make it Monday – repurposed storage case

For Christmas two years ago, I repurposed a Lego Duplo carry case into an American Girl Doll carry case.  Here’s the front and back (I apologize that you can’t see the handle but you get the idea).


Here’s what the original case looked like (yes, we had that great set!):


I can no longer find the sources for the images I used so I will share them here:

Em 1


Em 2

You can really use any images you want.

First, I soaked then used Goo Gone on the old label to remove it.  I measured my case and designed my “logos” in Word then printed them on card stock and trimmed them to fit my case (tip: just print two, you’ll be glad you did).

My stash of clear contact paper was no longer sticky so I resorted to using rows of clear packing tape to laminate the “label” and affix it to the case leaving a good quarter inch all the way around the label when I trimmed it.  Tip: I tried laying rows of tape sticky side up and setting the image on top…not easy.  I ended up using the second printed set and lining up the tape on the front so I could see it.

To really personalize it, I added my niece’s name (Emilie) and her doll’s names.  Here are Lindie, Cathie and Alexis Jane chillin on the day after Christmas with BearBear in a blanket fort (you can see the case in the background).


Here’s an earlier picture that includes Sammie.


Cathie and Lindie were Emilie’s first dolls and are named after her grandmothers (Cathy and Linda). Their family tradition has all the girls’ names spelled with an “ie” so the dolls do too. They were presented a year earlier in a travel suitcase with holiday dresses and fleece coats by Nonna.   I’ve been accused of spoiling this child; I have no idea why.

This year, Emilie wanted doll bunk beds.  That was not in my budget or my time availability so we converted these shoe racks from IKEA into bunk beds for all by buying two (at $5.99 each) and purchasing some quilted fabric to use as linens.  They worked perfectly (and gave her something to do with pride because she assembled them herself!).


What crafts have you made for others?

As Froggy says, Happy Crafting!

Love you, Dollings!


to sleep perchance to dream


Every dolly needs a place to lay her head.  Here are a few ideas for beds ranging from simple to “better get Mom.”

Keep in mind that a standard pillow shortways is about the right length for a doll.  You can cut and trim a cheap or old pillow to make a mattress fairly easily.  A twin sized pillowcase slipped over the mattress means no one need ever see the trimmed edge of the pillow, just tuck in the excess from the pillowcase!

Most doll boxes also make great beds that can be simply constructed by covering with contact or other paper and/or fabric.

Bed (box)
Bed (scrap wood pallet)
Bed (upholstered)
Bed (wickerbasket & garden wire)
Bed (wood scraps and plaque)
Bunk Beds
Farmhouse Bed
Native American bedding

PS. The above pictured bed is from IKEA.  While not something you make, it can be highly customized at an inexpensive cost.