Orlando Walmart

Is a trip to Walmart worthy of a post? Is doll stuff involved? 🙂


The aisles in Orlando have a larger footprint than ours back home.


And a much better clothing selection.


I picked up this one for its versatility.

I can’t wait to see if there are any good MLA sales for Black Friday or Cyber Monday!

MLA Party Plans

party plans image

I just discovered some free fun party ideas and printables on Walmart’s site for the my life as brand (while stalking the site to see if the food truck has surfaced yet – it hasn’t).

direct link to printables pdf

Also available for home fun or as a party activity is a pdf on drawing animal friends that uses basic shapes for the beginning drawer (or doll collector!) and a printable 3D puppy card. Click on the images to link to the pdfs.

how to draw

puppy pop up card

For the child in you, there are also two adorable videos featuring products on the host page (which is linked to the first image at the top of this post).

my doll Friday – preview

We’ve spent the week getting ready for my son’s graduation party with his friends this week so there was no time to play with dolls 🙁

As perhaps you could tell, I did some online shopping though 🙂

Suyin arrived yesterday. The outfit I ordered did not. Another one arrived in its place. I chatted with Ross at Target online (he was awesome) letting him know so they could avoid continuing to send out the wrong product if it was a shelving issue. Now, we all know about Target shipping out the wrong OG item all the time. He very diplomatically informed me it was a warehouse issue and there was no need for me to return the outfit I did receive and he was putting in a request to send the one I had wanted (& hoped it would be correct this time). The “free” outfit I got was not one I have either.

Everything is it’s box but we can still see some fun stuff.

Suyin arrived in a loose fit but sealed plastic covering with an open store-type box (as opposed to the windowless boxes frequently used on shipped items).


Happy to be out of the Target box, Suyin gives us a wink. (She regularly gives winks but maybe her eye will loosen up).


Debagged, she looks like any other OG doll you’d see in the store. Her skirt is fine. I didn’t realize it was hung up until I was done with photos (oops).


Tilting the camera, we see the pretty little blue shoes.


Suyin has such a lovely face.


I stopped at Wally World on the way home to see if they had anything new. They had ONE TRIKE so, naturally, I grabbed it. The check out clerk was impressed and said, “I hope she loves it!” It’s so cute to me when they assume a child will end up with my doll stuff. I just thanked her as she was ringing the little bell and playing with the doors. Yes, the bell really rings. This is one I can’t wait to unbox. (I’ll likely be setting up my summer street scene around the winter holidays though so no one should hold their breath!).

fox outfit 2015 15587517

This is the outfit I received. I think it will look cute on Suyin.


This is the outfit I ordered. Hopefully, take two will be correct but if not, I’ll return it (as I had intended to do before the other one was free) if it isn’t something else new (or free) and keep my eyes open at the local store.

There was very little else at this Wal-Mart but they did have the living room set. I had hoped to catch some swimsuits (I never did find the last release outfits) and see the boy dolls. Oh, well.


Excitingly, the Lori dolls have left the end cap at this Target and are now in the isle with the other Our Generation dolls. There are spaces for the new products. The Lori items I had been able to order online are in a ship on the 10th status so we’ll see what happens there. I’ll try to remain optimistic.


Suyin will get a real write up in the future but I thought you all might like to say hello too. She’s pretty cool. We hung out and washed MASH last night. She loves Nurse Kellye too.

new My Life As stuff

Jumping right in…DROOL!!!

This is the My Life As Food Truck. I want it.

SH_FoodTruck_PAR_WM035_Main SH_FoodTruck_PAR_WM035_Side



How incredibly cool is it that the truck pulls apart for play??? The doll is not included but I am sure no one cares. I am not crazy about the color but it will coordinate with OG’s ice cream truck.

Speaking of ice cream … this is the new My Life As Treat Cycle!






I love doll bikes and ice cream. I want this too. (Hee, hee, hopefully I don’t sound too greedy by being honest. I use to tell my kids, “Didn’t they do a good job at marketing?” whenever they would say they wanted something. I have completed failed myself since there was no marketing beyond SEEING it LOL). This one also does not come with the doll (or her cool new outfit which is also sold separately).

The biggest reveal for this fall line up has been the inclusion of two boys. Both are available for pre-order from Walmart.com (click the photos to link) and several folks have spotted them in stores.



I’m unsure how I feel about these boys but they are a great addition to the market (which may spur Battat/Our Generation to bring us back Jack or a new boy). I don’t like the $30 price point for the quality of the current My Life As dolls so while I will likely go look at them, I don’t know that I will buy one. The truck and cycle I will be a sucker for though.

This year’s Doll of the Year is a Veterinarian (yay!). She comes in four skin/hair/eye variations with pets and equipment. I love those scrubs! Two additional accessory sets are also available.


