair complexion and coloring make her well suited for wearing pastels.

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my doll Friday – Shelly


Once upon a time, there was a dolly named Shelly.  Shelley was featured on a Toy Box Philosopher blog post but she did not let the fame go to her head.  She was just one of the dolls.

MLA party planner redhead 2014Shelly came from Walmart.  She was marketed as a Party Planner but she arrived looking ready for a party!  Her purple dress and silver accessories made her feel very pretty. (I do not believe Shelly enjoys planning parties so much as attending them).


Shelly carefully stores her dresses on hangers when not in use (not on the floor or crumpled in a drawer!).

IMG_20140826_185332_793She prefers more casual outfits that are still playful.  We thought this shirt featured a unicorn so we snatched it up.  Looking more carefully at the graphic, we now think it’s just a horse but we still like it.  Shelly is hoping to ride some horses at camp this summer.

faceShelly has pretty amazing eyes for a redhead.  Her coloring is very pleasant.


Shelly box featured several new dolls when she was released last summer.  The redhead on the left featured brilliant freckles.  All the new dolls have the same face sculpt.  This seems to be a trend with non-AGs lately.  I’m sure it’s cost related but I don’t think it’s the best way to get people to purchase more than one of your brand doll.  But, AG started that way too.  (There’s a big difference between three characters and … I count 11 here).

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my doll Friday – Amy

MDF orangeAMY

Amy is my doll you see in most shared photos.  She is easier to dress and care for than Laurel so she gets out more…

Amy is an Our Generation Kendra.

OG Kendra 2013

Kendra has been available since 2012 and can still sometimes be found in stores and online.  She is listed on the site.

My doll was renamed Amelia Pond before she left the store (yes, she goes by Amy).  For those of Wholore, the answer is yes, of course, she is my doll version of the Doctor Who character.  (I hope some day to find the perfect Rory).

While Amy is not a fan of super girly things, she did dress up in Bitty Baby’s red twinkle party dress (from last year’s great sales!) for our Christmas scene this year (but only if she could wear her Olaf necklace).


Amy enjoyed Christmas this year.  She got the entire set of Guardians of the Galaxy action figures.


Amy and Laurel are close.  Laurel has suggested Amy come live in the Tree House when it’s done.  For now, Amy hangs out in the RV Seeing You Camper a lot.  She’s been heard to say that it ought to be blue…

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