the T blogs

TTWMQ blog IMG_9039

Tea Time with Melody Q takes the T part of the T blogs seriously! Check her out and these other terrific “T” blogs!

Tea Time with Melody Q
The Abbott Doll Family
The Adventures of McKenna
The American Girls Attic Club
The Best Loved Dolls
The By Kids for Kids Blog
The clementine adventures
The Crazy Doll House
The Doll Days
The Doll Grotto
The Doll Wardrobe
The Doll Wonders
The Dollhouse
The Dolls Between Us
The Dolls of Maple Street
The Dolls of Sweet Nokia Street
The Dolls of Texas a dolltastic blog
The Dolly District
The Fellowship of the Dolls
The Guys And Gals of Chestnut Street
The Journey Girl Diaries
The Many Dolls in My Room
The Pony Tales Sisters
The Riverview Girls
The Salty Breeze
The Sunshine Dollies
The Super Dollies
toDolly awesome
Toni Ellison
Toy Box Philosopher
Tracy’s Toys (and Some Other Stuff)
Treasured Friendships With A Flair
Two Sisters

Sunday S blogs


Say Hello To My Little Friends (above photo) is a busy little blog full of good stuff. Here are some more S blogs to check out.

Saige and Kit couldn’t decide on a name for their blog
Saige’s Locket
Saleen’s Style
Sand Hill Adventures
Say Hello To My Little Friends
Sea Star Studios
Seven Bloggers And Their Dolls
Sewing Almost Straight (site is in Portuguese)
Sewing for American Girl Dolls
Shining star ag
Silver Creek Dolls
Silver Sky Dolls
Simply Dollightful
Small Dolls In A Big World
Small Town American Girlz
Snickerdoodle Street
Snister’s Flock
South African Girl craft blog
Squeak’s Eats
Starry Night Sky Dolls
Steampunk Addie
Super Inky
Swish & Swirl

blog listing catch up

2015-07-21 post image P1050680

There are so many fine doll blogs out there that I keep adding to my list of blogs! Here are some catch ups on letters I’ve already posted for (we’re up to P). The above image (click for link) is from Joanne’s 18″ dolls blog.

 If you find any broken links, please comment below for the rest of us!

A Doll’s Closet
AG crafts & hacks
AG Doll Play
American Girl Dollhouse
American Girl Sisters
Clara’s Craft Corner
Cozy Comforts and Dolls
Crafty Moms Share
Daily Dolls
Doll Fun With Abby
Doll Mum Blogspot
Doll Things
Doll-lightful Days
Dolls Domain
Dolltastically Fun
Flourishing by Restful Falls
I Can Fly
I love American Girl
Inner Star Studios
It’s a Doll World
Jazzy Janet
joanne’s 18″ dolls
Journal of Two Dolls
Keep calm and play with dolls
Leah Nay and Dolls

Oh, No you didn’t! the O, N and P blogs

2015-06-15 post image from Never Grow Up

It’s been awhile since I posted some blog links.  We’re up to N, O and P.  The above image comes from the fabulous Never Grow Up blog where they recently celebrated World Doll Day by, well, click on the image to see what they did!

Here are some more links (please report any broken links as you discover them or let me know if I missed anyone!):

Never Grow Up
Never Too Old For Dolls
Oh My Dollies
Once Upon a Doll Collection
one doll out there
one girl and her many dolls
Our AG Adventures
Our AG Collages
Our Pretty Dolls
Paper Doll World
Paws on Keys
Penelope’s World
Photo AG Doll
Picture Perfect AG
Pine Valley Girls Club
Pippaloo clay food & clothing for 18″ dolls
Pleasantville Times
Polka Dot Bee
Polly Dolly
Poppets & Posies
Poupées de Line
Prairie Wind Girl
Pretty Lily an American Girl
Pretty Little Dollies

L M N blogs

2015-04-22 image LMN blogs

It’s been over a month since I posted blog links!  The above photo comes from Never Grow Up: A Mom’s Guide to Dolls and More!  The photo links to a doll comparison post – always fun!

