my kingdom for a house

Ok, maybe not my kingdom but I have seen a lot of posts on my facebook doll groups recently with the houses they made for Christmas this year. Here’s one I spotted from the day after Christmas on youtube:

Jamirayvitange youtube

Click the image to link to the youtube video from Jami Ray Vintage. This house is made mostly of pallets. How cool is that? Plus, it looks awesome.

Here are the other houses and rooms I have in my spreadsheet. Do you have any more or want to share your own here? Let me know!

AG Dollhouse Tutorial 
Akeelah1998 Dollhouse
All Dolled Up Dollhouse 
Amazing AG Doll House (aka Sheila’s house) 
American Custom Dollhouses 
American Girl Doll house (pics only)
American Girl Place Dollhouse Tour
Ana White Three Story Doll House
Brandy’s Lit Up House
Build An American Girl Dollhouse
Clue Wagon’s Cheap Dollhouse for AG Dolls 
DIY AG Doll House
DIY Budget Dollhouse
Doll Diaries Doll Houses 
IKEA hack Besta AG Doll House 
Jean’s Amazing Doll House 
Laundry Room
Laundry Room
Laundry Room
Life Size Doll’s Houses
Pallet Doll House
Portable Doll Room Tutorial by Terrie from All Dolled Up 


create a quick and easy beach scene


It was rainy and wet in Pennsylvania this weekend so the girls took a break from the shop and had an indoor beach party!

On the left is Kiki, a Madame Alexander My LIfe As Hairstylist doll and on the right is Nora, a CitiToy My Life As Hairstylist doll.  They run a shop together specializing in hair!  (Remember when they did Willow’s hair?)

To make our quick scene, we used the new OG Luau set props, an old gate from a flea market, a MLA puppy, a pet store sandcastle prop (for inside a fish tank), the new OG swimsuit and the in store two piece swimsuit from AG.  The blue background is the wall in my doll room and the sand is a foam board that came like that that I found while cleaning!  It’s mottled just like sand but smooth so it doesn’t hurt the dollies.  A dish cloth serves as the perfect beach blanket!


For comparison between the MLA styles, don’t miss my shared post with The Toy Box Philosopher.

Here are the lovely ladies still in their boxes.  Kiki was bought on clearance when the CitiToy dolls arrived to replace the MAs.IMG_20140917_214649_713-1Neither Kiki or Nora have been featured in the My Doll Friday posts yet but when I do, this page will be updated with links!

Now I have to fight the urge to make a beach volleyball set … or do I?


what do you want to do today?

2015-04-20 image for post american-girl-art-gallery

I don’t know about you but sometimes, I just want to go out! The Room Mom‘s blog features this great Art Gallery (click image for link). Dolliramas have been popping up all over with bakeries for Grace and ice cream parlor’s for Samantha. Here are a few plus some more ideas to get you going! (If you know of more, please post them in the comments!)

Art Gallery
Candy Counter
Coffee Shop 
Cordelia’s DIY Bakery
Dress Boutique
Dressing Room 
Drive in
Dunkin Donuts
French Bakery
Frozen Yogurt Shop
General Store 
Grace’s Bakery
Ice Cream Parlor 
Ice Cream Parlor (Tyson’s)
Italian Restaurant
La Patisserie
La Patisserie
Movie Theater Lobby
Pet Store
Retro Diner generation.html
Sweet Sip 
Target Store
Bowling Alley 

there’s no place like home

house post 2015-02-16

It’s truly amazing how many dollhouse videos there on YouTube.  Here are some links to a couple of those and several photo listings of dolly homes.  A home from Cluewagon is featured above (photo links to listing).  There are some fantastic DIY tips on this link.

Here are some more ideas:

AG Dollhouse Tutorial 
All Dolled Up Dollhouse 
Amazing AG Doll House (aka Sheila’s house)
American Custom Dollhouses 
Brandy’s Lit Up House
Clue Wagon’s Cheap Dollhouse for AG Dolls 
Doll Diaries Doll Houses 
IKEA hack Besta AG Doll House 
Jean’s Amazing Doll House 
Life Size Doll’s Houses
Portable Doll Room Tutorial by Terrie from All Dolled Up 

potty time!


Before guests arrive for the holidays, be sure you have the necessaries in the Necessary Room!

Sink (repurpose)

Scrapbook paper makes excellent tiles.  There are also many printables out there for bathrooms if you have something specific in mind.

Shower Cap Idea
Spa Wrap (Towel)
Bath Towel

Here’s a whole room idea!


horsin’ around

ranch7Someone (Living A Dolls’ Life) has been on a horse kick lately so if you’ve got a horse or you’re hoping for one for a gift this winter, here are some stirring suggestions to make your horse feel at home!

Hay Bale (fabric)
Hay Bale (paper)
Horse Blanket
Horse Blanket (no work)
Horse Show Accessories
Horse Stable
Horse Stable
Stable (cardboard)
Stable (wood 1)
Stable (wood 2)
Horse Ranch

construct it!

fairy cottage

Once upon a time, in a backyard not too far away…

DIY Apartment
Collapsible Cardboard Clubhouse
Fairy Cottage (playhouse)
Horse Stable
Saige’s Casa

school scenes

Are your dollies back into the swing of school?  All their supplies ready?

Check out these cool links for scenic inspiration!

school scenes

Art Room 
Science Set 

Don’t forget the accessories!

Artist Easel
Feather Pen 
Butterfly Life Cycle Display 
Rock Collection 
Science Fair Ribbons 
Science Set 
Volcano School Presentation