more costumes!

2015 10 5 image waiting on permission

Are your dolls celebrating Dolloween? I love the above Panda costume idea from Many Small Friends. Doesn’t she just look like she’s ready?

Aviator Goggles
Cape – Medieval Long Cape
Cape – Superhero
Chimp Mask (printable)
Draculara’s Vest
Fairy Head Wreath
Gumball Machine Costume
Jack-O-Lantern Costume
Kitty Kat in Black Costume (Crochet)
Minnie Mouse Costume
Panda Costume
Pumpkin Costume (crochet)
Queen of Hearts dress (AG)
Stuffed Animal
Super Hero Mask
Trick or Treat Bag – Pumpkin
Witch (crochet)

Don’t forget last year’s post with more ideas! (And the second post last year)

As always, if you find a broken link, please let me know and if you find more cool links, let all of us know and post below (especially if it’s YOUR site!)!


happy dolloween!


In honor of Dolloween, here are some costumed favorites that I’ve altered in some fun old frames that you can print out for your Dolloween decorations!

Anna and Elsa attempt

Felicity attempt

Annie attempt

Halloween attempt


Jordanna from JGAdventures and the Queens Treasures

All photos have been altered. Original photo sources: framesAnna and ElsaFelicityAnnie (taken from pinterest but traced to this site), Julies are from Gallery, CatJordanna sporting an outfit from The Queen’s Treasures.

If you want to try this yourself, all I used was Word 7.  Copy one of the original framed images into Word.  Paste your doll photo after it.  While highlighting your doll image, under the Format tab, select Recolor in the Adjust section (left section) and select the sepia looking palette (or another fun one).  You can then use the Picture Shape option under the Picture Styles section (middle section) choosing an oval or rounded rectangle as appropriate.  Then right click on your image and under Text Wrapping select In Front of Text.  Your doll picture will then float over your frame picture.  Resize or crop (or both!) it to fit.  What I did next was take a print screen (at 200%) of the completed image from the print preview in Word.  I then pasted that into Paint and cropped and saved it from there ad a jpg file to have one permanently joined image.

This would be an excellent craft for upcoming holiday cards.  You can Google “framed old photographs” to find more examples of frames.


more dolloween


Can’t get enough of Dolloween?  Me either!

A few more Dolloween crafts …

Frankenstein Doll Pillow
Halloween Banner 
Halloween Basket (plastic canvas)
Jack O Lantern Bucket (plastic canvas) 
Rustic Broom 
Trick or Treat Bowl
Trick or Treat Sack
Wizard Wand

Dollie Who!


I can’t think of costumes without thinking of cosplay – that’s right, it’s time for Dollie Who.  Sadly, this is an underrepresented market of creativity so I might have to work on that (because I know I’m not the only AG/Who crossplayer out there!).

Here’s what I could find.  This list does include the pjs for purchase but they’re so perfect, I hope you’ll forgive me for it not being a pattern.  (How do I not have a free pj pattern link yet?)

11 Days of Dollie Who 
My London Guy PJ Featurette
Police Box
Mini Tardis

Every dollie needs her own Who poster too so why not print out this image for her? (Plenty on Google if you have another favourite doctor).


Lest we forget Dolloween entirely, here are some more decorating ideas recently posted on other blogs in case you missed them:

Halloween Banner
Haunted House Treat Box

One more week to Trick or Treat!

Love you all, Dollings!


costumes part 2

witch dress and cape

As promised . . . more costumes!


Mermaid Tail Costume
Minion Costume 
Minnie Mouse Ears (felt)
Minnie Mouse Ears (headband)
Mummy Costume
Navajo Ensemble 
Neck Tie
Neck Tie
Poodle Skirt 
Poodle Skirt
Queen of Hearts dress 
Rag Boa Scarf
Scrub Pants
Scrub Top 
Spa Costume 
Wings (people sized tutorial) 
Witch Cape
Witch Costume (dress) 
Witch Costume (dress)
Witch Hat
Witch Outfit 

costumes part 1


Dolloween is approaching fast!

Get ready with these fun costumes and accessories!  (more to post on Friday)


(Halloween) Mask
Angry Bird Costumes 
Animal Costume 
Black Cat Costume 
Bow Scarf (crochet with matching for girls)
Bumblebee Costume 
Cabbage Patch Kid Doll Wig (crochet)
Candy Corn Costume (dress)
Candy Corn Dress 
Dance Costume
Dance Outfit 
Fairy Wings
Fingerless Gloves (knit)
Flower Tiara/Crown
Ghost (No Sew 
Good Witch Costume 
Gumball Machine Costume 
Halloween Casual Outfit 
Harry Potter Robe
Harry Potter Skirt
Hippie Costume 
Hula Outfit
Ladybug Costume 
Ladybug Costume