Here are some more blogs starting with L, M, and N.  For more M blogs, see my earlier post here.

la vie revee de Sabine 
Le Fabuleux Destin de Sophie Amélie 
Life according to a Blue Eyed Belle
Lissie & Lilly
Little dollhouse on the prairie
Little House of American Girl
Living A Doll’s Life
Love Believe Create
Magically Melody 
many small friends
Me and Melly
Mommy N Me AG
My Doll Life
Never Grow Up
Never Too Old For Dolls

How’d you like these Great blogs?

2015-03-11 image

Looking for a new blog to check out? Here are some blogs starting with the letters G and H. (please click above photo for link to featured image at Happy House of AG)

Galaxy AG Dolls
Gigi’s Doll and Craft Creations
Girl with the Green Doll (the)
Girly Doll Type
Glowy Zoe 
Green Tomato Doll Studios
Gumnut Street Dolls
Heart of Dixie Dolls
Heritage Doll Fashions


Every Friendly Blog

E blog photo Addie Interview

Emily and Addie from Emily and Friends are saying hi to their readers (photo links to site)!

For more E and F blogs, check out these fabulously fun and friendly links below:

Emily and Friends
Enchanted Doll 
Fabric Cake
Flanuora’s Doll Family
Forever American Girl
Forever An American Girl
Forever Love Dolls
Four Friends in College
from echo with love 
Fun with AG Fan

Here are a few inactive ones too (always good for inspiration!):

Everything AG with Silence and Willow
Everything Emily
Fun with the dolls 

Dollingly Delightful blogs

doll mag issue


The D’s have it!  Doll for D, of course!

These D blogs will Delight and Deliver!

Dabbling Dani
Daring Dahl
Darling Dolls
Debonair Designs
Delightful World of Dolls
Doll Central
Doll Central American Girl News and Fun!
Doll Daydreams
Doll Diaries
Doll It Up .com
Doll Madness
Doll Mag
Doll Sold Separately
Doll Stars
Dollies On A Farm
dollightful dolls
Dolls and Dance
dolls and nachos
Dolls are Best Friends Always
Dolls on da blog
Dollville Post
Dolly Dorm Diaries 
Dolly in the Doorway
Dolly Panic
Dolly Sisters

B Cool blogs


Working our way through the lovely alphabet with blogs, we’ve come to B’s and C’s!

Here are the active B & C blogs…

Bear, Dolly and Moi
Bienvenue Chez les Ch’tis  
Candidly Charlie
Carrot and Claire
Charlotte & Zoe’s World
Clarisse’s Closet (fashion blog)
Confessions of  a Doll Collectors Daughter
Country Doll Studios
Craftfun and more…

…and some inactive ones to check out too!

Bella’s Blog
Blossom Ridge
Bolton Girls Travel Journel
caroline’s world
Claire’s American Girl Dolls


There are now over 300 blogs listed on my “master” blog list.  Here are the A’s…

A blog from a peek in the pantry

A Day Late.  A Doll Short.
A Doll’s Day the world of play dolls
A Doll’s Picnic
A Doll’s World
A Little Doll Will Do It
A Peek Into the Pantry
A*G Outsider
AG Doll Crafts
AG Dolly Sisters
AG Fan Site
AG For Everyone
ag in ohio
AG In The Shire
AGDTime Blog
ag-over-18 livejournal
All Things Doll!
Alone In A Doll World
Always An American Girl
Amazingly Adollable
American Girl #1 Fans
American Girl Addicts (en francaise)
American Girl AJ
American Girl And Craziness
American Girl and other Awesomeness
American Girl Chick
American Girl College
American Girl Doll Diaries
American Girl Dolls and Me
American Girl Fan
American Girl Fan 320
American Girl
American Girl Info and News
American Girl Inspired
American Girl Northwest
American Girl Place
American Girl Wild and Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
American Girls And Books
Among The Dolls
An American Girl Doll Story
Arts and Crafts for your American Girl Doll
Arts and Crafts for your American Girl Doll
Arts and Crafts for your Bitty Baby Doll
As Told By Susie
Audra’s Elements of Style

These are INACTIVE but still fun!

A Doll For All Seasons
A Doll In Time
A Doll’s Life
A little girl and her dolls
Adventures in AG
Adventures in AG Land
Ageha & Fiend
agfriend’s american girl experience
AGTLC repair
All My AG Dolls, Oh My!
American Girl Doll Central
American Girl Doll Chronicles
American Girl Doll Room
American Girl Friends
American Girl Garden
Aurora’s Thoughts