Journey Girls updated on Dollation

I’ve updated Dollation to include all of the Australia line of Journey Girls. Here’s look at the new girls (photos are from various Toys R Us sites but link back to Dollation where the links to the original images will be updated as needed).









other new dolls for 2017

unnamed Australia holiday dolls (with the Dana face mold)

and this unnamed beauty who comes in the Celebration Set

There are plenty of new accessories. The cami sets and animal socks are some of my favorites. (Dolls not included, of course).

Remember, all the photos link to Dollation where you can find the sales links if there are any. A few of the dolls are only online in Australia right now!

How about those panda socks (the other set are foxes just in case you don’t readily “see” it)?

This brings us to 308 Journey Girls items. As far as I know, we’ve got everything! If you know something is missing, please let me know!

1000 posts to Dollation!

Today I made my 1,000th post on Dollation! Special Thanks to Anika Boelke for posting about Modern Girls on Facebook. I couldn’t resist adding this Germany exclusive Lotus line to Dollation. Check out the Modern Girl line when you get a chance.

1000 post item

1000 post

Should we all celebrate with a give-away? What might you want? Leave a comment below!


Dollation: Just added – My London Girl

MLG logo

I did it! I entered every My London Girl doll I knew about to Dollation!

That’s 109 dolls, Dollings!

One of the dolls on my wishlist for quite some time is My London Guy, Jermaine.

One of my biggest reasons for not getting him is that they keep expanding the option for how to get him.

Here he is all casual…

Jermaine 2014

Or he can come all fancy like this…

Jermaine The Queen's Guard

As of last year, you can also get him as a Chef Doll or a BBQ Doll.

Some day I’ll make up my mind.

Do you have a My London Girl or Guy? I’m curious how they compare to other Lotus dolls in person (like Journey Girls, Newberry, espari etc).


Dollation – Just Added: Isaac Mizrahi by MA

IZ dolls

Check out Dollation here for last year’s Isaac Mizrahi Designer Madame Alexander dolls (three are still available at

I’m working on several other pages at the same time. I’ll let you know when they’re done! I’ve gotten a lot of the Madame Alexander Play dolls from this year up too.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales didn’t thrill me so I’m back to virtual shopping on Dollation! It’s easier on your wallet and fun for your eyes!

Did you find any good sales?


Dollation – Just Added: What a Doll!

whatadoll logo

I’ve added another Madame Alexander line to Dollation! Check out the the What a Doll! dolls here:

What a Doll! appears to have been taken over by Dollie & Me but remains exclusive to Kmart.

Speaking of Kmart, have you seen this awesome fridge (featured on Living a Doll’s Life)?


It’s 18 inches and while the scale of the food seems off in this photo (ostrich eggs?), it is much more appropriately sized than the OG or MLA fridges. It’s electronic too which raises the price tag to an unfortunate $30. It is available online here.



Dollation – Just Added: Build-A-Doll on Zulily


If you’re a Zulily person, you may have received a message today that Zulily has exclusive Build-A-Doll Madame Alexander dolls today. I suspect these may be left over from FAO Schwarz’s NYC store (anyone have one to confirm?).

Instead of buying today, I shopped by adding ALL of these dolls to Dollation. Now you can add them to your online collection too.

There are six featured outfits and fourteen dolls to chose from. The listed retail price of the dolls is $130 with the Zulily price as $69.99.

The link to Zulily is here but it will only work if you have an account and it’s between today, November 18 and November 20, 2015.

You can also visit Dollation and check them all out. Click on logos for links directly to the Build-A-Doll page or the primary Dollation page.


Dollation header

Wondering what my temptation is? Probably one of these two (images link to Dollation pages)…


Dollation – Just Added: Just Like Me by Justice


Crazy Nonna is at it again! I took my 15 minute break from work and started adding the new stuff featured on Living A Doll’s Life yesterday. There are now 27 products listed in this line. Please add or edit any more that you have here:

Not a Dollation member yet? You can still go view all the items!

I only had one item in my collection (that awesome white tiger outfit featured in retail therapy post #1)


No, that’s not the My Life as Dogwalker Doll of the Year 2015, it’s a Springfield doll in my tiger outfit with three Justice pets from 2014! Check it out here.

introducing Dollation!

Dollation header

I admit it, I’ve been posting on another site but you will forgive me when you go and visit.

Dollation is THE doll database. I’ve just spent a couple weeks entering every Journey Girl item I could find (that’s 200, Dollings) as well as espari dolls and every brand I have record of because before I told you how awesome Dollation is, I wanted you to be able to see why.

Dollation is hosted by the same doll enthusiast who brought us  Their Meet the Dolls section was the best place to find details on all your favorite 18 inch dolls until Dollation came along. Just Magic Dolls also featured great doll care tips.

Dollation takes over where Just Magic Dolls was too small for!

An encyclopedia for all dolls entered by members but viewable by all is exactly what you need to find a doll, make a wishlist or track your collection – all of which you can do in Dollation! Hunting for a certain facemold and think you know the brand? You can check that on Dollation. Wondering what the difference in body types is between dolls and think you saw a blog about it? That link could be listed on the body type page. Remember that Madeline had a boy friend but can’t remember his name? He could be there too. What about Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake? Uhm…yup.

So…make some tea, put your feet up and go check out the Journey Girls pages on Dollation here:

If you haven’t had enough, continue on to espari (you won’t have had enough) here:

There is also a lot of good intel in Dollation and more is coming. I’ll be adding more and hopefully you will too!

Let me know what you think. Request your account today and start tracking and making your wish lists! If you own a doll company – get your dolls up and if you host your own blog, please consider an announcement there too. As you know, the more the merrier in the dolliverse!

Love you, Dollings!