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MDF paler blueKIKI

Kiki is a Madame Alexander My Life as Hairstylist doll. She has the same face mold as Kumiko.

MLA hairdresser face

Just as with Kumiko, I fell in love with this face mold all over again.  It wasn’t until later that I realized they were even the same.  The girls have very different coloring.


Kumiko’s brown eyes and brown hair with coral colored “make up” and ivory peach complexion are very different from Kik’s blue eyes, black hair and pink skin tone.

I think they’re both brilliant!


Kiki’s original outfit was suited to her career choice.  The apron ties in back.  The little skirt velcros in back as does the shirt. The star tights are actually footless and the solid plastic boots come off and on rather easily.  Her little odango (aka buns aka topknots) and side cut bangs are what really make her stand out.


I will not be taking these out.  I really like them as is.

Shortly after purchasing Kiki, I found a dress at Build a Bear that I thought would be perfect on her.  It is…

IMG_4903bThe garden decoration is another fish tank supply find.  (I think I paid $15 for it but I knew it was perfect so I bite the bullet.  I really want to make a Japanese tea house and garden for my dolls!).


I also picked up this little doll that we’ve named Alice (imagine that!) when I got the dress. (This foo dog was a Target find a couple years ago).


One of the brilliant things about Kiki is her eyes.

IMG_4916 IMG_4916b

We’ll leave you with two of Kiki’s favorite artsy photos from our shoot.

IMG_4907 IMG_4308and then there’s this one…it’s like she’s watching you 🙂


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2 thoughts on “my doll Friday – Kiki

  1. This just confirms my feelings that you can do so much with a doll face mold simply by changing eyes and hairstyles (are you listening AG???) She’s really unique, I love her eyes!

    • Agreed. They really look like two completely different dolls and neither really comes off like a “Walmart doll” but they both were sold through Walmart. Have you seen the dolls at The Dolls House? They are perhaps the best example I’ve seen of diversity within a doll line but with the same face mold. Plus, they’re awesome dolls (my Happy, for example).

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