Dallas Part 2

The Dallas store features two floors. Upstairs is the salon and Bistro (which wasn’t open when we arrived). I picked up the adorable Coconut shirt for dolls.

Kaya’s teepee is the one thing that caught my sidekick’s eye. He thought this was really neat.

Kaya is on my wish list but I would prefer an older one. Her new dress and the beaver are cool.

Kit’s got another outfit…surprise. It is cute but again, this the kid who would not have had funds to have a million clothes. That said,  I did pick up Kit’s Floral Print Dress on clearance for my new used Kit doll.

Julie has also gotten a new set. She is the perfect marketing tool against those of us too old for the original release of dolls. I even knew a girl named Julie who looked like her.

We also got to see the newer salon sets.

As we were leaving, I spotted Nanea’s new bed. I admit that I like the style of this product. I wish it was actually wood and … well, I don’t need it either way. I’m looking forward to seeing someone craft it.

So that was Dallas AG. I picked up Dallas t’s for the dolls too. All in all, nice trip.

Oh, and my son’s team? They made it to the finals which qualified them for $25,000 as a team of four. However, the first team they played in the finals was the favorite to win. They took some solace in watching every other team not score against them either. The guys had a great time and I got to go to the doll store.

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