spotted online – new colors on OG favorites

Have you seen these new colors of our favorite OG products? (as always, the images link to the host site)

Presenting the PINK camper!

I think this looks really snazzy in coral pink with the mint green cabinets and lime green accessories. Maryellen would love this for a fun getaway!

How about the PURPLE kitchen with GOLD handles? (doll with outfit shown is not included)

I think the Battat folks have seen the Bé Chic Forever youtube channel and that’s A-OK with me!

I love the GREY retro cruiser convertible! (dolls still not included)

My dollies would prefer this over all pink. Look at that rumble seat!

BLUE bicycle anyone? (doll and outfit with bandaids not included)

I had a bike that I spray painted to be this color (an old Schwinn). OG bikes hold up to play well and look great.

TEAL tent with OWL print sleeper bag

This one is pegged accessory so look for it hanging up. These owls are adorable! (If only they would reissue the owl lunchbox that I missed!)

There are also some great new sets like the Vet Clinic and school sets. Visit or for more.

no self control – dolly finds!

Well, it should come as no surprise that I have no self control when it comes to shopping for dolly stuff.

I recently found all these pets at Target in State College, PA when we took my son up for an apartment hunt (still no apartment, think good thoughts for him please).

We have a guinea pig (who would not use that type of water bowl!) and a ferret (an overlooked dolly pet for sure!)

A bird that is completely sized wrong for his cage (I’ll make a new one!), a kitten (Kirsten is so excited she is getting a grey kitten!), a turtle (our household favorite) and a bunny (we love bunnies!).

We also hit every thrift store I could find and I managed to only buy this fabulous tea set for under $6. The doll under the tea set was $13 on Walmart clearance. With the outfit and shoes, you’re ahead at that price. I love that outfit and boots (there is a fox purse!).

Watch for a follow up post too because I also picked up … Our Generation’s new boy, Raphael.

He will not stay “Raphael” and who knows what they were thinking when they chose that name! I have a Battat Jack so I want to pull him out and do a full comparison to share with everyone so please check back. (Both the photo and the name link to the Target sale site. If he’s still available, he will show from that link).

What have you found lately?

campfire cutie finally found!

I’ve been on the lookout for Our Generation’s Campfire Cutie outfit since it came out. I really wanted that plaid shirt. It was funny to me that American Girl’s boy Logan comes in a t with plaid shirt over it. I wanted to try this plaid on Thomas.


Thomas’ cargo pants are from a random retailer as are his boots. They may have come from Antina’s eons ago but I can’t remember. His shirt is not labeled Corolle but it came from a French department store Corolle section almost 20 years ago. My kids had just gotten their American Girl dolls (of which Thomas was one of them) and we didn’t have the dolls with us but purchased on faith that it would be a close fit. Somewhere there is also a light yellow one. I am still so happy they fit!

Out of the box, you can really see how much is in this set – a great value even at the full price of $17.99. In addition to the plaid shirt, you get denim look leggings, boots, a guitar, two smores, a pack of jumbo marshmallows and a stick with a marshmallow and hot dog. Before you think it, no, there’s nothing that hot dog goes with but my daughter determined that the hole in it is smaller than the marshmallow so it’s entire purpose seems to be to keep the marshmallow on the stick.

Thomas was originally a PC Kirsten. As such, his tummy and bum are a little fuller than modern Mattel AG counterparts. OG clothes are often slightly smaller than AG clothes too. I could absolutely use this shirt unbuttoned if I had to. And yes! These are REAL BUTTONS with BUTTONHOLES. How awesome is that?

I do think the shirt is a little snug. Gen popped over to offer her opinion. “I think it fits ok but it would look better on me!”

“I think the rest of the outfit looks great on you, Gen!” Thomas told her.

Gen’s shirt is part of a dance outfit from My Life As (Walmart). The set does not appear on the website right now. It went over something; it wasn’t intended to be worn as a crop top with a wide neck showing. It looks ok to me but not really child play spectacular.

Thomas, being a gentleman, offered Gen a smore. She was delighted.

Suyin popped over to see what all the fuss was. Gen talked Thomas into letting her try on the plaid shirt.

“It looks great!” Thomas told her.

