new Madame Alexander character dolls


Madame Alexander has added some new character dolls just in time for the holidays!


Dorothy and Toto from The Wizard of Oz


Cinderella (the older Cindy is still available too)


Belle from Beauty and the Beast


Arial from The Little Mermaid

The price point is close to $90 (there is a Cyber Monday sale on some items today) so we’ll have to watch these for better sales. Some of the older Disney princesses are showing up on Zulily regularly now.

I have added these lovely characters to Dollation too!

Dollation – Just Added: Isaac Mizrahi by MA

IZ dolls

Check out Dollation here for last year’s Isaac Mizrahi Designer Madame Alexander dolls (three are still available at

I’m working on several other pages at the same time. I’ll let you know when they’re done! I’ve gotten a lot of the Madame Alexander Play dolls from this year up too.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales didn’t thrill me so I’m back to virtual shopping on Dollation! It’s easier on your wallet and fun for your eyes!

Did you find any good sales?


Dollation – Just Added: What a Doll!

whatadoll logo

I’ve added another Madame Alexander line to Dollation! Check out the the What a Doll! dolls here:

What a Doll! appears to have been taken over by Dollie & Me but remains exclusive to Kmart.

Speaking of Kmart, have you seen this awesome fridge (featured on Living a Doll’s Life)?


It’s 18 inches and while the scale of the food seems off in this photo (ostrich eggs?), it is much more appropriately sized than the OG or MLA fridges. It’s electronic too which raises the price tag to an unfortunate $30. It is available online here.



Dollation – Just Added: Build-A-Doll on Zulily


If you’re a Zulily person, you may have received a message today that Zulily has exclusive Build-A-Doll Madame Alexander dolls today. I suspect these may be left over from FAO Schwarz’s NYC store (anyone have one to confirm?).

Instead of buying today, I shopped by adding ALL of these dolls to Dollation. Now you can add them to your online collection too.

There are six featured outfits and fourteen dolls to chose from. The listed retail price of the dolls is $130 with the Zulily price as $69.99.

The link to Zulily is here but it will only work if you have an account and it’s between today, November 18 and November 20, 2015.

You can also visit Dollation and check them all out. Click on logos for links directly to the Build-A-Doll page or the primary Dollation page.


Dollation header

Wondering what my temptation is? Probably one of these two (images link to Dollation pages)…


What a Doll! at Kmart


Once upon a web, you could easily find these descriptions but they seem to be gone now and TWO people have brought What a Doll! dolls up to me today so let’s take a flashback moment.

Kmart’s exclusive line from Madame Alexander features three dolls who originally came with personality descriptions: Ella, Jessica and Olivia. The obvious way to tell them apart? Ella is dark skinned. Jessica is blond and Olivia is brunette. If you find a What a Doll! doll now, she may not have a name but I bet she fits into one of these types.  What a Doll! has been around since at least 2010.

Ella text

Ella is the dark skinned doll.  The most recent version of Ella looks like this (click image to link to Kmart’s website):

2014 African American red outfit

Earlier version of Ella:

WhtaADollDoll 2010

If you find a blonde doll, it’s Jessica!

Jessica text

The current Jessica looks like this:

2014 Blue Eyed Blonde

She was also available as a holiday version in 2014 (and was clearanced out for $6 online and is unavailable but the photo links to the description).

2014 Blue Eyed Blonde Holiday Doll

I’ve also seen a version where she has a knit hat and a pink sweater.  I think this one came out in 2013.

2013 Blonde poss early 14

Lastly, if you find a brunette, it’s Olivia!

Olivia text

The current “Olivia”? This doll looks more ethic that other brunette versions so maybe she’s a lighter Ella.  The names are no longer used so I’m not 100% sure.

2014 Brown Eyed Brunette

Here’s a picture from my cell last summer.  It looks like Jessica, Olivia and Ella (which lends theory to the above picture being a version of Ella and not Olivia). spotted summer 2014 crop

And this is from April 2015.

2015 4The names have disappeared from the boxes but the descriptions were cute so here they are for history’s sake.

This photo is from the back of the current boxes (my notes tell me this photo came from LADL but I can’t find it so I’m certain it’s hers and if anyone finds the direct link, please let me know and I’ll update).

2014 WaD from LivADlsLifeSo then there’s this…


Once upon a time, this graphic was on a website where there were matching Dollie and Me outfits for What a Doll! dolls. Since there are now Dollie & Me dolls, it appears the line has been changed not to include items labeled as What a Doll! that have matching girl outfits; those are now exclusively Dollie & Me (available at Kmart and other places).

As Madame Alexander is constantly redefining doll lines (Alexander Girlz, Disney Showcase, Dollie & Me, Favorite Friends, Friends Boutique, Mia Bella, My LIfe As, Playwonder and What a Doll! to name a few), it would seem they are also isolating some sculpts to specific lines.

