my doll Friday – preview

We’ve spent the week getting ready for my son’s graduation party with his friends this week so there was no time to play with dolls 🙁

As perhaps you could tell, I did some online shopping though 🙂

Suyin arrived yesterday. The outfit I ordered did not. Another one arrived in its place. I chatted with Ross at Target online (he was awesome) letting him know so they could avoid continuing to send out the wrong product if it was a shelving issue. Now, we all know about Target shipping out the wrong OG item all the time. He very diplomatically informed me it was a warehouse issue and there was no need for me to return the outfit I did receive and he was putting in a request to send the one I had wanted (& hoped it would be correct this time). The “free” outfit I got was not one I have either.

Everything is it’s box but we can still see some fun stuff.

Suyin arrived in a loose fit but sealed plastic covering with an open store-type box (as opposed to the windowless boxes frequently used on shipped items).


Happy to be out of the Target box, Suyin gives us a wink. (She regularly gives winks but maybe her eye will loosen up).


Debagged, she looks like any other OG doll you’d see in the store. Her skirt is fine. I didn’t realize it was hung up until I was done with photos (oops).


Tilting the camera, we see the pretty little blue shoes.


Suyin has such a lovely face.


I stopped at Wally World on the way home to see if they had anything new. They had ONE TRIKE so, naturally, I grabbed it. The check out clerk was impressed and said, “I hope she loves it!” It’s so cute to me when they assume a child will end up with my doll stuff. I just thanked her as she was ringing the little bell and playing with the doors. Yes, the bell really rings. This is one I can’t wait to unbox. (I’ll likely be setting up my summer street scene around the winter holidays though so no one should hold their breath!).

fox outfit 2015 15587517

This is the outfit I received. I think it will look cute on Suyin.


This is the outfit I ordered. Hopefully, take two will be correct but if not, I’ll return it (as I had intended to do before the other one was free) if it isn’t something else new (or free) and keep my eyes open at the local store.

There was very little else at this Wal-Mart but they did have the living room set. I had hoped to catch some swimsuits (I never did find the last release outfits) and see the boy dolls. Oh, well.


Excitingly, the Lori dolls have left the end cap at this Target and are now in the isle with the other Our Generation dolls. There are spaces for the new products. The Lori items I had been able to order online are in a ship on the 10th status so we’ll see what happens there. I’ll try to remain optimistic.


Suyin will get a real write up in the future but I thought you all might like to say hello too. She’s pretty cool. We hung out and washed MASH last night. She loves Nurse Kellye too.

my doll Friday – Penny


Penny is a Precious Day Julia doll by Gotz from 2003 with a Starshine mold face. Here is her original catalog shot.


Gotz made the doll that the first American Girl doll was created from so I was curious how these two dolls compared. Our resident redhead AG doll, Saige, volunteered to help us out. (naked dollie warning!!)

reds saige penny front

reds saige penny backs

reds saige penny

reds saige penny hands

Yup, pretty much the same body. The faces and wigs are quite different though.  Penny’s hair is much fuller than Saige (although we know earlier AG had fuller wigs). Penny almost looks pensive compared to Saige.

The vinyl used for Penny’s shoes or her feet has left her with some stained tooties though.

reds saige penny feet


reds saige penny swaps

Saige looks cute in Penny’s top and skirt but Penny looks great in Saige’s dress (again, I state for the record that I haven’t met a doll who doesn’t yet). With the staining on Penny’s feet, I didn’t risk the shoes on Saige. It’s like Penny has permanent poison ivy!

My best photo of Penny in her original outfit features an expanded view of a photo from last week with Nomi and Saige (and yes, that is the entire series of MacGyver on blue ray). The photo of Saige in her own dress with Penny was too blurry for any usefulness and I didn’t notice until the sun went down. My camera is awesome but it has issues focusing when the flash isn’t on. Oh, well. Penny, Saige and Nomi had a fun day in front of the camera.

reds tower

You can still get current versions of Precious Day dolls from Gotz although the face molds have changed, the line is still continuing. I like my starshine mold. She’s sweet.

my doll Friday – Welcome Curly Girls United!

MDF tealcurly girls

Welcome Curly Girls United from Brown Eyed Dolls! Yes, I bought all three because they are each so unique and lovely.

First we have Nomi, who is sold as Kayla.

cg nomi

Nomi has the darkest skin. It is such a pleasant color brown because it is so natural looking as is her face paint. Next we have Molly, originally known as Monica.

cg molly

I have a friend named Molly who is beautiful like this Molly. Her pale skin is also amazing and realistic. Lastly, we have Honey who was named by the also beautiful and amazing Debbie from Black Doll Collecting.

cg honey

Each of the dolls brings something special to the dollhouse. I’m very excited they’re here!