I do think the shirt will fit the newer AGs better. Since the colors do go with Thomas’ blue shirt, I should have tried it over that but didn’t think of it until I saw these photos later (although I think his blue shirt is longer). I am impressed that Gen’s feet fit in these boots with no issues. The leggings also have good coverage.

We had an intruder come check out the accessories. He loved the hot dog. That’s why it’s there! (The bear is a Valentine’s day stuffy from Target. He came with a small box of candy around his neck).

Suyin went to help get the tea ready. Everyone else settled in for a photo. Gen said she might have to learn how to play the guitar because it’s so cute. Our bear friend joined us too!

Gen invited Thomas to tea but he thought it would be more fun to hang with the bear. I mean, how often does one get to hang with a bear?

two new dolls

Happy Monday, Dollings!

This weekend I finally got a chance to let my new friends out of their boxes. On the left we have American Girl Truly Me Number 54 and on the right, Our Generation Suyin.

I took #54 out of her box first because I thought it would be easier. It was. No hairnet and the neck and ankles were wrapped with plastic foam under the strapping.

Our Generation doll boxes have an insert that slides out. The neck and ankles are secured with zip ties that you must cut carefully to release the doll.

Both dolls stand pretty well. Suyin is a little off balance right out of the box but putting her one arm back balances her nicely. Suyin comes with a beautiful light pink coat. I took it off to see her dress which is also lovely. Suyin is a non poseable (aka regular) doll from OG. She has the same points of articulation as an American Girl. Oh, yes, her eye sticks. I have found this with a few OG dolls; they do loosen up over time with play (movement).

Skivvies test! I removed both dresses and shoes and Suyin’s tights. Suyin’s undies are definitely more bikini’s but I am still glad to see them included on her. #54’s look at little lumpy here for some reason. I was not clever enough to get a picture of their backsides in their own undies.

Undie swap! As you can see, #54’s undies seem to fit Suyin better than her own. Suyin’s bikini’s look good on #54 too.

Suyin is still doing well backside with the Truly Me undies; on both dolls, the bikini underwear is not full enough cut for their bums.

Suyin’s dress, tights and shoes fir #54 well. The Truly Me outfit and shoes also fit Suyin well. The colors aren’t anymore flattering to Suyin that they were to #54. Consensus was that we just really don’t like this Truly Me outfit. The shoes really don’t go except for the little bit of embroidery near the shoulder which feels like an afterthought. If it weren’t for the gold in Suyin’s dress (next to the white dots are gold dots), I would say the AG shoes go better with the OG dress. (The AG shoes have big silver dots on the toes).

“Try the jacket!” Suyin suggested. Now, I bet you were expecting it not to fit over #54’s hands (so was I). I was pleasantly surprised that it did.

I think this jacket looks great on #54! I guess we should stop calling her #54 too. Meet Gen Chen! She is named after my sister’s friend. Her full first name is Genevieve.

Overall, the price points for OG are much fairer than AG which we all already know. The wig on the Our Generation doll crimped in packaging (I’ll try a hot water treatment) but the hair feels soft like a PC AG. I had to trim Gen’s bangs and she had constant flyaways so I’m not that impressed with the AG wigs lately.

The dolls have the same limited range of motion and both sit goofy because of their hip joints. They can’t do much but sit still and look pretty.

I will do separate posts on each doll later so you can see their uniquenesses. (Yes, I made up that word). I really enjoy Suyin’s face sculpt. I wish OG would choose different vinyl colors though. Several of their skin tones photograph out to yellow orange and not very natural looking. Then again, AG tends to pull flat or beige in photos so eh, whatcha gonna do?

While I was taking photos of our new friends, we were also hosting a tea party. Come back tomorrow for that post!


“Call me Suzi,” Suyin told Gen, “everyone else does.”

new Battat WOW books

That’s right, Battat has new catalogs for 2017 and they actually refer to the catalogs as a WOW books right in their URLs.

Here are the links for the 2017 Catalogues

OG Catalog thumbnail


Lori catalog thumbnail


It’s going to be clear quickly that these are suppliers catalogs, not customer catalogs. That’s ok by me. We don’t have to call it a Wish Book for it to be one 😉

The following photos are from the catalogs and reflect some of my new favorites. Photos copyright their original owners, source as indicated above.

Class Act and Get Well Soon are two of my favorite new outfits.

