grandparents day

grandparents day photo

Grandparents Day is just around the corner.  Begun as a seemingly greeting card holiday in the United States, September 7 was set aside to honor grandparents beginning back in 1978.  The holiday’s concept was simple; our grandparents deserve our respect and our time.  It was suggested that we adopt grandparents to show older Americans that we value them.

I don’t know about you but my grandmothers both played a role in my love of dolls from sewing clothes to making food, I had great doll grannies.

The above photo links to an article from 2012 about a woman providing dolls to foster children.

Consider treating a senior citizen, your grandparent or anyone, to a special treat for Grandparent’s Day this year.  Maybe take them out to dinner?

Here are some dinner ideas for your dollies to make for their grannies.

Baked Potato
Cut Carrots (felt)
Egg Rolls (felt)
Fortune Cookies
Fortune Cookies (felt)
Grilled Chicken (foam)
Ham Slice
Macaroni and Cheese (felt)
Pizza (fabric)
Salad Bar
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Steak (foam)
Steam Buns (felt)
Stir Fry (felt)
Sushi (clay)
Taco Dinner (foam/felt)
White Castle Burgers
White Castle Burgers