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Hina Matsuri is approaching faster than I want again this year! Last year, I had the best of intentions to make some hishimochi out of clay for my dollies. That clay is still sitting in the wrappers in the clay drawer but hey, at least I bought it (one step closer).

I wanted the dollies to have something for Friday so I started thinking about what I could do with the time I have between now and then and it hit me … do a printable!

WARNING: This printable is a full out craft.

I used white cardstock. I recommend using a thick paper or cardstock. You could also draw these shapes and colors out for yourself if you don’t have a printer.

The first printable is for hishimochi, a traditional tri-colored rice flour dessert for hina matsuri. To make them, use the printable pdf at the end of this post and follow these instructions. Cut where blue lines are in sample. Soft fold (lightly crease with fingers, do not press the folds) the tri colored sides and pink tabs so you have what is basically a box top with the pink section. Continue soft folding the tri colored sides around the pink tabs taping or gluing as you go around. Tuck the extra tri colored sides into the alternate side and secure (with tape or glue). Enjoy!

I did try these as boxes instead of open bottomed and they look sloppier. You can try it for yourself by leaving an equal amount of white to the pink under the lower striped piece if you want, just be sure to give yourself a tab(s) to secure the bottom.

The second printable is for suama, another rice based mochi dessert. This is not for the mildly skilled or easily frustrated. I’m sorry about that. I encourage you to try it but not beat yourself up if it’s not for you.

See, it already looks complicated, doesn’t it? This one is both incredibly simple and awesomely frustrating. The first thing you want to do it cut out each shape with lots of space around it remaining. Before you start trimming the piece, you need to make two hard creased folds (shown in red). (Note: This is not obviously easy. I had to practice. Print out a few extra for yourself just in case. Once you’ve got it – you’ve got it. The first one can be a doozy! Stay with it and you’ll be fine).

Next, cut around the entire outside of the shape starting with the curves. You need to cut the “inside” sides of the curves to continue all the way to your fold lines on their respective sides. Then you can cut the straight outer sides and lop off the extra pink end left as a folding guideline. (The photo does not show the curves cut first but trust me, do it that way).

Fold at both ends of the curves to create the curved parts as the “face” sides of your treat (shown in yellow, do not fold any of the curved part that has become like a tab).  On either side of your folds, you now have a skinny tab (indicated here on one side by the green bracket). You need to fringe that so it will tuck in when you bend it around the curved tabs. Straight cuts to the fold work but I found that tiny triangles worked better because of the limited space. Do whatever works for you!

Next, flatten out the fringe and roll the piece between your fringe around the curved tabs. (I could not take a photo and hold the piece but I found it worked best to use both hands to create a gentle curve by smoothing the paper over my thumb).  You will have extra paper and that’s ok. I tried this multiple times and depending on how you cut, this piece is not going to always be the same length so you intentionally have extra! Fold the extra bit while you have things marked and cut it off. You’re now ready to assemble your treat.

Fold the fringe all in, wrap it so the curved tabs are OUTSIDE this time and secure the bottom to the piece you have curved around (with either tape or glue making sure to hold your piece if you are using something that has drying time!). To secure the curved tabs to the fringe, you can use glue or I found that a single long skinny piece of tape (I used regular old Scotch tape in a strip that I cut to eliminate the texture from the tape dispenser’s edge as well as cutting in half widthwise) over the top only secures the entire piece. (Note: if you have too much extra “face” pieces, you can trim them with a scissor).

Here are my sequential attempts (front to back). I started out with a fading design but it didn’t look as good so I ultimately just switched to a solid color.

If I haven’t totally lost you, here’s the pdf.

Printable Wagashi for Hinamatsuri

(Wagashi are Japanese confections. Mochi are made with rice flour.)

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