Visit mylifeasdolls.com to see the full fall offerings. Here’s to hoping the mini Walmart shopping cart shows up in the store!

my newest MLA outfits

2016-02-10 01.29.55 b

I found some cool My Life As outfits that I just could not resist. My model today is Adora Chloe.

The first outfit is the Floral Shorts Set (28216) which is noted as designed by an Apparel Student from the University of Arkansas.

2016-02-10 01.07.28 b

2016-02-10 01.07.42

I’m not normally a fan of big prints on dolls but I bought this one specifically for Chloe because her eyes just shout “Spring!” to me. The rain boots are adorable and went on just fine.  The denim look shorts are sewn a little oddly but they fit ok. They do bubble a bit. The bag was not included in the outfit even though it is shown in the picture. I think this outfit would be great with some lemon colored sneaks.

The Pink Heather Nightgown Set (27890) features a bunny sleeping mask and fuzzy pink slippers. I think this is an outfit that you might see for an actual child which is plus for me.

2016-02-10 01.20.31 b

2016-02-10 01.20.36 b

With the three quarter sleeves, it fits well for a summer nightgown if you’re sleeping in AC. The sleep mask is gimicky but it does fit well.

The Rainbow PJs (28219) also have a sleep mask and fuzzy slippers. I’m not crazy about the straps but they’re well done. I bought this set because I had a nightgown almost like this (the only summer I had a tan too).

2016-02-10 01.14.51 b

2016-02-10 01.14.58

2016-02-10 01.15.02

Again, the sleep mask fits well. The slippers (both) come with elastic heel straps so they don’t just fall off. That’s a great play function. Both pajama sets make me feel as if MLA is stepping up their game from their first CitiToy MLA outfits.

By far, my favorite outfit is the Mermaid Splash (28217). I love the cutouts on the shoulders and the mermaid on the top. It’s fun and has great colors. Pairing it with the white capri pants makes the outfit completely not something you’d ever buy a child but your doll can wear!

2016-02-10 01.27.50 b

2016-02-10 01.28.04The included hair accessory is elastic and features a small plastic seashell. There are sandals shown in the tag image but I can’t remember if they were not there or didn’t fit. As you can see, Chloe isn’t wearing them.

mylifeasdolls.com is not current on their products. Their last listed clothes appear to be the triple sets available at Christmas. Their Winter Fashion Mag shows the heather pjs. Unfortunately, just like OG, finding most of these outfits are hit or miss.

Do you have a favorite? What have you seen lately at your Wally World?

scoop – MLA

Now appearing at Walmart.com…new My Life As versions of the Hair Stylist and Ballerina (click photos for links)!

Ballerina 2015 AA

The pink spaghetti strap leotard with matching tutu version from last year is still available as well (blonde, brunette, dark skin).  Only the dark skin doll is featured in this outfit as the My Life as Ballerina doll, model 18794.

Hair Stylist 2015 BL

A blond and dark skinned version are both available as the new My LIfe as Hair Stylist dolls.  The red shirt dark skinHispanic and brunette versions are also still available online. New blond is item 18096, dark skin is 18796.

Hair Stylist 2015 AA

If MLA is hard to find near you, you might be interested in some of the fashion bundle packs listed online. Search My Life As to find them. (The new desks, both an at home and school versions, are not listed online yet).

update: just added (7-23-15) The new dark skin School Girl (18701). The older versions are still listed online for the dark skin (18702, unavailable online) and brunette (18002) dolls. I really like this new outfit. I might need her just for that!

18701 School Girl 2015 AA


my doll Friday – Nora


Nora was a gift from a doll friend who knew I wanted this particular doll.  She is a My Life As by CitiToy Hairstylist doll debuting in 2014 and still available.

MLA hairstylist african american 2014My Walmart did not have her when I went to look at the new My LIfe As dolls last year but had the fabulous redhead, Shelly. Nora and Shelly (and every other CitiToy MLA) share the same face mold. (The angles in the shots below are SLIGHTLY off)

MLA faces

Nora and Shelly share the same brown eyes.


Nora’s original outfit is ok. I do like it better than Kiki‘s hairstylist outfit. The non-functional but high play value scissors are removable from the apron which is a separate clothing piece (they open and close but not cut). The sneaks have enough sole to allow her to stand well but as with Shelly, her stiff hip joints make a lot of things more difficult.  Both dolls are loosening up with use.

Nora had been on my wish list beacuse of her hair. It’s a pretty brown. The blue streak is not removable and doesn’t do anything for me but she’s a hairstylist by trade so we’ll chalk it up to fun for her. I may eventually remove it. Her hair is definitely more full in her promo photo but Nora prefers a little tameness.


If you look closely at our recent beach photoshoot, you can see one of the biggest difference in the MLA doll between the Madame Alexander Kiki and the CitiToy Nora – the toes! Nora’s toes are defined and quite adorable while Kiki has a flat undertoe.  I did not expect to find a level of detail on the non-MA doll that I liked better but I love Nora’s little toes!

