bag ladies


I’m a bit frustrated that I’m still not working on the doll room although it is highly important that my people house is functioning as it is just now. I am able to keep a little more current on my favorite blogs though so that’s good.

Did you see Anna’s post at Doll Diaries this morning?  I love her creativity and professional appearance of her finished products. I won’t spoil what she posted; you have to go look but here’s a hint (if the post title and above image wasn’t enough):

AG Backpack (crochet)
Backpack (duct tape)
Backpack (knit)
Backpack (small)
Bedroll Backpack (cardboard)
Camelbak Style Pack
Carry On Bag
Crochet Tote
Drawstring Bag (no sew)
Duffle Bag (crochet)
Eco Bag
Felt Handbag
Fluffy Bag (knit)
Handbag (knit)
Heart Shaped Back Pack
Jeans Pocket Purse
Josefina’s Purse Pouch
Little Cat Purse
Lunch Bag
Messenger Bag
Neck Pouch (for travel documents)
Neoplitan Purse (crochet)
Purse (from coin purse)
Purse (knit)
Purse from Coin Pouch (no sew)
Purse with Flower Accent (crochet)
Reusable Grocery Sack (felt)
Scrap Saver Tote
Shopping Tote
Shoulder Bag
Shoulder Bag (knit)
Tote Bag
Trendy Backpack
Western Backpack (crochet)

back to school – CARRY IT IN STYLE!

ego bag gina's craft corner

This is such a cool repurposed bag from lost purpose (trash!) items from Gina’s Craft Corner that your dollies are gonna flip!

Other cool book carriers …

Backpack (small)
Craft Bag
Craft Bag Accessories
Duffle Bag
Eco Bag
Pencils and Pencil Case

Let’s not forget lunch!

bento box dd

Anna contributed this awesome bento box lunch to Doll DIaries and our dollies are so glad she did!  Dollar stores often feature small plastic containers totally suitable for bento box lunches.  Old style metal lunch boxes can often be found in candy sections or as Christmas ornaments too.  You can also cut a paper sack down for a down sized brown bag lunch!

Drink Bottle
Addy’s Lunch
Bento Box Meal
Insulated Lunch Bag