Lookee what I found (Lotus duplicate)

While searching for Lotus dolls, I stumbled upon a Ukrainian website called Panama that sells a lot of toys.

They have a doll marketed only as Soft Bodied Girl Doll Princess in a pink dress (photo links to sale site).


Look familiar? Yup…espari Kayumi! (photo credit: My Journey Girl Adventures Blog)


Considering these two markets do not cross, the rebranding doesn’t bother me but I do find it interesting.

I did not find any other dolls with this brand name.

What do you think?

Comparison – 2 Lotus face molds


You already know espari’s Lily Ria (Gywnne in Nonna’s dollhouse) but have you seen Newberry’s newest version of their Brooklyn doll?

I completely fell in love with her coloring and was blessed to find someone who brought her back from Canada for me. I have renamed her Jyoti.

The dimple on the chin really had me wondering if they were the same face mold because that’s such a unique feature. Side by side, I wasn’t so sure so I flipped them over to check the backs of their heads and guess what?

Lotus 013G 1803 espari Lily Ria

Lotus 013G 1804 Newberry Brooklyn

They’re NOT the same! Lotus 013G 1803 is espari’s Lily Ria (and most of the espari girls) and Lotus 013G 1804 is Newberry’s Brooklyn. It’s really nice that Lotus gives us the reference here (not all their dolls do). I will have to update Dollation! The numbering indicates they’re modified versions of the same mold (my other Newberry dolls have difference number formats).


So even though they have very similar faces, they have very different body types. espari are thin limbed dolls. Newberry are more childlike in their bodies and very soft bodied. See Newberry’s neck? She can’t even stand without the doll stand.



espari bodies actually make me laugh because they kind of poof after the chest plate. Newberry reminds me of Today’s Girl‘s construction (and what I imagine is My London Doll) who are also a Lotus dolls. The hair quality is comparable.

Lotus 013G 1803 espari Lily Ria eye Lotus 013G 1804 Newberry Brooklyn eye

Our espari girl has my favorite green/brown eyes but I love our Newberry’s brown eyes. The eyelashes are completely different too (espari = Maybeline, Newberry = CoverGirl?). You can also see here the sculpting change around the outside of the eye.

I think they’re both great and quality play dolls. What do you think? Do you have a Lotus doll? Does she have a head stamp number?



scoop: have you seen the newest espari doll?

Karianna 1

Meet Karianna! She is listed as added 10/1/15 but I haven’t seen her before today.

She is wearing a reversible jumper (plaid/khaki) and comes in/with a classic red peacoat, a white shirt, white tights, a navy hat, tan scarf, and navy blue shoes.

Karianna 2

Karianna 3

I don’t know that the doll world needed another blue eyed blonde but it is nice to see the line expanding.

Have you seen her yet?

(I did add her to Dollation too!)

my doll Friday – Chihiro

MDF very yellowChihiro name

Chihiro is a 2015 espari Mirielle doll from Barnes and Noble.


Like all espari dolls, she comes with a few looks. Her Meet wardrobe includes the reversible headband which is also a kerchief (blue gingham on the other side), a reversible red and white sweater/jacket, blue gingham overalls, a white skirt and dressy red sandals. One of my favorite things about the espari line is the care taken when boxing the doll including the clear plastic bags between their feet and their shoes so no staining occurs. Having the reversible clothing also allows for white or light to be touching the dolls but still have colorful outfits to see.

Chihiro is named for the lead character in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.


I hope to make her an outfit one day so she can Cosplay her namesake.


espari boxes seem to me to be a large part of their cost. They mimic the Journey Girls’ holiday boxes and need to be cut on the side to release the doll. They also use tiny plastic tabs to hold things in. Glad to be out of the box, Chihiro gives us a few poses.

IMG_5386 IMG_5388

Before I show you the back, let’s point out that espari’s Mirelle shares a face mold with Today’s Girl Leah. There are some major differences in the dolls though.


From just the headshots, you can probably see several noticeable distinctions. Mirelle has deep chocolate brown eyes and black hair with bangs. Leah has a lighter brown eye, black hair and no bangs. Both have pretty fly away hair though. Mirielle also has lighter skin and a breast plate (yes, she has the new JG body type exactly and the same color paint on her lips as several new JG dolls) while Leah seems to have been out in the sun recently.


A closer look at the body types shows an even larger difference. The soft bodied Leah has more of a floppy baby doll body and does not like to stand on her own. She has no head/neck control. Mirielle, on the other hand, can stand alone and look towards things. Leah’s vinyl is softer but neither is unpleasantly squishy or too hard (cheap).


