my doll Friday – JJ

MDF uber pinkJJ

With all the news about the new Italy Holiday JG doll, JJ seemed like an obvious choice for this week’s post.

JG Jordanna 2013 LE Paris Holiday Doll

Our JJ is the 2013 Paris Holiday Special Edition Jordana Doll from Journey Girls. She featured the same green/brown hazel eyes as Chavonne and a skin kissed look with multi-blonde highlights in her hair. Her gown was blue with roses. She was the first of the special holiday dolls. I’ve never quite felt the face mold shown and the one produced where completely identical because of the hair and lighting and angles. JG’s are good at that.


My Jordanna has some issues standing up straight without falling over BUT there are some great posts out there reviewing this doll (see below) so you don’t have to take my word for it. ūüėČ

I like JJ in this AG outfit that I picked up on clearance. JJ definitely didn’t stand upright in the skates so she left them off.


I thought it would be a little looser than it was but it fit well.IMG_4594The little bit of green in the top compliments JJ’s eyes really well. It’s difficult to see just how pretty her hair highlights are in photos. There are a few shades of blonde that really give her that beachy look.

IMG_4593Her face paint is matched to the fancy dress but comes off like lip gloss with this casual outfit. I’m glad they didn’t try for eye make up!

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my doll Friday – Riley

MDF green altRILEY

Riley is a 2011 Journey Girl Kelsey. My Kelsey is likely one of the first Kelsey’s and I can’t find a “professional” photo for her anywhere. The original JG’s introduced included (L-R) Alana, Taryn, Meredith and Callie in 2011.

orig 4

Over time, Alana was replaced by Kyla and Taryn was replaced by Chavonne. (I’d still really love a Taryn and original Callie!). Kelsey was produced in 2011 and sold in 2011 but not part of the orginal marketing announcement in 2010.

Newer Kelsey versions look like these:



Fall 2012

Fall 2012

Paris Fall 2013

Paris Fall 2013

London Fall 2014

London Fall 2014

Italy Spring 2015

Italy Spring 2015

I have not seen the Italy on in the us yet. This image (which links to) is from the Canadian TRU site. The Paris version is still available in the US (click image to link to TRU).


Recognize¬†that box? Riley is from before the Journey Girls had exotic adventures in Europe. Here’s her TRU Bio (click image for source site).

JG Kelsey bio

According to her Bio, she has a twin brother and her prized possession is her hiking boots. That little blue box also says she’s been to France so apparently, she’s been a few times.

From the front…


From the back…IMG_20140831_194242_683

and without the vest and shoes (no socks!)IMG_20140831_194448_766

I really want to give her freckles (check out Journey Girl Adventures for the look and tutorial). Her face is so pretty and I love her very pale (if totally unrealistic) eye color.

From the front (note the nice full lips and not too much face paint)


Her right side (Sweetie, your roots are showing!)

IMG_4147Her left side (“Where’s my ear?”¬†Riley)


and the eyes have it!eye

If this was a tad more blue, I think it would be realistic. I still like it. Look at that brow detail!

JG eyes do not close. The legs do not bend. They sit rather oddly with their legs splayed out at the hip. They don’t come with a book or story and their bios have been pretty much removed from their promotions. None of that troubles me. They started getting facelifts in 2014, holiday special editions in 2013 and now travel the world annually. ¬†While that’s fun from a collection standpoint, I’d rather they dream of going places and tell stories than go because that aspect of it makes me feel they’re a little spoiled.

I’m glad I have an older Kelsey. Oh, and her name? Riley is the last name of one of my bff’s who has two daughters who if you composited them together look like Riley (they both agreed too!). They are both beautiful and successful (chef and large animal vet) young women too. Riley thinks she might go herd sheep someday…

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my doll Friday – Sophie

MDF green altSOPHIE

In the category of you can’t get there from here, meet Sophie. ¬†She is a Battat Our Generation doll likely made in 2008 and available in 2009 into 2010.

OG Sophiejpg

Sophie came with a jump rope and a hopscotch mat. Her hair is styled in pigtails. She has green eyes and medium brown hair. Her skin is fair but not porcelain.


Sophie enjoys jumping rope and being a little girl doll.


Her jacket is pretty spiffy. The hood and cuffs are lined with a floral print.  The buttons are real buttons that work.


Sophie’s skirt has the same floral print accent.


Sophie was listed new in box as of last May (2015) for $35.95 on ebay (0 bids). These next photos link to that page and are from that page (seller: teacher_teacher_teacher)


$_57 (4)

$_57 (2)

See how green her eyes are? The quality of this era of OG is great. Amazon has a couple old reviews too but otherwise, Sophie has a scarce web presence.

Here’s Sophie, Maria and Amy with¬†Willow when she visited ¬†(photo links to post) from Living A Doll’s Life.

with Willow


my doll Friday – Gywnn


Once upon a time, the doll world thought, “Gee, there can’t possibly be any new dolls coming out that everyone doesn’t know about” and Barnes and Noble’s said, “how about in time for the holidays?” espari was here.

Gywnn is an espari Lily Ria doll from fall 2014.

Lily Ria 2014 image 1

Many espari fashions are designed to be reversible including Lily’s vest.

Lily Ria 2014 image 2

This does allow for a variety of looks with one purchase.  No other doll line is currently incorporating this functionality of play into their designs.  Additional clothing packs also feature items designed for multiple looks.

I originally went to Barnes and Noble to look at Marnie, the dark skinned doll.