The dolls have a brand marking on the backs of their heads:

cg logo nomi

Now, for the big question on everyone’s mind, what are they like compared to AG? It’s tough to still measure every doll that comes along against AG since AG’s own standards have changed over the years. They are, however, still the benchmark for comparison because most people have access to the comparisons to them for other brands. I used Saige for my AG rep. She loves to rep. (sorry for the blurs…darned auto focus).

cg saige nomi nake fronts

From the front, we can see the CGU have chest plates like JG. Their arms and legs are much skinnier. Their feet are much skinnier rendering shoe sharing as a no.

cg saige nomi nake feet

Their toes are also squared out from the front view with flat footed bottoms.

cg saige nomi nake backs

From the back, you might think Saige has a bigger middle. From the side, it’s clear she’s got a bigger caboose.
cg saige nomi nake sides

CGU stand up straight much better than AG. Saige has to lean a little to compensate for the weight of her hair. We curly girls generally don’t. 😉

cg saige nomi

For fun, the girls swapped outfits before getting back in their meet outfits. Nomi looks lovely in Saige’s dress (truth be told, most dolls do). Saige looks a bit uncomfortable as Nomi’s black leggings are too tight for her so Nomi’s top looks like more like a swimsuit cover up than a dress. Although short in cut for them both, the top does fit Saige’s larger middle. The top is also short as a dress for Nomi.

cg nomi side

Nomi came with pretty shiny silver shoes too (no panties). Honey’s sweatsuit has the CGU logo on the back. Her jacket comes off and she can wear her pretty pink shirt. She has light pink booties. I guess they could be sneakers. Molly comes in a groovy dress with matching headband (I put it around her waist) and darling white slip ons with an embroidered flower on each. She also came with the pink glasses (making her my only doll besides Trinity to regularly have glasses).

The dolls have great movement in the arms…I just realized I didn’t make any of them sit in the photoshoot…shoot. They sit on the ground nicely but not in chairs. Like most straight kneed dolls, they look awkward with their legs out to each side. They seem very sturdy though. The head has great movement although with two out of three I had to “pop” the head to get the full range of motion (lift slightly and pull) to get the poses I wanted.

What drew me to these dolls is their clever little expression. My daughter told me she thinks it’s the prettiest face mold she’s seen for a doll that isn’t AG. That’s high praise that I can’t say I disagree with. All of my doll brands are pretty to me or I wouldn’t have them. There is something fetching about this mold though (great job, CGU!).

curly girls

The IndieGogo campaign to launch the CGU allowed me to get all three dolls at a great price. Another doll was listed for potential production. (Their photo, links to site)


If you don’t know how I feel about red-headed curly girls then we may have to rethink our friendship…just kidding. It’s sufficient to say that I love them. (I dyed my hair for so long that many people were crushed to learn I was not a natural redhead. My boss was heartbroken and confused when I went back to my dirty blonde). If this doll does become available, I am sure I will add her and I will call her Celie (because she may not have been first but she is mighty important).

Do you have a favorite?

my doll Friday – Josephine

MDF uber pinkIMG_5931 name

Hello, Josephine! Welcome to the dollhouse! Josephine is the Our Generation Hair Play doll, Zuri.


The face mold used for this doll is only the second face mold used on dark skinned dolls made by Battat. The original mold goes back to the Collector’s Lane dolls and was originally used on a doll named Vanessa. It the same mold used for all other dark skinned Battat, including OG, dolls. The other interesting thing about Zuri is that she is the only Hair Play doll whose name did not start with a P.


Our pretty little Josephine comes in a floral print orange dress with lace detail, brown belt and molded shoes.


Her side profile is quite lovely.


Her long hair seems more a burden to me than an asset but I’ve never been one for hair play.


Josephine also came with lovely light green panties.


A side view of her hair shows the knob on her back that allows you to control the braided parts (they retract, not fully, and can be pulled back out as desired for different hairstyles). The hair itself gets frizzy fast so I pulled it back like this and will leave it until I figure out what to do with it. It looks sleek but it went everywhere when I unbound it.


If you turn the knob or push the button, that allows those braids to move.


Not being too crazy about the original dress, I tried a new dress I picked up at the Dollie & Me outlet in Lancaster. I think it looks quite nice. It’s a once piece outfit with velcro up the whole back.


