Journey Girls updated on Dollation

I’ve updated Dollation to include all of the Australia line of Journey Girls. Here’s look at the new girls (photos are from various Toys R Us sites but link back to Dollation where the links to the original images will be updated as needed).









other new dolls for 2017

unnamed Australia holiday dolls (with the Dana face mold)

and this unnamed beauty who comes in the Celebration Set

There are plenty of new accessories. The cami sets and animal socks are some of my favorites. (Dolls not included, of course).

Remember, all the photos link to Dollation where you can find the sales links if there are any. A few of the dolls are only online in Australia right now!

How about those panda socks (the other set are foxes just in case you don’t readily “see” it)?

This brings us to 308 Journey Girls items. As far as I know, we’ve got everything! If you know something is missing, please let me know!

new JGs spotted online

Journey Girls are apparently headed to Australia!

So far, I’ve been able to find Callie and Ilee online (photos and names link to TRU US site).

As you might imagine, I’m very excited about the change of Callie’s hair. It’s her first major change in awhile. I have ordered one to check out the brown hair.

Ilee is pretty too.

I’ve also spotted a new scooter color combo.

And a couple more accessory sets…

Keep your eyes open. We should see more JG soon!

Orlando TRU

We hadn’t intended to hit Toys R Us but our return AutoTrain was delayed several hours so we had some extra time!



There were plenty of Wellie Wishers in stock. No Truly Me here.


The holiday Journey Girls are out. I think both skin/eye/hair combinations are lovely this year. The face mold is unique to this doll too.


This TRU had most of the newest versions of the dolls



and a good selection of accessories including the new value pack 2 doll combo and some clearance accessories.


new Journey Girl stuff


The US Toys R Us have new JG in stock. The Journey Girls have headed to NYC! (Sorry Canada, Australia and the UK – no NYC stuff yet).

I have seen some posts already about the new JG so I’ll just share my favorites and highlights. The image above links to the main site so you miss nothing! (As always, Journey Girl Adventures is on this already so go visit)

No big surprise that my biggest “happies” are Chavonne and Meredith. Chavonnne’s hair has been updated…I do like it but I miss the “natural” hair. I hope they bring that back but the market is currently flooded with curly girls so I am not heartbroken at the change (for now). I love both these outfits.

Chavonne pTRU1-23533055enh-z6

Chavonne‘s new look

mere pTRU1-23532546enh-z6

Meredith looking very touristy yet trendy

striped pTRU1-23532880enh-z6

Striped Cardigan Set

I could see AG Saige or JG Kelsey in this cardigan set (Saige is probably too plump). I want to try it on one of my new Curly Girls United.

As in 2014, two different versions of the holiday doll are offered in what is now the established format (bigger price tag, special box). This is another new face mold from Lotus that we haven’t seen elsewhere. I suspect one of these lovely ladies may become a new regular like Mikaella did.

Ilee pTRU1-23533073enh-z6

brunette Holiday Ilee

Iles pTRU1-23532875enh-z6

blonde Holiday Ilee

Check out the full 2016 selection at or shop at Toys R Us online!

what’s up today?

There are a few things in the dollie news today worth mentioning. First, did you make it to your tv to see the Melody Ellison preview from AG on CBS? I tried to stream it but the segment didn’t show in my live stream. I found a write up after it aired (click image for link).

Melody Ellison debut

Although I love the recording studio set concept, this falls flat for me as does the doll herself. I feel like we’re getting another white-washed ethnic doll. That’s my opinion (along with AG being overpriced and Barbiefied – enough with the pink plastic!). I don’t mean to be nasty about it but there are amazing women of color out there who could have provided inspiration over this upper middle class looking pale black girl. I’ll see how her story and world shake out before final judgment but I’m disappointed in AG again and not surprised. The interview with CBS also made it look like a commercial from their marketing department about why it was ok that they white-washed and waited so long for their third historical doll of color. (Although, I do have the urge to turn Melody into Gail from The Sapphires).