Immediately I noticed that although all four espari dolls look very unique because of coloring choices, they all have the same face mold.  That was somewhat disappointing to me since I had planned to get two so they could be buddies (not cousins, not sisters).  I decided I would just get one doll.  Why Lily Ria?  She reminded me of my friend, Gwen.  I immediately had a whole storyline in my head when my daughter suggested Gywnn as a variation.  (Hint: there are dragons).

espari and (the older) Journey Girls share similar body types and eyes.  Although I have not seen myself or found one online, I believe the Newberry dolls available at Sears Canada also share the same body and eyes (if not the also same face sculpt with espari).

Here’s Gywnn looking pensive…


Gywnn without her vest.  I like the simpleness of the layered shirt look over the leggings.  One of my favorite things about Gywnn is that, although she came without socks, there are plastic bags protecting her feet from any staining from her shoes.IMG_4187b

The espari expression is simple yet very fresh in the current market.

IMG_4189¬†Here’s my artsy (and favorite) photo of Gywnn from her first photo shoot.

IMG_4190As you can see, depending on lighting and angles, the faces of espari dolls can easily take on different looks. ¬†The pudginess of their cheeks combined with the almost pinched areas around the outside of the eyes gives them a very realistic sculpt but creates this neat effect that I think their professional marketing photos don’t quite capture. At first I thought maybe they had changed the sculpt between concept and sale but after taking several photos myself, I think it’s just great lighting…and what girl doesn’t benefit from great lighting?

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my doll Friday – Brooklyn


This Friday’s doll is Brooklyn! “Hey-A!” she says. ¬†(Brooklyn has a very outgoing personality and will probably be jumping in with comments through this whole post.)

3 Chavonnes

Brooklyn is a Journey Girl ‘Chavonne’ from Toys R Us. ¬†I have the 2013 Paris release (center – the above photo links to the current sale version at TRU London version online, pictured right. ¬†The left image is also listed as Paris but I cannot verify if it was early 2013 or fall 2012). ¬† Chavonne has been part of the JG world since about 2012. ¬†Prior to that, a darker skinned, brown eyed doll named Taryn was available apparently instead as she disappeared with Chavonne’s arrival. ¬†Jessica Gray shared a great comparison photo of their on her blog (click photo for link).

from jessica gray

Chavonne’s eyes are a lovely hazel and, I think, the same as espari’s new Lily Rae. (Brooklyn here – Taryn’s eyes remind me of a tiger!). ¬†Special Edition JG Jordanna also shares this eye color.

B and Gwynn eyes

Chavonne quickly became Brooklyn at our house since one of my dear friends has a daughter named Brooklyn who shares many of traits and characteristics with the doll.  To illustrate, how about a story? (I love stories! РBrooklyn again!)


“Hey, Brooklyn! ¬†How are you today?” said Marisol.

“Marisol! ¬†I didn’t know ¬†you worked here.” replied Brooklyn.

“Just an afterschool gig, you know.”

“Cool. ¬†Can I get a chocolate shake? ¬†I’ve been thinking about one all day.”

“Of course! ¬†Hey, did you meet the new girl, Briar Rose?”


“Hi! ¬†You must be Briar Rose. ¬†My name is Brooklyn. ¬†Would you like some company?”

“Sure,” she said, “but everyone just calls me Briar. ¬†You can too.”

“Cool, ” said Brooklyn glancing at the table.


“Did YOU order ALL THAT?” she asked Briar.

“Um, no. ¬†I don’t think so. ¬†Well, maybe. ¬†I said I was hungry and it all looks so good. ¬†Marisol said it was on the house and I should try whatever I wanted since it was my first time here.”

Brooklyn laughed as her milkshake arrived.

“Oo, ice cream!” said Briar. “What a great idea! ¬†Maybe I’ll just start with this cone. ¬†You know, before it melts!” ¬†The two new friends burst into giggles like they’d been friends forever.


“I need to get going but maybe we can meet up tomorrow for more food,” Brooklyn said to Briar as she left. ¬†Briar just nodded as she kept eating and smiling.


“Bye, Marisol!” hollered Brooklyn as she left.

“Bye, Brooklyn. ¬†She you later!”

Marisol and Briar (AGJLY61) are American Girl dolls. ¬†The playsets shown include the OG Diner, OG Jenny’s Baking Set, OG Tea Set, OG Sick at Home set, various erasers, The Queen’s Treasures¬†cupcakes and pies, and clearance mugs from the National Zoo. ¬†Brooklyn’s chocolate shake is Christmas ornament from Kmart several years ago. (Good story and good milkshake! – So long from Brooklyn!)

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my doll Friday – Misha


Misha is my oldest American Girl doll but not my first AG. ¬†She was bought from a Craig’s List add by a young lady who needed to fix her car (don’t worry – said young lady didn’t even know what she had named the doll when she sold her; she was not “attached” to her at all). ¬†From the meet outfit, we can place her between 2000-2002 as a GT6 (reissue).

Her original photo eludes me in the Urban Outfit but here is a publicity photo in the Go Anywhere meet outfit.

AGOT_6_Big  from Curt Danhauser

Her green eyes are just cool.  They are not realistic and I think the new green eyes are very different (see JLY 52).

IMG_4242Misha is the same vintage as the first set of dolls I bought my daughters (same meet outfit). ¬† Her legs were a little loose but she can still stand on her own well. ¬†As anyone who has these shoes know, the flocking didn’t last well.

Here she is hanging out with Battat Jack who is also sporting the reversible red/blue vest from the Urban Outfit.


Jack is one of the oldest dolls in our dolls’ house. ¬†He is happy to hangout with Misha any time!

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