Mirelle’s legs are longer and thinner than Leah’s as are her arms. Compared to an American Girl doll, Mirelle looks really tall and skinny.




Oh – there is it! The million dollar marker! Did you catch the back of Chihiro’s hair? What a sight!


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the back of Leah’s head. She does have more roots but her scalp is also painted dark brown to hide exactly this problem. When Chihiro’s hair is down, it’s fine…well, kind of; I still need to even it out.


How about a better shot of that height difference?



They could definitely be cousins or even siblings.


espari dolls can wear Journey Girls clothes and clothing for other slim bodied dolls. Likewise, they need slim footwear that may be a little longer than some AG stuff.


I think Chihiro is going to fit right in at the dollhouse. She is a very elegant, beautiful dollie. If someone asked me for a recommendation today for an Asian doll, she would be my first pick even with the higher pricetag and hair issue because her quality is an excellent value.  I have heard reports of issues with bangs but I believe those could be tamed with training (wrapping). Pick the best option and if they all have bang issues in store, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount!

retail therapy post #4

Once upon a time there were four Journey Girls…and then…there were more but two were gone including Alana who has made a come back in a special edition set at Toys R Us this fall.


Her partner is Kara Rose, a new doll, who looks like Meredith with really pink lips. The set is $99.99.

I also spotted Giovanna, the 2015 holiday doll “from” Italy. She’s $49.99


I finally bought a Kyla. She has the new face mold. She just looked very exotic in the box to me (So I’m only missing a Dana of the JG now and I haven’t seen one that captivated me yet).


The back of the Alana/Kara Rose pack shows most of the current line.


Last night, we hit Barnes and Noble after dinner because I remembered they had a new doll (and I wanted her). She came out earlier this year. She’s Mirelle, in the middle with the red jacket.


Kayumi is on the left and Lily Ria is on the right. (My Lily Ria is known as Gwynn). The next one shows a Lily Ria at a different angle (same face) with Analynn and Marnie. Everyone but Mirelle is part of the original line released last year. (Our Mirelle has been renamed Chihiro).


They also had some clothes.


My favorite was this one but I can’t see $24.99 for just this (they all have reversable items in them for more use but I don’t use my things that way).


It seems like everyone got on the Paris bandwagon with their dolls!

my doll Friday – Gywnn


Once upon a time, the doll world thought, “Gee, there can’t possibly be any new dolls coming out that everyone doesn’t know about” and Barnes and Noble’s said, “how about in time for the holidays?” espari was here.

Gywnn is an espari Lily Ria doll from fall 2014.

Lily Ria 2014 image 1

Many espari fashions are designed to be reversible including Lily’s vest.

Lily Ria 2014 image 2

This does allow for a variety of looks with one purchase.  No other doll line is currently incorporating this functionality of play into their designs.  Additional clothing packs also feature items designed for multiple looks.

I originally went to Barnes and Noble to look at Marnie, the dark skinned doll.


Immediately I noticed that although all four espari dolls look very unique because of coloring choices, they all have the same face mold.  That was somewhat disappointing to me since I had planned to get two so they could be buddies (not cousins, not sisters).  I decided I would just get one doll.  Why Lily Ria?  She reminded me of my friend, Gwen.  I immediately had a whole storyline in my head when my daughter suggested Gywnn as a variation.  (Hint: there are dragons).

espari and (the older) Journey Girls share similar body types and eyes.  Although I have not seen myself or found one online, I believe the Newberry dolls available at Sears Canada also share the same body and eyes (if not the also same face sculpt with espari).

Here’s Gywnn looking pensive…


Gywnn without her vest.  I like the simpleness of the layered shirt look over the leggings.  One of my favorite things about Gywnn is that, although she came without socks, there are plastic bags protecting her feet from any staining from her shoes.IMG_4187b

The espari expression is simple yet very fresh in the current market.

IMG_4189 Here’s my artsy (and favorite) photo of Gywnn from her first photo shoot.

IMG_4190As you can see, depending on lighting and angles, the faces of espari dolls can easily take on different looks.  The pudginess of their cheeks combined with the almost pinched areas around the outside of the eyes gives them a very realistic sculpt but creates this neat effect that I think their professional marketing photos don’t quite capture. At first I thought maybe they had changed the sculpt between concept and sale but after taking several photos myself, I think it’s just great lighting…and what girl doesn’t benefit from great lighting?

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