no self control – dolly finds!

Well, it should come as no surprise that I have no self control when it comes to shopping for dolly stuff.

I recently found all these pets at Target in State College, PA when we took my son up for an apartment hunt (still no apartment, think good thoughts for him please).

We have a guinea pig (who would not use that type of water bowl!) and a ferret (an overlooked dolly pet for sure!)

A bird that is completely sized wrong for his cage (I’ll make a new one!), a kitten (Kirsten is so excited she is getting a grey kitten!), a turtle (our household favorite) and a bunny (we love bunnies!).

We also hit every thrift store I could find and I managed to only buy this fabulous tea set for under $6. The doll under the tea set was $13 on Walmart clearance. With the outfit and shoes, you’re ahead at that price. I love that outfit and boots (there is a fox purse!).

Watch for a follow up post too because I also picked up … Our Generation’s new boy, Raphael.

He will not stay “Raphael” and who knows what they were thinking when they chose that name! I have a Battat Jack so I want to pull him out and do a full comparison to share with everyone so please check back. (Both the photo and the name link to the Target sale site. If he’s still available, he will show from that link).

What have you found lately?

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