no self control – dolly finds!

Well, it should come as no surprise that I have no self control when it comes to shopping for dolly stuff.

I recently found all these pets at Target in State College, PA when we took my son up for an apartment hunt (still no apartment, think good thoughts for him please).

We have a guinea pig (who would not use that type of water bowl!) and a ferret (an overlooked dolly pet for sure!)

A bird that is completely sized wrong for his cage (I’ll make a new one!), a kitten (Kirsten is so excited she is getting a grey kitten!), a turtle (our household favorite) and a bunny (we love bunnies!).

We also hit every thrift store I could find and I managed to only buy this fabulous tea set for under $6. The doll under the tea set was $13 on Walmart clearance. With the outfit and shoes, you’re ahead at that price. I love that outfit and boots (there is a fox purse!).

Watch for a follow up post too because I also picked up … Our Generation’s new boy, Raphael.

He will not stay “Raphael” and who knows what they were thinking when they chose that name! I have a Battat Jack so I want to pull him out and do a full comparison to share with everyone so please check back. (Both the photo and the name link to the Target sale site. If he’s still available, he will show from that link).

What have you found lately?

my doll Friday – Matthias

MDF purpIMG_5893b Matthius

We have named our new boy doll Matthais but we’ve been calling him Matty. He was a Today’s Girl from Constructive Playthings Limited Edition Sabrina that I picked up on Zulily.

Matty got a haircut but didn’t need anything else to look boyish. The face paint on Today’s Girl is quite a natural one to begin with.


He is a Lotus doll (shown above wearing Carter’s preemie clothes). Lotus also makes Journey Girls, Newberry and espari dolls.


IMG_5887He did not come with paint on his nails. Look at that little foot!

IMG_5888Someone nicely sent me the bike seat from Newberry for my birthday and the outfit was perfect for Matty. The outfit is from the Newberry Biking Set. It came with the shoes, top, shorts and sunglasses.IMG_5890b



While I was sad to see all of Sabrina’s curls disappear, I think Matty’s hair looks great.

I had really wanted a My London Girl Doll Jermaine but at 79 £ plus 29.95 £ shipping, that wasn’t happening any time soon. As you can see, he is also a Lotus doll. If it is not the identical face mold, it’s pretty darned close. (Lotus makes slight alterations to their molds sometimes).


Another contender stateside had been My Pal for Autism Awareness at $54.99 plus shipping.


I got my Sabrina doll on Zulily for $19.99. Can’t beat that!


Matty was chilling with Melody last week. Our newest dollhouse member arrived this week so Matty showed her the ropes. She is an Our Generation Zuri.  She doesn’t quite look like a Zuri to me so we shall see what sticks and report back.

my doll Friday – Henry

MDF paler blueHENRY

Henry is a Pottery Barn 18 inch Gotz doll sold from 2012 through 2014.

Gotz Doll Henry Pottery Barn Fall 2012-3

Fall 2013 PB Gotz Line

Fall 2013 We love Henry here at Nonna’s! He is just one of the boys. Like Maya, Henry has the Gotz bum.


He’s pretty flexible.


And he looks so peaceful when he’s resting.


He stands well.


His facepaint isn’t over the top. In some light, his lips are a little too pink for my tastes.


His eyes are an extraordinary gray.

henry eye

Obviously, placement here is a little, um, scary.

Henry is no longer available but a new 18.5 inch boy doll from PBK named Parker is.


I can’t quite tell from the photo but his eyes do appear to be a different color. I understand that the half inch difference isn’t really noticable. The face is the same. I’m not sure with the hat is the wig is.

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my doll Friday – Thomas

MDF paler blueTHOMAS

One of the earliest dolls to grace our home, Thomas was a gift to my son when he was about three.  He has been well loved and shows a few signs of it.  Thomas is proud of his “scars” and even his “tattoos” because he’s the only boy doll to have some (and because it means he was really loved).

Thomas is also our first altered doll.  He began life as a Kirsten from American Girl in 1998/9.  My son is my youngest child behind two girls.  All three got American Girl dolls for Christmas that year and we saw no reason to not include our son.

Kirsten’s original look:


I put away the clothes instantly before I fell in love with Kirsten.  I found a few boy outfits online and put the doll in one straight away and whisked it off to the hairdressor who cut my hubby’s hair.  She also had a daughter who loved AGs and agreed to take on the haircut task.  Kirsten was chosen for her bangs, the rest would be left to our expert.

