Journey Girls updated on Dollation

I’ve updated Dollation to include all of the Australia line of Journey Girls. Here’s look at the new girls (photos are from various Toys R Us sites but link back to Dollation where the links to the original images will be updated as needed).









other new dolls for 2017

unnamed Australia holiday dolls (with the Dana face mold)

and this unnamed beauty who comes in the Celebration Set

There are plenty of new accessories. The cami sets and animal socks are some of my favorites. (Dolls not included, of course).

Remember, all the photos link to Dollation where you can find the sales links if there are any. A few of the dolls are only online in Australia right now!

How about those panda socks (the other set are foxes just in case you don’t readily “see” it)?

This brings us to 308 Journey Girls items. As far as I know, we’ve got everything! If you know something is missing, please let me know!

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