mini mayhem

As the Our Generation mini’s take the American Girl doll market by storm, let’s celebrate with some free patterns for our thrifty minis (which have already hit ebay for double the retail price)!

 minis picnic

Do your mini’s like to camp out?

butterfly net
picnic table
Round BBQ Grill
Sleeping Bag
Picnic Spot

A secret garden?

Secret Garden for Minis
Mini Garden

How about a portable house?

Mini House To Go

Or Tardis?

Mini Tardis

We’ll need some furniture:

70’s Dining Set
Bed with Bedding
Josefina’s Sleigh Bed and Bedding
Mini Chair
Patriotic Stage
Slipper Chair
Wing Chair

minis sundress

Don’t want naked dollies, now do we?

Christmas Dress (knit)
Fairy Tale Costumes
Dance Costume
Dance Rehearsal Costume
Duct Tape Dress
Reversible Sun Dress
Simple Dress from Susan Kramer
Simply Cute Dress Pattern (knit)
Summer Dress (knit)
Tutu Dress (knit)
Christmas Dress (knit)
Simply Cute Dress Pattern (knit)
Summer Dress (knit)
Tutu Dress (knit)
Snickerdoodle Street pattern links

AG minis of Snickerdoodle Street

Can’t get enough minis? Check out these full sized mini blogs!

Mini Dolls’ Mini Adventures
Sincerely Saige
Snickerdoodle Street 

There are some other brands of dolls whose clothes fit AG, OG & Gotz minis.  Check your local dollar store for off brand Barbie clothes that may be appropriate too.  Barbie’s little sister, Kelly, has some perfectly sized furniture (& IKEA has a set right now too).  One of the best things about minis is how light they are so you can make almost any furniture out of cardboard very successfully.

If you know of any minis fun that I missed, please share below or shoot me an email!



It’s summer – we all know what that means!  It’s time for camping! Visit Doll Diaries for their great annual Camp Doll Diaries series.  Some of their crafts are featured below with other great camping ideas. Target’s Our Generation line has some economical tent options.  Baby sun shades make good tents so check clearance but blanket forts are great doll tents without worrying about getting the dolls dirty.  Plus, blanket forts are great for rainy days and they’re free … who doesn’t have a blanket laying around?


Drink Bottle
Fire Pit
Grill (Charcoal Hibachi Type)
Hudson Bay Blanket
Marshmallows (for roasting)
Marshmallows on a Stick
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag
Smores (felt)
Styrofoam Cooler