Class Act  Get Well Soon

You know I’m smitten with these twins (being one myself!). Meet Sia and Sabina; both are offered individually as Deluxe Dolls with the same storybook.


It seems the twins also provided inspiration for a new bunk bed (no link on yet).

bunk beds

Cool, huh? They’ve also updated the retro cruiser to a sweeter shade of pink (also not on their website yet).

retro car

I really prefer this color to the bright pink.

Boho Hair Play Horse

I also have not seen this Boho Hair Play Horse in person yet but it looks adorable for play. There is a Lusitano Hair Play Horse in the catalog that you must check out as well (not on their website yet).

One thing I really appreciate about these catalogs are the “candid” shots of products in settings. Care is taken with these and that’s nice to me.

camping photo


The Lori doll catalog has a lot of items we’ve seen already with the exception of some new outfits. Who knows how long these will take to arrive in stores but I’m glad to know there are more clothes (and pjs!) coming.

close to nature pjs

Neither Close to Nature or Pleasantly Polka Dotted are on yet. These are def my favs.

There is one item for Lori and her friends that I have not heard any mention of yet…are you ready?


The Let’s Go For a Spin Scooter looks SO COOL!

Go take a look and tell me your favorites!

dolls of color in the UK

As we here in America are finally getting a American Girl of the Year who is dark skinned, the UK seems to be witnessing the same phenomenon we struggled with for so many year…no dark skinned dolls in stores.

The BBC has a fine article out here: (Reference only PDF: where-are-the-black-dolls-in-high-street-stores_-bbc-news)

What made me really sad about this article is that I looked up what I know was a best selling black doll in the UK from the dolls house…and she’s gone, the whole website is.


This was Star. Hopefully it’s a glitch on the website and not a farewell (although lack of mention it the BBC article doesn’t leave me super hopeful).


Grace is still available (in several outfits/themes) from My London Girl (yes, she’s a Lotus doll!) as is Jermaine (a boy!)…(click on images for links)


But these ARE mailorder so the in store issue seems to be as real across the pond as it is here. You’ve heard me complain that I can’t find dolls of color at my local Targets but I can if I go to Targets in other areas even ten minutes farther.  Our Toys R Us’ are generally better, I think, only because they serve larger populations that the Targets who clearly “target” racially. However, our Walmarts have the same problem.

Is it wrong to target sales racially? Heck yes. If the norm is that only white dolls are seen by kids in stores then there is no normal for children of color to see the world as anything else. It’s time to end that.

My 2017 message for the doll play world is that we’ve fought the battle in equality for boys and girls having access to dolls; it’s time to teach how important dolls of color are no matter what continent you’re on. The new American Girls Gabriela and Melody will help with that (despite their “whitewashed” features) but it’s up to us to support those making the dolls of color with natural, varied skin tones with non-European features if we want to see changes in doll availability and frankly, how our world works.

I’ve made it no secret that I’m disappointed with Mattel for what appears to be a poorly executed copy of so many other of their products with GOTY Gabriela’s line. It’s been nice to read on LADL and my Facebook groups that others share this assessment. Small Dolls in a Big World has a great commentary on the new items as well as an awesome story called Out with the Old, In with the New that is well worth checking out.

If you’re a little disgruntled, like me, you might want consider these dolls of color as alternatives or friends for Gabriela and Melody (click on images for current sale sites).


This is Kayla from Adora.


Meet Honey, Kayla and Monica from Curly Girls United


These are the Izuki dolls (there are a couple new ones too).


This is Sabrina, a limited edition Lotus doll from Today’s Girl available via Constructive Playthings.

Sabrina is a cloth bodied doll, like American Girl dolls. The others are slim bodied dolls. I have most of these that I bought without endorsement and I appreciate them all. Being a curly girl myself, I am thrilled at the masterful production of the Curly Girls United.

Of course, there are Our Generation dolls from Target: Abrianna, Anaya, Cecee (retro), HadiaHaven, Maeva, Jewelry MaevaMeagan, and Nahla who share the original Battat Vanessa face mold. And Nia and Neveah who share a new face mold (first used for Zuri, who may be available in stores but was not listed on Target’s current website).

I also want to give a mini shout out to the Divah Dolls although, good luck finding them (some Targets and Walmarts depending on where you are as well as Amazon). Check out the line at Dollation here.

