my doll Friday – Penny


Penny is a Precious Day Julia doll by Gotz from 2003 with a Starshine mold face. Here is her original catalog shot.


Gotz made the doll that the first American Girl doll was created from so I was curious how these two dolls compared. Our resident redhead AG doll, Saige, volunteered to help us out. (naked dollie warning!!)

reds saige penny front

reds saige penny backs

reds saige penny

reds saige penny hands

Yup, pretty much the same body. The faces and wigs are quite different though.  Penny’s hair is much fuller than Saige (although we know earlier AG had fuller wigs). Penny almost looks pensive compared to Saige.

The vinyl used for Penny’s shoes or her feet has left her with some stained tooties though.

reds saige penny feet


reds saige penny swaps

Saige looks cute in Penny’s top and skirt but Penny looks great in Saige’s dress (again, I state for the record that I haven’t met a doll who doesn’t yet). With the staining on Penny’s feet, I didn’t risk the shoes on Saige. It’s like Penny has permanent poison ivy!

My best photo of Penny in her original outfit features an expanded view of a photo from last week with Nomi and Saige (and yes, that is the entire series of MacGyver on blue ray). The photo of Saige in her own dress with Penny was too blurry for any usefulness and I didn’t notice until the sun went down. My camera is awesome but it has issues focusing when the flash isn’t on. Oh, well. Penny, Saige and Nomi had a fun day in front of the camera.

reds tower

You can still get current versions of Precious Day dolls from Gotz although the face molds have changed, the line is still continuing. I like my starshine mold. She’s sweet.

my doll Friday – Henry

MDF paler blueHENRY

Henry is a Pottery Barn 18 inch Gotz doll sold from 2012 through 2014.

Gotz Doll Henry Pottery Barn Fall 2012-3

Fall 2013 PB Gotz Line

Fall 2013 We love Henry here at Nonna’s! He is just one of the boys. Like Maya, Henry has the Gotz bum.


He’s pretty flexible.


And he looks so peaceful when he’s resting.


He stands well.


His facepaint isn’t over the top. In some light, his lips are a little too pink for my tastes.


His eyes are an extraordinary gray.

henry eye

Obviously, placement here is a little, um, scary.

Henry is no longer available but a new 18.5 inch boy doll from PBK named Parker is.


I can’t quite tell from the photo but his eyes do appear to be a different color. I understand that the half inch difference isn’t really noticable. The face is the same. I’m not sure with the hat is the wig is.

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my doll Friday – Maya

MDF yellowMAYA

2013 Maya

Maya is an 18 inch Götz doll from Pottery Barn Kids.  She was first available in the fall of 2012 along with three other girl dolls, blond Ashleigh, redhead Megan and brunette Marianne.

Fall 2013 PB Gotz Line girls only2

In 2013, PBK added a boy, Henry, to their line up.  They also featured some special edition cultural heritage themed dolls (L-R): Mei, Zola, Prita and Carmen.


As you can see, Maya shares her face with Zola.  Previously Götz used this face mold on light skinned dolls as well.  Doll Diaries features one of these dolls here.


The 2003 Precious Day Collection also included a darker skinned doll with the same face mold.  She was marketed as Hispanic and her name was Alicia.  (Precious Day dolls came after the Little Sisters line).

Another place this face mold was found is the now defunct Beautiful Girlhood line from Vision Forum.  The dolls and accessories were pretty cool but the ethics and political/religious tension of the marketing of the company appears to have caused its own decline. (Another dark skinned doll, Evangeline, was also available).

Beautiful Girlhood dark

A closer look at Maya’s profile reveals typical Götz styling with younger childlike features.  Her eyes do open and close.  This mold is very childlike and pleasant but not highly expressive.  It has an innocent quality to it much like Bittys do.


Another interesting “feature” of these 18 inch PBK dolls is a matter of stuffing…


…more specifically, her derrière. She stands well.  She sits great but as you can see from the above photo, she does not have a linear stance.  Her caboose juts out behind her legs and continues up a very solid trunk.

IMG_4460Maya’s issue means pants gets tricky but this OG dress fits beautifully.  (Her socks here are her own.  The shoes are not the ones that come with dress).  Interestingly, Maya’s original outfit did not include panties.

Overall, I really like Maya.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of interest in her out there in the web world which is why this post has a little more doll specific information than normal.  She is still available at PBK on a deep discount.  I got my Maya on a sale last holiday season with free shipping.  The newer PBK dolls are slightly taller but have the same face molds.  The Maya equivalent is called Zoey and she has long straight hair and no bangs (which appears to be a unique thing for this face mold).  Maya, I think, will make an excellent BFF for another retro doll given her hairstyle and natural coloring.

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