We started with this hair…


and Cindy, our hairdresser, got us to this…

IMG_4315IMG_4227It’s become a little poofier over the years but the cut was perfect for my son.  In fact, Thomas hung out in the shop for a few days before I could safely pick him up with no kids in the car.  Cindy said SO many people asked to buy him that she thought about getting one to resell (little did either of us know about what would happen in that market).  Her daughter also fell in love (& I believe did get a boy of her own the next year).

One bad Mommy thing I did was to leave Thomas in the outfit that my son loved him in most instead of changing him to store. IMG_4223IMG_4221

(This is pre-face wash).  We loved the pilot outfit which is a knock off of Molly’s.  However, and here’s the bad Mommy part, the cuffs left very permanent marks (which Thomas now calls his tattoos).IMG_4312I’m glad Thomas is still smiling but I was a little sad.  At least, it’s not his face (where there is one scar on his chin from play but Thomas really likes that one).

The blue shirt shown is from France and may even be Corelle.  We picked that up when the children’s Godfather flew us all over one year (the luckiest point in all our lives, for sure) shortly after all the dolls arrived.  (In related news, my middle daughter really so wanted to make sure that her Cuddly Sister doll came with us that she packed her too only she didn’t pack her in a bag that we took with us so thinking she was lost, I purchased a replacement before my daughter could notice only to have the original turn up over a year later.)

Oh, yes, one more thing about Thomas.  Can you guess who my son named him for?


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my doll Friday – Leon

MDF very yellowLEON

Leon is the first boy doll I was brave enough to cut his hair myself.  He started out as a she and is a Kingstate doll purchased on a buy out deal for under $20 each at Tuesday morning. (I have also purchased Kingstate dolls in southern US grocery stores).  Kingstate also made doll furniture.


I don’t have a promo picture for Leon (or most Kingstate dolls because of how they are sold) but here is a photo of two Friendship Kids friends forever Kingstate dolls purchased at the same time in 2010 (That’s Lyndie on the right).  Kingstate doesn’t have a vast selection of face molds in their current releases; these two are definitely the most common.

When I first saw the doll on the left, I knew she was Leon.  Here she is out of the box with her original outfit and accessories.


Hair down, without the hat …


She was a pretty doll but I saw Leon when I looked her.  So off came the hair and the clothes changed.


The pants were a generic dolly pants, the shoes are Springfield’s version of “crocs” and the t is from an old Cabbage Patch Kid.


I’m really pleased with the haircut.  I think Kingstate dolls’ wigs lend themselves to a trim well.


Leon does have cute little sleep eyes.  Kingstate dolls are just a schoche shorter than AGs but not enough to cause any clothing issues.  They are just as pudgy.

double hair


I confess, the back of my son’s hair looked just like this when he was little (and I cut it). All in all, Leon is a very pleasant doll.


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my doll Friday – Jack


Jack was made by Battat; he is part of the Collector’s Lane Kids collection that was available at Target in 1998/9.

While a promo photo for just Jack may not exist on the internet, Toy Boy Philosopher has included a photo of one from a mini catalog included with the CL Minis here.

This photo from shows Jack in his box very well.


This is the outfit our Jack came in and we have it … somewhere along with some other original outfits (there were several additional purchase options for Jack) including a dark green prince costume, a skateboard outfit and a tuxedo!

I have found Jack new in box on ebay for up to $200.  While Jacks are rare, the quality of this play doll would never find me paying that much for him.  I’m sure he was about $20 when I bought him.

Our Jack was purchased as a friend for my son’s other doll, Thomas.  As you can see, Jack was loved and cared for.  The quality of Jack’s components are the only reason he shows the wear he does.  I don’t know why Jack is leaning so much here … but he did stay up like that.


You can see that his hair really appears to have suffered but it wasn’t from over-brushing.  It’s just a quality thing.  His vinyl limbs fared well but his face got awfully shiny over time.  Jack is wearing some original shoes and shirt.  The pants are likely from Antina’s and the vest is, of course, pre-Mattel AG. (Note: when I was buying for three small children, Antina’s was definitely the economical way to go to get similar multiples in different colors – everyone had jeans, sweats and t’s but everyone knew which was theirs!).

Around here, Jack and Misha are best buds too but Jack still hangs out with the boys.



Jack also got to hang with Willow when she visited.  Here she is in the boys’ room with the gang.

LADL w Willow

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