The new versions of the Madame Alexander Play doll line include updated face sculpts for two former doll collector favorites, Autumn Mist and Pink Glamour respectively, both of whom are using the Elsa/Anna face sculpt (images link to MA website).

2015 Autumn Mist MA Play doll

2015 Pink Glamour MA Play doll

They use to look like this and be part of the Favorite Friends Collection (archived MA photos).

Autumn Mist Fall 2012

Pink Glamour Fall 2012The older Autumn Mist was actually on my Wish List but I don’t care for the version.  With Madame Alexander not continuing with the My Life As brand at Walmart, there are also new Play dolls on the MA site that look like they could have been originally part of that line. Check it out.  Tell me what you think.  What’s your favorite Madame Alexander 18 inch doll?

my doll Friday – Kiki

MDF paler blueKIKI

Kiki is a Madame Alexander My Life as Hairstylist doll. She has the same face mold as Kumiko.

MLA hairdresser face

Just as with Kumiko, I fell in love with this face mold all over again.  It wasn’t until later that I realized they were even the same.  The girls have very different coloring.


Kumiko’s brown eyes and brown hair with coral colored “make up” and ivory peach complexion are very different from Kik’s blue eyes, black hair and pink skin tone.

I think they’re both brilliant!


Kiki’s original outfit was suited to her career choice.  The apron ties in back.  The little skirt velcros in back as does the shirt. The star tights are actually footless and the solid plastic boots come off and on rather easily.  Her little odango (aka buns aka topknots) and side cut bangs are what really make her stand out.


I will not be taking these out.  I really like them as is.

Shortly after purchasing Kiki, I found a dress at Build a Bear that I thought would be perfect on her.  It is…

IMG_4903bThe garden decoration is another fish tank supply find.  (I think I paid $15 for it but I knew it was perfect so I bite the bullet.  I really want to make a Japanese tea house and garden for my dolls!).


I also picked up this little doll that we’ve named Alice (imagine that!) when I got the dress. (This foo dog was a Target find a couple years ago).


One of the brilliant things about Kiki is her eyes.

IMG_4916 IMG_4916b

We’ll leave you with two of Kiki’s favorite artsy photos from our shoot.

IMG_4907 IMG_4308and then there’s this one…it’s like she’s watching you 🙂


More around the web (click links):

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create a quick and easy beach scene


It was rainy and wet in Pennsylvania this weekend so the girls took a break from the shop and had an indoor beach party!

On the left is Kiki, a Madame Alexander My LIfe As Hairstylist doll and on the right is Nora, a CitiToy My Life As Hairstylist doll.  They run a shop together specializing in hair!  (Remember when they did Willow’s hair?)

To make our quick scene, we used the new OG Luau set props, an old gate from a flea market, a MLA puppy, a pet store sandcastle prop (for inside a fish tank), the new OG swimsuit and the in store two piece swimsuit from AG.  The blue background is the wall in my doll room and the sand is a foam board that came like that that I found while cleaning!  It’s mottled just like sand but smooth so it doesn’t hurt the dollies.  A dish cloth serves as the perfect beach blanket!


For comparison between the MLA styles, don’t miss my shared post with The Toy Box Philosopher.

Here are the lovely ladies still in their boxes.  Kiki was bought on clearance when the CitiToy dolls arrived to replace the MAs.IMG_20140917_214649_713-1Neither Kiki or Nora have been featured in the My Doll Friday posts yet but when I do, this page will be updated with links!

Now I have to fight the urge to make a beach volleyball set … or do I?


doll watch – new OG, KnC plus

Now on (click images to link)


OG Mayla 2015


OG Liana 2015

Gorgeous, right?

Lilia and Leah still have not shown up at or

OG April 2015 Lalia and Leah

Nor have I seen Hairplay Pearl anywhere online…

OG HP Pearl 2015

Kids N Cats have some awesome Special Editions and Artist’s Proofs available at My Doll Best Friend now. I think my favorite KcC for 2015 is Jennet. (Samantha’s Collectables and Bears has good views of everyone).

Jennet 2015

And there’s a new boy, Robert.

Robert 2015

Madame Alexander also has new Play dolls featuring a new face sculpt to some older edition dolls including Autumn Mist (frowny face, she was an AWESOME doll).

MA Play Autumn Mist 2015 new face

If you want to see the Italy version Journey Girls, head on up to Canada’s Toys R Us website.  I have not spotted them in stores (I’m in PA) yet here nor at the US TRU site. (Not all the girls are available in Canada yet either but all are shown in new attire on the back of Mikaella’s box so it looks like they’re all updated and included with Mikaella being the only new addition).

JG Italy 2015

If you haven’t liked them yet, check out The new A Girls on Facebook (online storefront pending).

the a girls

Also coming soon, is Mia (although no more has become available since the posted article that links to the photo).


