breakfast of champions


Know what I love more than dolls?  Bacon!  It’s true.

My dollies can love bacon too with the fun breakfast crafts below!

Bacon (foam)  
Cereal in a Bowl
Cinnamon Rolls 
Eggs (foam)  
Pancakes (foam) 
Pop Tarts
Toast (foam)  
Waffles (foam)

Bonus idea: Do an internet search for “bacon package.”  Print out your favorite image so it’s the right size for dolly then wrap in clear packing tape (tip print two fronts one on top of the other and fold it so it doesn’t matter which side is resting upwards because they’ll both be fronts) with a piece of foam or fabric between the middles of your print out to make it a little lumpy like real bacon.  Trim tape leaving some clear edge on all sides just the when you bring your own home! You can also do this with breakfast sausage or veggie sausage packages!

yummy printables

fruit snacks from agideas

With back to school just around the corner here in Pennsylvania, how about a few quick breakfast, snack and take out printables?

Cereal Box
Chinese Take Out Box
Fruit Snacks
Happy Meal Box
Ice Cream Cone
McNuggets box
Milk Carton

The above photo is from  Click photo or text for link.