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I hopped on the net to see if anyone covered the pop up AG opening in KoP this weekend and … nada. It didn’t even make the news.

This gem did and I’m so glad it did.


The full link is here: (The Philadelphia AG is located in King of Prussia which is in the neighboring county to Chester County – where I live and work. And yes, if you’re unfamiliar with the area, the town is truly called King of Prussia and it is famous for its’ mall).

On Saturday, Rhonda over at LADL posted a wonderful commentary on the direction AG seems to be going for discussion. There are 39 insightful comments joining the post to date. It’s a don’t miss. Find it here:

Flo at Say Hello to My Little Friends also posted an informed criticism about AGs apparent marketing/sales/technical issues last Friday. The post can be found here:

It was also announced last week that Kohl’s will carry the 2016 Girl of the Year Lea products beginning October 3. Wellie Wishers will join her. (WSJ’s article here:

The week before it was announced that Wellie Wisher and Truly Me AG dolls were coming to Toys R Us (one such article is here:

Hip, hip HOORAY to Melissa Shang for taking charge of what she wanted to see! I signed her petition but missed out on the PR for the book’s kickstarter (so I missed that). It is now available on Amazon.

Boos to Mattel and AG once again for … so many things!

Please feel free to share your views here or with the great blog posts listed above.

Love you, Dollings! 

(more later on the KoP store!)

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There are a few things in the dollie news today worth mentioning. First, did you make it to your tv to see the Melody Ellison preview from AG on CBS? I tried to stream it but the segment didn’t show in my live stream. I found a write up after it aired (click image for link).

Melody Ellison debut

Although I love the recording studio set concept, this falls flat for me as does the doll herself. I feel like we’re getting another white-washed ethnic doll. That’s my opinion (along with AG being overpriced and Barbiefied – enough with the pink plastic!). I don’t mean to be nasty about it but there are amazing women of color out there who could have provided inspiration over this upper middle class looking pale black girl. I’ll see how her story and world shake out before final judgment but I’m disappointed in AG again and not surprised. The interview with CBS also made it look like a commercial from their marketing department about why it was ok that they white-washed and waited so long for their third historical doll of color. (Although, I do have the urge to turn Melody into Gail from The Sapphires).

AG mentioned a financial loss of late in their interview and a friend and I were texting about just why that is. We both lean towards the high priced items and lower quality killing the appeal. They don’t seem to realize they’re not the only club in town anymore. For instance…

have you seen the new JG sets for 2016? There are 11; I added them all to Dollation. They’re still part of the Italy collection, if you are wondering (and no new dolls yet).


This set has everything but the doll for $24.99…AG sets don’t come close anymore. (Photo links to TRU US site).

Another recent in store sighting were two “regular” OG dolls that have not made it to or

0214161014Brielle had green eyes and realistically colored blond hair. She wears pink pants and a ruffled top. She also has a pink purse and a sun hat. Arizona has on a country looking outfit with cowboy boots and her own hat. She has blue eyes and a lovely auburn brown (more brown) hair color.


It’s hard to see but if you look closely, both dolls have the sun freckles first seen on the OG Deluxe doll, Coral (the surfer). The freckles are lighter than the dolls skin color. (I feel like all these dolls need to come with sun screen now).


Another fun thing in the news today is The Queen’s Treasures made the front page of the Lehigh Valley Business news (image links to article).

QT little house on LVB 2016-02-22

One juicy tidbit from the article is that the wonderful owner, Joann, listened to doll enthusiasts who pointed out the Laura’s eyes were blue and will be producing future runs of the doll with blue eyes. That means brown eyed Laura just became a Limited Edition!

Earlier in the month, The Daily Mail also ran a feature about AG collectors, Veronika and Sofia from Sydney Australia. Between them, these young adult ladies now have 64 American Girl dolls and they’ve taken them on holidays.

Daily Mail story

I do think I have more than 64 dolls but they’re not all AG. I enjoy seeing other people’s collections though and listening to what got them started. I actually didn’t start my collection until after my kids were born. I missed the initial AG wagon.

Have you seen anything in the stores lately or heard any other news? What was your last doll related purchase? Mine were Sittning mini dishes from IKEA to use in the doll’s future teahouse (shown with my new-to-me original JG Callie). They were in the AS IS room on a great clearance. There are four differently gray hued pieces to each box with either bowls or what look like tea bag holders. I’m not sure of their original purpose but they will be perfect for my teahouse (which I’ll share as soon as I start it). I can’t wait to make wonton soup for those bowls!

ikea dishes

in the news

As an adult collector, I have the advantage of knowing there is psychology and big business behind the doll market.

On occasion, someone writes about that.  Here are a few interesting articles I’ve found over the years.  If you know of more, please let me know.  Clearly, the fuss about retiring some favorites was met as a challenge by bloggers.  It’s also interesting to note the unique cultural role each writer has embraced.

Lest you assume these are all pieces pulled from the blog netherworld, these opinion pieces hall from places such as Cosmopolitan magazine, Huffington Post, The New Yorker and The Washington Post.

With American Girl in the list of potential inductees in the current National Toy Museum‘s finalists for this year, it’s clear that American Girl dolls aren’t just here to stay, they’ve made a significant contribution to our current culture.

I Secretly Hated My “Addy” Doll is an amazing read.


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