new Battat WOW books

That’s right, Battat has new catalogs for 2017 and they actually refer to the catalogs as a WOW books right in their URLs.

Here are the links for the 2017 Catalogues

OG Catalog thumbnail


Lori catalog thumbnail


It’s going to be clear quickly that these are suppliers catalogs, not customer catalogs. That’s ok by me. We don’t have to call it a Wish Book for it to be one 😉

The following photos are from the catalogs and reflect some of my new favorites. Photos copyright their original owners, source as indicated above.

Class Act and Get Well Soon are two of my favorite new outfits.

Class Act  Get Well Soon

You know I’m smitten with these twins (being one myself!). Meet Sia and Sabina; both are offered individually as Deluxe Dolls with the same storybook.


It seems the twins also provided inspiration for a new bunk bed (no link on yet).

bunk beds

Cool, huh? They’ve also updated the retro cruiser to a sweeter shade of pink (also not on their website yet).

retro car

I really prefer this color to the bright pink.

Boho Hair Play Horse

I also have not seen this Boho Hair Play Horse in person yet but it looks adorable for play. There is a Lusitano Hair Play Horse in the catalog that you must check out as well (not on their website yet).

One thing I really appreciate about these catalogs are the “candid” shots of products in settings. Care is taken with these and that’s nice to me.

camping photo


The Lori doll catalog has a lot of items we’ve seen already with the exception of some new outfits. Who knows how long these will take to arrive in stores but I’m glad to know there are more clothes (and pjs!) coming.

close to nature pjs

Neither Close to Nature or Pleasantly Polka Dotted are on yet. These are def my favs.

There is one item for Lori and her friends that I have not heard any mention of yet…are you ready?


The Let’s Go For a Spin Scooter looks SO COOL!

Go take a look and tell me your favorites!

new Lori clothes

I was thrilled to spot three new Lori outfits this week at Target!

lori-1 lori-2 lori-3

They are not featured at yet so it was a lovely surprise (I did not buy the orange shirt set but the other two jumped into my cart).

There are also new furniture sets in stores too. They can be see on LoriDolls website here:

I was also finally able to find these Our Generation sets!


We love school sets (Off to School) at our dollhouse ! I could not resist the pet set (Pet Care Playset). Look at that mini Kong toy and rawhide bone!

Have you spotted any fun doll stuff lately?


and the winner is…


Thank you to all who entered.

Sheila – I’ve emailed you but if you see this first, send me your address!


Dollation header

Here are my favorite things about Dollation!

  1. It’s stress relieving! That’s right, I find it relieves stress when I can both view and enter items. I find immense satisfaction in the quantification of something when I’m having a bad day. I can always say, “Well, I added ten more things to Dollation!” and I feel better about things.
  2. It’s informative. If I want to know something, particularly things I’ve forgotten, about a doll line, I come to Dollation first.
  3. It’s the BEST resource to track my own collection and have a WISH LIST of items that maybe I missed or can’t afford. I love dreaming!
  4. It’s fun! The doll community is one of the strongest supporters of the values I want to hold and I know that’s not all about dolls but also the special people who find joy in them like I do.

YOUR doll Friday – giveaway

Evan 50652717

Remember this guy?

I found a second Evan at another Target.

In honor of my 1,000 posts to Dollation (still going strong, I didn’t forget!).

who wants a mini boy doll?

Tell me your favorite thing about below to enter. Bonus entries for posts you make to Dollation or if you join Dollation between now and Wednesday night (post that you did below though too with the links or I won’t know, I’m not Santa!).

Winner will be determined on Thursday and announced next Friday!

PS. A quick check revealed this is also post #204 so yay us – MDC is going strong! Thank you!

mini Monday – preview

Guess who I found this weekend? Evan!


He’s still in the box but he’s adorable. I also spotted some Divah’s at the Target in King of Prussia. This further proves my theory about racial profiling in sales locations from Targets (keep reading).