Here’s Josie with each of the other Battat face molds that I have (I do not have the open mouth with teeth one) by their manufacturers’ names: May Lee, Abrianna, Zuri, June


There is a quite a difference in these molds.

Here is our formal Josephine Theresa Monaghan. The dress is from Carpetina’s Girlfriend’s Collection.


Here is my favorite photo. It looks so regal!


my doll Friday – Melody Green

MDF orangeYB name

Melody Green comes direct from Zulily this past summer. She has a sweet baby style face with a pouty expression. I knew when I ordered her that her name was going to be Melody. Imagine my surprise when AG used that name too…


This face mold either is or is like  one previously used by Harmony Club Dolls. (They purchase lots of dolls at a time so their line changes over time depending on their supplier). Since this doll is new, she is not a HC Doll. She has no body tag or head stamp.

Here Melody borrow’s Today’s Girl Sabrina‘s outfit:



Sabrina got a hair cut and will likely get more of a trim or a wig…I haven’t decided yet. I’ve wanted a dark skinned boy doll for awhile. I think the doll transitioned well enough without too much to change (maybe a little more trim up around the ears).


Melody is tagless and has no marks on the back of her head.

Have you seen this facemold anywhere else? (more about little froggy man – that’s the blob on his t – next week). What do you think?

PS I have not forgotten about a giveaway…I’m just trying to figure out what to give away. If you have suggestions, please put them back on the original post. Thanks!

my doll Friday – Izzie

MDF very yellow2016-02-27 01.49.18 Izzie

My disappointment at Jacquie’s blue eyes has been solved! MDC Reader Heather pointed out the Kmart’s Lotus dolls, My Sweet Lil Girl, had a brown eyed brown haired girl so…I got her.


Isn’t she adorable?

So…is she the same doll but with brown eyes?

2016-02-27 01.32.32b

Jacquie is trying to wait patiently…fast forward to out of the box (and minus glasses so we can see faces).2016-02-27 01.39.11

What do you think? If you think it’s the same face mold, you’re right! The number on the back of the head confirms they are the same! But let’s check out the hair…

2016-02-27 01.42.27 b

Some minor differences but otherwise pretty darned close. Twinsies!

2016-02-27 01.42.57 b

You can see that their bodies are the same (although they do have tags respective to their own brands).

2016-02-27 01.45.03 b

…and clothing swap!

2016-02-27 01.49.04 b

This is what Jacquie looked like to me! I think the blue eyed Jacquie looks great in … oh, yes, her name, meet Elizabeth who we call Izzie, Jacquie looks great in Izzie’s clothes. The girls wanted one last photo with the new Star Walls action dolls. We were very excited to find Rey, Finn and Poe.

2016-02-27 01.50.13 b

What do you think? Do you prefer the blue or brown eyes? I’m still in love with the brown. My daughter much prefers the blue (so guess who got a new doll?).


my doll Friday – Dana and Jacquie

MDF very yellowIMG_5652

For a change, let’s look at some more Lotus dolls; you might notice that I didn’t include a dollbook photo for either doll. That’s because I’m not attached to either doll and I may not keep them. Let’s see why…

Here’s my Italian Dana in her TRU glory:


And here’s Jacquie:

Jacquie 2015

Originally I thought I would find Jacquie to be a brown eyed version of Dana. Boy, was I wrong!

First off, Jacquie does not have brown eyes and I am heartbroken over that. Take a look.

IMG_5627The description and box both declare Jacquie is going to be brown eyes. Lest you be disillusioned with her eyes behind the glasses, here’s just how blue her eyes are.


Don’t get me wrong. She’s very pretty but I wanted a brown eyed doll. However, the blue eyes make her more like Dana.

IMG_5620 b

The packaging is pretty different. Dana’s box is clear and meant to be shelf appealing. My Newberry box was a mail order, in store pick up so I don’t know if all Newberry dolls come like this or just under my circumstances. A closer view of the Dana character image looks a lot more like Jacquie to me.


To get the dolls out of the boxes, there was also a noticeable difference. Jacquie came out by slitting the tape on the box, removing a cardboard cap piece that kept her head from knocking about and then slipping her out of a clear plastic bag.


Dana, like all Journey Girls, was not that easy to get out. Once the box is open, you have to slide out the inner box that Dana is fixed to with plastic, tape and ties.


Journey Girls are definitely some of my least favorite to debox.

 IMG_5633 b

Out of their boxes, another obvious thing shows up – their heights. While Jacquie’s smaller statue and pudgier physique make her a perfect cuddle doll, next to Dana, she looks more childlike. That, with blue eyes too, make her look more like a perfect little sister for Dana.