There are dolls of color in other popular lines such as My Life As and Journey Girls that I’m not mentioning here because well, they’re all the same face mold as their other dolls. (boo)

So…let’s support the movement towards inclusion with our wallets and emails. Let companies know what matters to you.

Here’s to a colorful 2017! Love you, Dollings!


PS: Another thing I do when I see dolls of color on clearance is scoop them up to donate to our local charities. We have plenty of children in need of dollies! Those sales count for manufacturers too.

new Lori clothes

I was thrilled to spot three new Lori outfits this week at Target!

lori-1 lori-2 lori-3

They are not featured at yet so it was a lovely surprise (I did not buy the orange shirt set but the other two jumped into my cart).

There are also new furniture sets in stores too. They can be see on LoriDolls website here:

I was also finally able to find these Our Generation sets!


We love school sets (Off to School) at our dollhouse ! I could not resist the pet set (Pet Care Playset). Look at that mini Kong toy and rawhide bone!

Have you spotted any fun doll stuff lately?


Make it! Monday – OG books


Shown above for scale, I took some of Battat’s samples of the Our Generation books and made them into pdfs containing mini-versions for dollies! The size compliments 18 inch dolls as a pocket sized book and 6 inch dolls as a large book.

For the original samples, click on the images to link:



Use this pdf


and these simple instructions to make two mini size books. READ THROUGH THE INSTRUCTIONS ALL THE WAY FIRST. I don’t know why but not everyone does this. It’s like following a recipe and discovering you don’t have an ingredient. Crafts look most professional when you have your supplies and process in place before you start (which is why the second one almost always looks better!)

You will need two pieces of 8 1/2 by 11 (standard American) paper. Print the pdf. Per the instructions on the pdf, cut out the images into two long strips. (I added cut lines to the pdf after I tried to do it myself and struggled – use those!)

Lay out your strips (second book is shown) with the top and bottom rows just as they were on the print out before you cut it.


Fold the covers first.


Now you’re going to accordion fold each section. To get the best shape, fold only towards the outer edge of the book. What? That just means that you want to fold the front edges first and any inside creases (the spine side) second. Don’t try to line up the spine side folds! They won’t matter because they’ll be in the spine!


Next we need to connect the two pieces…let’s use tape (if you have a glue stick, go for it, I didn’t). Once again, line up that front edge and don’t worry about the spine side. It’s good to double check that both halves are going the same way before you set the tape! You’ll notice that I kept one half on top and one on bottom the whole time. That really does help keep them straight.


See that little bit to the right? That’s the tab for the spine! Yay! (At this stage, if you want, you can use a glue stick and connect all the inbetween pages. You don’t have to though – I didn’t – and do not add tape in between pages or it will get too bulky!). Fold the spine around the backsides of the pages then tape in place.


There is a little extra paper on the edge of the back of the book. Since the spine is long enough for Audrey-Ann’s book (it’s a little short on Willow’s book so you need the extra back!), you can trim that off or fold it in. Tape or glue the back cover down.


To really make the book both durable and shiny, let’s cover the cover with some clear packing tape!


Cut a piece of tape longer than your book. Lay it sticky side up and carefully place the open book into the sticky side. Take your time. I like to use my pinky finger nails to hold the ends of the tape in place which helps me center the book on the tape.


If you have a lot of tape, trim it but leave enough to fold over the inside of the covers to help strengthen things.


Pick up the book and give it a good pressing with your fingers to make sure all the tape is stuck down. Trim off any excess tape not adhered on the top or bottom.


If you did not use a glue stick to tack the pages together, you can pull out the insides if you want (shown here from above). If you don’t fuss with it, it will all stay inside. (If you’re making this for a child to play with, you probably want to use the glue stick).


Et voila! Here she is! Dime shown for scale. The books are formatted to 1 3/4 inches tall.


Battat offers samples of their books as well as the 2016 Catalogue. So I made that too! It is a larger formatting (there’s that dime again). Pdf here: og-2016-catalogue


Full list of available titles here:

Check out the OG bookshelf here:

All images and samples belong to the host providers as indicated and are used here solely for personal crafting.

If you have not had a chance to read an OG book, I highly recommend the stories. They are not available from Battat alone so you must purchase a doll or clothing set to get them. There are sales so keep an eye out.

