Peter Rabbit

I think when you get on a book kick, you stay on a book kick. ūüôā

With Easter approaching, what’s more appropriate than the tale of a mischievous bunny?

I found several sites with Peter Rabbit book images with the text. (Source Credit is given in the pdf).

My printable pdf is formatted for standard copy paper (8.5 by 11 inches). You can use the Momotaro post for additional instructions on assembling the book. Your finished book will be 1.5 inches by 1 inch.

I did add fold lines since the edges of this book are ALL WHITE. The blue lines are the outside folds, the red are the inside. You probably don’t really need the red lines since you want to fold all the blue lines first then fold them to meet each other (you never really see the red lines to be able to fold them).

One tip is to check that you’ve cut off any red or blue lines before final assembly or they will be very noticeable (such as on the tape tabs and front and back covers). ¬†Also, it is a little tricky to cut the sections apart since the edges are white. If you don’t want to eyeball it, remember that each printed¬†row¬†is 1.5 inches high so when cutting them apart, each separated section is 1.5 wide; you can measure and mark with a pencil if you want.

Mini Kit was our model (above) but this size book is also suitable as a “pocket” book for 18 inch dolls. (Peter Rabbit books were originally sized for children’s small hands so the scale works!).

Find the pdf printable here: Peter Rabbit book

a few new Easter gems

Mad Libs photo from by the kids for the kids

The By The Kids For The Kids blog features a great idea for your doll’s Easter basket – Mad Libs!

Last year’s¬†Easter post is¬†here¬†but here are some newer goodies to try too:

Easter Bunny Ears
Easter Eggs and Holder
Easter Mad Lib Book
Printable Easter Woven Baskets
Easter Top Hat Bonnet

It’s almost Hop time!


Baa! Easter is just around the corner once again! ¬†There are so many fun things to convert to doll sized for a special Easter day. ¬†I’ve taken metallic Sculpey and mixed it with matte Sculpey to make some cool colored eggs (make two or three clay snakes, twist together, break apart in small pieces and shape into eggs then bake per package). ¬†We’ve also made chocolate bunnies from Sculpey (not an artist? ¬†Use a candy mold!). ¬†Finely shredded paper makes great Easter grass. Don’t forget the egg hunt!

Bunny Mask (printable)
Bunny Pancakes (printable)
Easter Basket (crochet)
Easter Basket (felt) 
Easter Egg Coloring Set
Easter Egg Diorama 
Easter Pail 
Easter Puppets 
Sugar Cookies for Easter