AG mentioned a financial loss of late in their interview and a friend and I were texting about just why that is. We both lean towards the high priced items and lower quality killing the appeal. They don’t seem to realize they’re not the only club in town anymore. For instance…

have you seen the new JG sets for 2016? There are 11; I added them all to Dollation. They’re still part of the Italy collection, if you are wondering (and no new dolls yet).


This set has everything but the doll for $24.99…AG sets don’t come close anymore. (Photo links to TRU US site).

Another recent in store sighting were two “regular” OG dolls that have not made it to or

0214161014Brielle had green eyes and realistically colored blond hair. She wears pink pants and a ruffled top. She also has a pink purse and a sun hat. Arizona has on a country looking outfit with cowboy boots and her own hat. She has blue eyes and a lovely auburn brown (more brown) hair color.


It’s hard to see but if you look closely, both dolls have the sun freckles first seen on the OG Deluxe doll, Coral (the surfer). The freckles are lighter than the dolls skin color. (I feel like all these dolls need to come with sun screen now).


Another fun thing in the news today is The Queen’s Treasures made the front page of the Lehigh Valley Business news (image links to article).

QT little house on LVB 2016-02-22

One juicy tidbit from the article is that the wonderful owner, Joann, listened to doll enthusiasts who pointed out the Laura’s eyes were blue and will be producing future runs of the doll with blue eyes. That means brown eyed Laura just became a Limited Edition!

Earlier in the month, The Daily Mail also ran a feature about AG collectors, Veronika and Sofia from Sydney Australia. Between them, these young adult ladies now have 64 American Girl dolls and they’ve taken them on holidays.

Daily Mail story

I do think I have more than 64 dolls but they’re not all AG. I enjoy seeing other people’s collections though and listening to what got them started. I actually didn’t start my collection until after my kids were born. I missed the initial AG wagon.

Have you seen anything in the stores lately or heard any other news? What was your last doll related purchase? Mine were Sittning mini dishes from IKEA to use in the doll’s future teahouse (shown with my new-to-me original JG Callie). They were in the AS IS room on a great clearance. There are four differently gray hued pieces to each box with either bowls or what look like tea bag holders. I’m not sure of their original purpose but they will be perfect for my teahouse (which I’ll share as soon as I start it). I can’t wait to make wonton soup for those bowls!

ikea dishes

my doll Friday – Dana and Jacquie

MDF very yellowIMG_5652

For a change, let’s look at some more Lotus dolls; you might notice that I didn’t include a dollbook photo for either doll. That’s because I’m not attached to either doll and I may not keep them. Let’s see why…

Here’s my Italian Dana in her TRU glory:


And here’s Jacquie:

Jacquie 2015

Originally I thought I would find Jacquie to be a brown eyed version of Dana. Boy, was I wrong!

First off, Jacquie does not have brown eyes and I am heartbroken over that. Take a look.

IMG_5627The description and box both declare Jacquie is going to be brown eyes. Lest you be disillusioned with her eyes behind the glasses, here’s just how blue her eyes are.


Don’t get me wrong. She’s very pretty but I wanted a brown eyed doll. However, the blue eyes make her more like Dana.

IMG_5620 b

The packaging is pretty different. Dana’s box is clear and meant to be shelf appealing. My Newberry box was a mail order, in store pick up so I don’t know if all Newberry dolls come like this or just under my circumstances. A closer view of the Dana character image looks a lot more like Jacquie to me.


To get the dolls out of the boxes, there was also a noticeable difference. Jacquie came out by slitting the tape on the box, removing a cardboard cap piece that kept her head from knocking about and then slipping her out of a clear plastic bag.


Dana, like all Journey Girls, was not that easy to get out. Once the box is open, you have to slide out the inner box that Dana is fixed to with plastic, tape and ties.


Journey Girls are definitely some of my least favorite to debox.