If you want to make the rest, all I did was use the Snipping Tool (you could take screenshots and crop them too), paste the images into a Word document and scale each one to the same height until I had all the images (1.75 .inches for the books). The pages are each 1.31 inches wide (which is 2.62 wide for two pages). Alter the width size accordingly with the lock ratio turned off. Most of the images I copied were within .01 of the correct size already but that would have been enough to make the book “off” so it is worth changing everything to the same measurements! (And if that sounded like Klingon to you, feel free to email me requests for other books).


mini Monday – preview

Guess who I found this weekend? Evan!


He’s still in the box but he’s adorable. I also spotted some Divah’s at the Target in King of Prussia. This further proves my theory about racial profiling in sales locations from Targets (keep reading).


They did also have the washer/dryer set, the ice cream truck and the sewing set. This wig is new so I’m not sure who this is supposed to be (Zair maybe). I had been wanting to see this doll in person because her face sculpt in photos looked new but it isn’t. It’s the same as the older Divahs.


Pigtails = Diana


This was the other end of the isle. I have never seen so many dark skinned OG dolls in one store. I didn’t arrange them like this either…they were like this.


For those not in the know, King of Prussia is huge shopping complex that butts up by bus to Philadelphia and its suburbs where there is a larger non-white population. Out here in the boonies by me, where I have six Targets in 20 minutes (this one included) and another four within another 20 minutes, this is the only store that routinely has dark skinned dolls. All their Cabbage Patch Kids were dark as were a lot of their Barbies. I don’t know about you but that really bothers me. Yes, supply to your market but these dolls are all online, why not show children that color doesn’t matter and stock by item not color?

Rant over.

Completely not doll related (gasp!), my son’s party went great! These are the eggs for Saturday morning’s breakfast…between these and the ones for the pancakes, I broke 22 eggs with no broken yolks. Yay, Mom!0806160948

my doll Friday – preview

We’ve spent the week getting ready for my son’s graduation party with his friends this week so there was no time to play with dolls 🙁

As perhaps you could tell, I did some online shopping though 🙂

Suyin arrived yesterday. The outfit I ordered did not. Another one arrived in its place. I chatted with Ross at Target online (he was awesome) letting him know so they could avoid continuing to send out the wrong product if it was a shelving issue. Now, we all know about Target shipping out the wrong OG item all the time. He very diplomatically informed me it was a warehouse issue and there was no need for me to return the outfit I did receive and he was putting in a request to send the one I had wanted (& hoped it would be correct this time). The “free” outfit I got was not one I have either.

Everything is it’s box but we can still see some fun stuff.

Suyin arrived in a loose fit but sealed plastic covering with an open store-type box (as opposed to the windowless boxes frequently used on shipped items).


Happy to be out of the Target box, Suyin gives us a wink. (She regularly gives winks but maybe her eye will loosen up).


Debagged, she looks like any other OG doll you’d see in the store. Her skirt is fine. I didn’t realize it was hung up until I was done with photos (oops).


Tilting the camera, we see the pretty little blue shoes.


Suyin has such a lovely face.


I stopped at Wally World on the way home to see if they had anything new. They had ONE TRIKE so, naturally, I grabbed it. The check out clerk was impressed and said, “I hope she loves it!” It’s so cute to me when they assume a child will end up with my doll stuff. I just thanked her as she was ringing the little bell and playing with the doors. Yes, the bell really rings. This is one I can’t wait to unbox. (I’ll likely be setting up my summer street scene around the winter holidays though so no one should hold their breath!).

fox outfit 2015 15587517

This is the outfit I received. I think it will look cute on Suyin.


This is the outfit I ordered. Hopefully, take two will be correct but if not, I’ll return it (as I had intended to do before the other one was free) if it isn’t something else new (or free) and keep my eyes open at the local store.

There was very little else at this Wal-Mart but they did have the living room set. I had hoped to catch some swimsuits (I never did find the last release outfits) and see the boy dolls. Oh, well.


Excitingly, the Lori dolls have left the end cap at this Target and are now in the isle with the other Our Generation dolls. There are spaces for the new products. The Lori items I had been able to order online are in a ship on the 10th status so we’ll see what happens there. I’ll try to remain optimistic.


Suyin will get a real write up in the future but I thought you all might like to say hello too. She’s pretty cool. We hung out and washed MASH last night. She loves Nurse Kellye too.