Wanna join?

So you’ve found the club for doll mommies, wanna join?

It’s simple. Do you care for and about dolls? You’re in!

You can print out this cool membership card too; be sure to sign your name on the line!

MDC membership card 2017

The mission of this club (and website) is simple:

Promote doll enthusiasm through play, open (aka free) sharing and community.

If you’d like to submit something to be shared, click here to find the guidelines and procedure. Everyone is welcome to submit and suggest ways to fulfill our mission!

Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to the club! We’re glad you’re here!

Here are the doll blogs that I check regularly. Their icons link to their sites; both are featured with the site owners permission.

blackdollscollecting  joannes Julie  Karen  LADL  Peek   Little friends  melody

Have your own site or blog, add a comment below with the link so we can check it out!

PS: I’ve made a separate page for blog awards from my readers (thank you!). Find it here.