 IMG_5633 b

Out of their boxes, another obvious thing shows up – their heights. While Jacquie’s smaller statue and pudgier physique make her a perfect cuddle doll, next to Dana, she looks more childlike. That, with blue eyes too, make her look more like a perfect little sister for Dana.

IMG_5636 b

I took off their glasses to verify the are the same mold…yup. Both were fixed in identical fashion with clear bands too. IMG_5639

To really see the vast differences in these two Lotus dolls, I stripped them down! (naked dollie warning!)


Then, just to see, I added another Lotus dollie to the mix, espari’s Lily Rae.


Even Lily Rae has a different body type. How interesting! I’m sure you’ve noticed that Jacquie can’t stand on her on so she’s in the AG doll stand. Without her shoes, her soft little body is hard to balance. Her arms and legs are pretty thick compared to these other Lotus beauties. (note to self: compare Newberry and Today’s Girl body types). Lily Rae and Dana do ok standing. It almost look like aside from the cloth part (and head) that these two might be identical molds (but we’re not looking at that today, Nonna, get on with it).


Lily Rae’s hair, though curled, is much closed in color to Jacquie’s. That’s only right since she is a Lotus cousin.


Face to face, the cheeks and chins stand out as being quite diverse. The curl of the noses are also easy to spot in profile.


I didn’t get a picture of Jacquie’s ear behind her hair while the girls were having their staring contest but you can see from below that their ears don’t even start in the same place on the side of their heads (Dana’s is lower).


Oops. I almost forgot the back of the boxes.

IMG_5624 b

By shear count, I think I have too many dolls to honorably keep these dolls but I’m glad I got them to compare. They are much less alike that I thought. I will confess though, Dana would then be the only regular line up JG I don’t have.

Until next time…enjoy your weekend, Dollings!


retail therapy post #4

Once upon a time there were four Journey Girls…and then…there were more but two were gone including Alana who has made a come back in a special edition set at Toys R Us this fall.


Her partner is Kara Rose, a new doll, who looks like Meredith with really pink lips. The set is $99.99.

I also spotted Giovanna, the 2015 holiday doll “from” Italy. She’s $49.99


I finally bought a Kyla. She has the new face mold. She just looked very exotic in the box to me (So I’m only missing a Dana of the JG now and I haven’t seen one that captivated me yet).


The back of the Alana/Kara Rose pack shows most of the current line.


Last night, we hit Barnes and Noble after dinner because I remembered they had a new doll (and I wanted her). She came out earlier this year. She’s Mirelle, in the middle with the red jacket.


Kayumi is on the left and Lily Ria is on the right. (My Lily Ria is known as Gwynn). The next one shows a Lily Ria at a different angle (same face) with Analynn and Marnie. Everyone but Mirelle is part of the original line released last year. (Our Mirelle has been renamed Chihiro).


They also had some clothes.


My favorite was this one but I can’t see $24.99 for just this (they all have reversable items in them for more use but I don’t use my things that way).


It seems like everyone got on the Paris bandwagon with their dolls!

new OG dolls on Target’s site

Our Generation never ceases to amaze me with how they deliver products. Some go straight to and are rarely seen, others go to first and take forever to show up at

Here are four that went to first. Click any image to link.

New Elyse, listed as a regular doll with piercing eyes (note the shoes are the same as last year’s retros).

Elyse 2015 regular

Elyse 2015 regular eyesAnd Jamie listed as a Retro doll.

Jamie 2015 retro

Jamie 2015 retro eyesPlus these two Jewelry dolls (Anya has been floating around a little while but still not on


Anya 2015 jewelry


Aura 2015 jewelryI did actually see a jewelry doll instore once.  They’re just regular dolls with a bunch of plastic accessories to me. I checked My LIfe As and Journey Girls to see if there were any new posts too. No new dolls but JG does have what I think will be the hot Christmas item with the new pet grooming set (available for pre-order only). They also have a new tub and wooden vanity.