Harmony Club has also refreshed their 2015 line up with several new dolls.

Several new dolls have become available in the My Life As line at Walmart too.

Party Planner (3 versions)


Dance Instructor (3 versions)


Camp Counselor (2 versions, both white)


Lifeguard (2 versions, both white)


and Beach Vacationer (2 versions, both white)


my doll Friday – Anna

MDF purpANNA name

Well, well, well, this post will be back dated as I was requested to do so by my daughter who purchased Anna for me as a birthday present. Here’s Anna in her Madame Alexander publicity shot (click photo for link to MA site):

MA photo

Anna is a lovely doll. Both the lead characters in Frozen have major issues to me (but I still love it!) but I do prefer Anna.  Plus, you know, she’s a redhead.

Anna’s outer box is really pretty as is in the scene on the background behind her.

Anna boxes

She was secured in typical Madame Alexander fashion including clever ties through Anna’s boots.

IMG_4663bIn full costume, Anna looks much like Anna.


Her cape and hat indicate she is intended for a collector and not a playmate to me since the cape has tiny holes from the package securing and the hat left a visible indentation in the hairline from being so tightly fastened.  Still, they are cute.

IMG_4669 IMG_4670

Sans cape, the dress is nice.  It is one piece with a simple velcro open in the back.  Here we can see Anna’s “frozen” streak:


Anna had a very difficult time standing up.  Once her boots came off, forget it.

IMG_4692b IMG_4684

The white tights were nice.  They may have saved her feet from markings.  Her neck was not so lucky.


She also has a little mark on her hand near her thumb.


Since I wanted Anna for a play doll, neither mark will bother me much.  My kids had birth marks where Anna does when they were born that faded (which is fairly common).


She has a typical MA body with chest plate.  Her hips are really unstable which seems to be her largest issue with standing although … she didn’t sit well either.


(More puppy photos for no reason whatsoever)IMG_4724 IMG_4721IMG_4719bI think Anna looks smashing in the pjs I picked up this week on sale at Target (one aisle over from the OG stuff with the doll babies).


Unfortunately, my camera got a little blurry when Anna and I were being silly.  I was explaining Pippi Longstocking to her.

IMG_4712The more I photographed Anna, the more she reminded me of someone. I finally figured out who…


Rounded cheeks? Check.  Blue eyes? Check.  Wavy sculpted hair? Check. Pouty lips? Check. Upturned nose? Check. Crazy pink lips? Check. (on the left is my 1974 Horsman doll, Mikey, from childhood). This MA face sculpt has always been interesting to me.  They use it on a lot. I can’t find any online material for the evolution of the face sculpts though (anyone know?).

One striking thing about Anna is her hair.  While it looks somewhat like it has blond highlights, it looks downright bright compared to my Lucy’s auburn locks.  (Lucy is a $10 doll from Kmart).

IMG_4731b IMG_4733b

Overall, I think Anna is very pleasant doll.  She’ll be tricky to use as a prop but worth it, I think. 😉


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my doll Friday – Kumiko

MDF tealYB Kumiko

Kumiko is one of my favorite dolls because she is ethnic, poseable and just plain gorgeous.

Kumiko is a friends boutique doll from Madame Alexander.  She was available at Walmart between roughly 2009-10 (She was $28.00 in store on 8/25/10 – receipt was in her box!).  Here she is with a black horse I got on clearance, (L-R), Gigi and Rayne.


The back of the doll boxes are all the same.


From what I’ve gleaned, she is part of the first issue.  There was a second run of these dolls with the same attributes (featured on the blog Never Grow Up – A Mom’s Guide to Doll and More!).   As far as I can tell, the Asian face mold was only used in the first run and it doesn’t seem to show up again until the MA My Life As a Hairdresser doll circa 2013 from Walmart (my Kiki who has completely different coloring).

 front and back

Kumiko came in a lovely sweater and hat which I promptly removed favoring a less lime green look.  The set is really nice but doesn’t flatter her, I think.


I love the green gold of her molded shoes.  They compliment the knit top nicely.  Advertised as poseable, I tested out her moves.




Kumiko has the full range of motion from an MA neck joint.  She can look up, down and sideways.  Her hair is very soft and could easily become a frizzy mess with overbrushing so I don’t think this doll would be a very good one for little ones.  Her body is made to bend at the elbows and knees. The fabrication (her skin feels pliable – it’s both cool and funky) of her motion ability also leaves her a bit fragrant.  It’s one of the biggest complaints about this line.  If you let her air out for awhile, it gets better but remains slightly always.

If you look carefully, she has an almost white highlight to her eyelids (as does Rayne) and lovely lined brown eyes.


Her coloring is both fashionable and natural looking. I love the lip color and how the rouge compliments it. She doesn’t look overdone.

Recently Kumiko helped me with my Hina Matsuri post.


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