IMG_5636 b

I took off their glasses to verify the are the same mold…yup. Both were fixed in identical fashion with clear bands too. IMG_5639

To really see the vast differences in these two Lotus dolls, I stripped them down! (naked dollie warning!)


Then, just to see, I added another Lotus dollie to the mix, espari’s Lily Rae.


Even Lily Rae has a different body type. How interesting! I’m sure you’ve noticed that Jacquie can’t stand on her on so she’s in the AG doll stand. Without her shoes, her soft little body is hard to balance. Her arms and legs are pretty thick compared to these other Lotus beauties. (note to self: compare Newberry and Today’s Girl body types). Lily Rae and Dana do ok standing. It almost look like aside from the cloth part (and head) that these two might be identical molds (but we’re not looking at that today, Nonna, get on with it).


Lily Rae’s hair, though curled, is much closed in color to Jacquie’s. That’s only right since she is a Lotus cousin.


Face to face, the cheeks and chins stand out as being quite diverse. The curl of the noses are also easy to spot in profile.


I didn’t get a picture of Jacquie’s ear behind her hair while the girls were having their staring contest but you can see from below that their ears don’t even start in the same place on the side of their heads (Dana’s is lower).


Oops. I almost forgot the back of the boxes.

IMG_5624 b

By shear count, I think I have too many dolls to honorably keep these dolls but I’m glad I got them to compare. They are much less alike that I thought. I will confess though, Dana would then be the only regular line up JG I don’t have.

Until next time…enjoy your weekend, Dollings!


my doll Friday – Jyoti

MDF paler blueJyoti name

Meet Jyoti, originally Newberry’s newest version of their Brooklyn doll. She is available exclusively from Sears Canada and and made by Lotus Onda.

Brooklyn 2015

Jyoti has thick back hair that is slightly textured but still shiny. It works well with her chocolate brown eyes and café au lait skin. She has a much different face from the original Newberry Brooklyn (see them all here: Dollation)

I love the coloring on this doll and feel very fortunate to have acquired her here in PA (thanks to a now ex-boyfriend’s sister who likes to drive to Canada to shop). When I first got her, I wasn’t sure what I was going to call her and then Jyoti Singh’s mother went public with the name of her daughter and I felt it a good way to remember her in our dollhouse. (Please google her if you are not familiar with the name).

Jyoti’s face is very similar to espari’s Lily Rae. My last post showed the details. I love both faces.

One thing about Newberry dolls is that they are soft bodied which makes them tricky for posing but great for playing.



Even on the stand, she looks pretty floppy. Newberry dolls have no neck control and their limbs are pudgy. But I love her face!


I’ve only seen one other doll with this coloring, PBK’s Prita. AG Sonali was close as is Springfield Maria (or Niya) but their face shapes are uniquely not geared for an Indian DNA (doll not actual). I like the idea of more ethnic dolls being available and I am not surprised to see this from a Canadian doll.

Jyoti isn’t well represented online yet but let me know if you spot her somewhere!

my doll Friday – Charlie

MDF very yellowCharlie name

Have you seen the new Modern Girls line at Michael’s? Karen Mom of Three posted about it recently and I had to go check it out. (They do not have a web presence yet, the brand link goes to Dollation).

I have to admit, I went with the idea of getting the dark skinned Kaylee but both my daughter and I felt Zoey added more to my overall collection.


Priced at $24.99 with a half off coupon, these dolls are very affordable. The side of the box indicates some features while the back lets you see additional outfits and dolls. There are four dolls in the line up: blond Madeleine, auburn Lauren, Kaylee and Zoey. Each of the outfits shown on the back of the is sold as an additional individual outfit. All the dolls share the same face mold.

IMG_5408 IMG_5409

I will say that this is one of the best unboxings I have ever done. While the box is very tiny compared to any other 18 inch doll box I have, that means it needs less shipping space and prevents the doll from flopping around in the box too. The cardboard is heavy enough to protect the doll if packaged in bulk. (A single shipped doll would have an issue if not in a stronger box). I was very impressed at the simplicity of the product restraints.


In addition to the three, yes – only three, restraints near the neck, there are two underneath for her feet. That’s it. The cut out in the back of the box helps hold her head still and did not effect her hair at all. The plastic railroad tabs slip easily out of the clear rubber bands and the doll is released. No scissors. No knife. No problem! Major props for this box design! (The box is still large enough to make a decent doll bed too).