CitiToy and Walmart got this doll right for the doll market.  She can be found elsewhere so here are some more spots to check her out (click any image for a link to a source site always on MDC). So as Lavar Burton said, “But you don’t have to take my word for it.”

More around the web:

MLA logo

Toy Box Philosopher



my doll Friday – Kiki

MDF paler blueKIKI

Kiki is a Madame Alexander My Life as Hairstylist doll. She has the same face mold as Kumiko.

MLA hairdresser face

Just as with Kumiko, I fell in love with this face mold all over again.  It wasn’t until later that I realized they were even the same.  The girls have very different coloring.


Kumiko’s brown eyes and brown hair with coral colored “make up” and ivory peach complexion are very different from Kik’s blue eyes, black hair and pink skin tone.

I think they’re both brilliant!


Kiki’s original outfit was suited to her career choice.  The apron ties in back.  The little skirt velcros in back as does the shirt. The star tights are actually footless and the solid plastic boots come off and on rather easily.  Her little odango (aka buns aka topknots) and side cut bangs are what really make her stand out.


I will not be taking these out.  I really like them as is.

Shortly after purchasing Kiki, I found a dress at Build a Bear that I thought would be perfect on her.  It is…

IMG_4903bThe garden decoration is another fish tank supply find.  (I think I paid $15 for it but I knew it was perfect so I bite the bullet.  I really want to make a Japanese tea house and garden for my dolls!).


I also picked up this little doll that we’ve named Alice (imagine that!) when I got the dress. (This foo dog was a Target find a couple years ago).


One of the brilliant things about Kiki is her eyes.

IMG_4916 IMG_4916b

We’ll leave you with two of Kiki’s favorite artsy photos from our shoot.

IMG_4907 IMG_4308and then there’s this one…it’s like she’s watching you 🙂


More around the web (click links):

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create a quick and easy beach scene


It was rainy and wet in Pennsylvania this weekend so the girls took a break from the shop and had an indoor beach party!

On the left is Kiki, a Madame Alexander My LIfe As Hairstylist doll and on the right is Nora, a CitiToy My Life As Hairstylist doll.  They run a shop together specializing in hair!  (Remember when they did Willow’s hair?)

To make our quick scene, we used the new OG Luau set props, an old gate from a flea market, a MLA puppy, a pet store sandcastle prop (for inside a fish tank), the new OG swimsuit and the in store two piece swimsuit from AG.  The blue background is the wall in my doll room and the sand is a foam board that came like that that I found while cleaning!  It’s mottled just like sand but smooth so it doesn’t hurt the dollies.  A dish cloth serves as the perfect beach blanket!


For comparison between the MLA styles, don’t miss my shared post with The Toy Box Philosopher.

Here are the lovely ladies still in their boxes.  Kiki was bought on clearance when the CitiToy dolls arrived to replace the MAs.IMG_20140917_214649_713-1Neither Kiki or Nora have been featured in the My Doll Friday posts yet but when I do, this page will be updated with links!

Now I have to fight the urge to make a beach volleyball set … or do I?


doll watch – new OG, KnC plus

Now on ogdolls.com (click images to link)


OG Mayla 2015


OG Liana 2015

Gorgeous, right?

Lilia and Leah still have not shown up at Target.com or ogdolls.com.

OG April 2015 Lalia and Leah

Nor have I seen Hairplay Pearl anywhere online…

OG HP Pearl 2015

Kids N Cats have some awesome Special Editions and Artist’s Proofs available at My Doll Best Friend now. I think my favorite KcC for 2015 is Jennet. (Samantha’s Collectables and Bears has good views of everyone).

Jennet 2015

And there’s a new boy, Robert.

Robert 2015

Madame Alexander also has new Play dolls featuring a new face sculpt to some older edition dolls including Autumn Mist (frowny face, she was an AWESOME doll).

MA Play Autumn Mist 2015 new face

If you want to see the Italy version Journey Girls, head on up to Canada’s Toys R Us website.  I have not spotted them in stores (I’m in PA) yet here nor at the US TRU site. (Not all the girls are available in Canada yet either but all are shown in new attire on the back of Mikaella’s box so it looks like they’re all updated and included with Mikaella being the only new addition).

JG Italy 2015

If you haven’t liked them yet, check out The new A Girls on Facebook (online storefront pending).

the a girls

Also coming soon, is Mia (although no more has become available since the posted article that links to the photo).


Harmony Club has also refreshed their 2015 line up with several new dolls.

Several new dolls have become available in the My Life As line at Walmart too.

Party Planner (3 versions)


Dance Instructor (3 versions)


Camp Counselor (2 versions, both white)


Lifeguard (2 versions, both white)


and Beach Vacationer (2 versions, both white)