They did also have the washer/dryer set, the ice cream truck and the sewing set. This wig is new so I’m not sure who this is supposed to be (Zair maybe). I had been wanting to see this doll in person because her face sculpt in photos looked new but it isn’t. It’s the same as the older Divahs.


Pigtails = Diana


This was the other end of the isle. I have never seen so many dark skinned OG dolls in one store. I didn’t arrange them like this either…they were like this.


For those not in the know, King of Prussia is huge shopping complex that butts up by bus to Philadelphia and its suburbs where there is a larger non-white population. Out here in the boonies by me, where I have six Targets in 20 minutes (this one included) and another four within another 20 minutes, this is the only store that routinely has dark skinned dolls. All their Cabbage Patch Kids were dark as were a lot of their Barbies. I don’t know about you but that really bothers me. Yes, supply to your market but these dolls are all online, why not show children that color doesn’t matter and stock by item not color?

Rant over.

Completely not doll related (gasp!), my son’s party went great! These are the eggs for Saturday morning’s breakfast…between these and the ones for the pancakes, I broke 22 eggs with no broken yolks. Yay, Mom!0806160948

new Lori stuff on Target’s website


Our Generation’s line of 6 inch Lori dolls has taken off! There are more dolls, new accessory sets, horses and more ballerinas coming out this fall. Most of the items are not available online yet (nor are they listed on the Lori doll website) but at least we can see what we need to watch for.

One point of note, I picked up this baby for $15 on clearance at my local Target (still listed online for $29.99). Our furniture has also been marked at clearance prices (both markdowns at only one of my 6 local Targets). You might want to have a look at your Target just in case.

ballet 47986261

My favorite new stuff are the accessory sets. This one was available online (yes, I ordered it!) but disappeared right after I ordered it.

market 50652660

Gourmet Market Set

The secret ingredient is imagination! Includes:
1 bamboo steamer, 1 cluster of broccoli, 1 cluster of green beans, 1 tray of lasagna, 1 pizza, 1 pizza slice & 1 tray, 2 sushi rolls, 1 sushi mat, 2 sushi boards, 2 sets of chop sticks, 1 fondue pot,
1 fondue burner, 2 fondue forks, 3 food bags, 1 baguette & 1 paper bag, 1 basket with strawberries & cherries, 4 pints of ice cream, 1 ice cream scooper, 3 popsicles, 2 sweet desserts & 2 lids, 1 measuring cup, 1 pitcher of juice & 2 glasses, 1 apron

Another kitchen set called Mix & Bake has everything from a mixer to a kitchen scale in it. A camping accessory set has a guitar, cooler, lantern, tongs…so many essentials. There is also a nice horse accessory set to fill out the new horse offerings. The light brown horse (there are four color combos offered: light brown, dark brown, white and gray) is shown with Seraya, one of the six new riding dolls. A horse trailer and pick up truck are also in the line up (the truck is light pink). If you’re curious, the doll’s description does not say her legs bend so my guess is that they don’t and any curve we may see is the fabric but who knows for now?

horse br 50655487_Alt03

At least five new doll and pet sets are offered including kitties! Meet Maria and Moka.

maria and moka 50652605_Alt02

Several new non-white mini’s have also been added including some with amazingly full hair (such as Maria above). New ballerinas include this beauty with my favorite hairstyle – the double top knot.

Leona 50652494


The best surprise is the addition of a short haired doll with a gender neutral name which may be…a boy! The doll’s name is Evan and I think from the hair style, it’s intended to be a boy. Meet Evan.

Evan 50652717


I admit, I had tried to have one of almost all the Lori’s but I recently took over $100 worth back to Target (for a full refund, love that Redcard!) when I realized how many I had. I wish they would come out with more stand alone outfits (nothing posted so far for fall) although, honestly the roughly $10 for a doll makes it worth buying the doll for the outfit if you want. But then what do you do with the doll? And that’s why they went back to the store.

Did you catch the tagline for the Gourmet Market set in the description? It says, “The secret ingredient is imagination!” This is what Mattel has tried to do with Barbie and it seems our little Lori’s are giving Barbie some major competition – I love it!

What are your favorites? What would you like to see next?