Several coveted OG outfits also hit so check it out and tell me if you have favorites! I love this pet grooming set from JG but I am totally saving for OG’s May Lee (let me know if you spot her especially if you might send her along – I’m all for cooperative shopping!).


my doll Friday – JJ

MDF uber pinkJJ

With all the news about the new Italy Holiday JG doll, JJ seemed like an obvious choice for this week’s post.

JG Jordanna 2013 LE Paris Holiday Doll

Our JJ is the 2013 Paris Holiday Special Edition Jordana Doll from Journey Girls. She featured the same green/brown hazel eyes as Chavonne and a skin kissed look with multi-blonde highlights in her hair. Her gown was blue with roses. She was the first of the special holiday dolls. I’ve never quite felt the face mold shown and the one produced where completely identical because of the hair and lighting and angles. JG’s are good at that.


My Jordanna has some issues standing up straight without falling over BUT there are some great posts out there reviewing this doll (see below) so you don’t have to take my word for it. 😉

I like JJ in this AG outfit that I picked up on clearance. JJ definitely didn’t stand upright in the skates so she left them off.


I thought it would be a little looser than it was but it fit well.IMG_4594The little bit of green in the top compliments JJ’s eyes really well. It’s difficult to see just how pretty her hair highlights are in photos. There are a few shades of blonde that really give her that beachy look.

IMG_4593Her face paint is matched to the fancy dress but comes off like lip gloss with this casual outfit. I’m glad they didn’t try for eye make up!

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my doll Friday – Riley

MDF green altRILEY

Riley is a 2011 Journey Girl Kelsey. My Kelsey is likely one of the first Kelsey’s and I can’t find a “professional” photo for her anywhere. The original JG’s introduced included (L-R) Alana, Taryn, Meredith and Callie in 2011.

orig 4

Over time, Alana was replaced by Kyla and Taryn was replaced by Chavonne. (I’d still really love a Taryn and original Callie!). Kelsey was produced in 2011 and sold in 2011 but not part of the orginal marketing announcement in 2010.

Newer Kelsey versions look like these:



Fall 2012

Fall 2012

Paris Fall 2013

Paris Fall 2013

London Fall 2014

London Fall 2014

Italy Spring 2015

Italy Spring 2015

I have not seen the Italy on in the us yet. This image (which links to) is from the Canadian TRU site. The Paris version is still available in the US (click image to link to TRU).


Recognize that box? Riley is from before the Journey Girls had exotic adventures in Europe. Here’s her TRU Bio (click image for source site).

JG Kelsey bio

According to her Bio, she has a twin brother and her prized possession is her hiking boots. That little blue box also says she’s been to France so apparently, she’s been a few times.

From the front…


From the back…IMG_20140831_194242_683

and without the vest and shoes (no socks!)IMG_20140831_194448_766

I really want to give her freckles (check out Journey Girl Adventures for the look and tutorial). Her face is so pretty and I love her very pale (if totally unrealistic) eye color.

From the front (note the nice full lips and not too much face paint)


Her right side (Sweetie, your roots are showing!)

IMG_4147Her left side (“Where’s my ear?” Riley)


and the eyes have it!eye

If this was a tad more blue, I think it would be realistic. I still like it. Look at that brow detail!

JG eyes do not close. The legs do not bend. They sit rather oddly with their legs splayed out at the hip. They don’t come with a book or story and their bios have been pretty much removed from their promotions. None of that troubles me. They started getting facelifts in 2014, holiday special editions in 2013 and now travel the world annually.  While that’s fun from a collection standpoint, I’d rather they dream of going places and tell stories than go because that aspect of it makes me feel they’re a little spoiled.

I’m glad I have an older Kelsey. Oh, and her name? Riley is the last name of one of my bff’s who has two daughters who if you composited them together look like Riley (they both agreed too!). They are both beautiful and successful (chef and large animal vet) young women too. Riley thinks she might go herd sheep someday…

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