IMG_5411 IMG_5412 IMG_5413

It’s a simple but effective outfit that could be purposed as clothes or pjs. The shoes are hard plastic which lets her stand well. They are easy to get on and off. One thing that impressed me right off was her hands.


Can you see the little wrinkles and dimples? Adorable, right?

Her head is stamped with a code (GS 152 TS16), I don’t know if they’re all stamped the same. Her tag contains a model number. (The shadowy curve on the back of her head does not correspond with the box cut out if you were wondering).



The question on everyone’s minds who has stumbled upon these gals at Michaels is, “What about the Springfield dolls?” I don’t see any threat to the Springfield line. They’re different dolls and Springfield is entrenched elsewhere too.

Here’s my Springfield Naya with Charlie.

IMG_5421 IMG_5424

There are obvious differences. Springfield’s legs and arms are thinner. The hip joints are not the same. The body construction is similar but the necks are different. Modern Girls have a longer neck and smaller face. Springfield has a longer nailbed too (toes too).IMG_5422 IMG_5423

Nope, they’re not related at all. Just for fun, here’s a pose with an AG.


Charlie’s bum is smaller but AG stands over both dolls (that doesn’t mean they’re not all 18 inches – it means not everyone stands up the same). Springfield’s splayed hands are very noticeable here.

I still have not undone Charlie’s hair to see how that looks because I liked it up. She would likely make an excellent boy doll too. The line does not have a heavy made up face and the cheerful smile would be great for younger girls too. While not an heirloom quality doll, I can see these as a great alternative to OG for younger girls this year especially at under $13 (with the coupon).

Welcome to the Dollhouse, Charlie!

PS. For those you wondering, Springfield has replaced images of their current line with slightly different dolls. You can see them on their site here. They will be available, per the website, in December 2015. The basic differences appear to be no more bangs and slight vinyl color changes.

my doll Friday – Chihiro

MDF very yellowChihiro name

Chihiro is a 2015 espari Mirielle doll from Barnes and Noble.


Like all espari dolls, she comes with a few looks. Her Meet wardrobe includes the reversible headband which is also a kerchief (blue gingham on the other side), a reversible red and white sweater/jacket, blue gingham overalls, a white skirt and dressy red sandals. One of my favorite things about the espari line is the care taken when boxing the doll including the clear plastic bags between their feet and their shoes so no staining occurs. Having the reversible clothing also allows for white or light to be touching the dolls but still have colorful outfits to see.

Chihiro is named for the lead character in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.


I hope to make her an outfit one day so she can Cosplay her namesake.


espari boxes seem to me to be a large part of their cost. They mimic the Journey Girls’ holiday boxes and need to be cut on the side to release the doll. They also use tiny plastic tabs to hold things in. Glad to be out of the box, Chihiro gives us a few poses.

IMG_5386 IMG_5388

Before I show you the back, let’s point out that espari’s Mirelle shares a face mold with Today’s Girl Leah. There are some major differences in the dolls though.


From just the headshots, you can probably see several noticeable distinctions. Mirelle has deep chocolate brown eyes and black hair with bangs. Leah has a lighter brown eye, black hair and no bangs. Both have pretty fly away hair though. Mirielle also has lighter skin and a breast plate (yes, she has the new JG body type exactly and the same color paint on her lips as several new JG dolls) while Leah seems to have been out in the sun recently.


A closer look at the body types shows an even larger difference. The soft bodied Leah has more of a floppy baby doll body and does not like to stand on her own. She has no head/neck control. Mirielle, on the other hand, can stand alone and look towards things. Leah’s vinyl is softer but neither is unpleasantly squishy or too hard (cheap).


Mirelle’s legs are longer and thinner than Leah’s as are her arms. Compared to an American Girl doll, Mirelle looks really tall and skinny.




Oh – there is it! The million dollar marker! Did you catch the back of Chihiro’s hair? What a sight!


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the back of Leah’s head. She does have more roots but her scalp is also painted dark brown to hide exactly this problem. When Chihiro’s hair is down, it’s fine…well, kind of; I still need to even it out.


How about a better shot of that height difference?



They could definitely be cousins or even siblings.


espari dolls can wear Journey Girls clothes and clothing for other slim bodied dolls. Likewise, they need slim footwear that may be a little longer than some AG stuff.


I think Chihiro is going to fit right in at the dollhouse. She is a very elegant, beautiful dollie. If someone asked me for a recommendation today for an Asian doll, she would be my first pick even with the higher pricetag and hair issue because her quality is an excellent value.  I have heard reports of issues with bangs but I believe those could be tamed with training (wrapping). Pick the best option and if they all have bang issues in store, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount!