A Peek Into the Pantry 4th Anniversary Giveaway

A Peek into the Pantry is one of my all time favorite blogs and it is the FOURTH anniversary of the blog so the lovely author, Gwen, is having a GIVEAWAY.

I know we all love giveaways so please check out the giveaway and this great blog. If you like food and dolls (like me) then you will love it too.

Hip, hip, hooray for A Peek into the Pantry’s Fourth Anniversary!

Journey Girls updated on Dollation

I’ve updated Dollation to include all of the Australia line of Journey Girls. Here’s look at the new girls (photos are from various Toys R Us sites but link back to Dollation where the links to the original images will be updated as needed).









other new dolls for 2017

unnamed Australia holiday dolls (with the Dana face mold)

and this unnamed beauty who comes in the Celebration Set

There are plenty of new accessories. The cami sets and animal socks are some of my favorites. (Dolls not included, of course).

Remember, all the photos link to Dollation where you can find the sales links if there are any. A few of the dolls are only online in Australia right now!

How about those panda socks (the other set are foxes just in case you don’t readily “see” it)?

This brings us to 308 Journey Girls items. As far as I know, we’ve got everything! If you know something is missing, please let me know!

Dallas Part 2

The Dallas store features two floors. Upstairs is the salon and Bistro (which wasn’t open when we arrived). I picked up the adorable Coconut shirt for dolls.

Kaya’s teepee is the one thing that caught my sidekick’s eye. He thought this was really neat.

Kaya is on my wish list but I would prefer an older one. Her new dress and the beaver are cool.

Kit’s got another outfit…surprise. It is cute but again, this the kid who would not have had funds to have a million clothes. That said,  I did pick up Kit’s Floral Print Dress on clearance for my new used Kit doll.

Julie has also gotten a new set. She is the perfect marketing tool against those of us too old for the original release of dolls. I even knew a girl named Julie who looked like her.

We also got to see the newer salon sets.

As we were leaving, I spotted Nanea’s new bed. I admit that I like the style of this product. I wish it was actually wood and … well, I don’t need it either way. I’m looking forward to seeing someone craft it.

So that was Dallas AG. I picked up Dallas t’s for the dolls too. All in all, nice trip.

Oh, and my son’s team? They made it to the finals which qualified them for $25,000 as a team of four. However, the first team they played in the finals was the favorite to win. They took some solace in watching every other team not score against them either. The guys had a great time and I got to go to the doll store.

back from Dallas

We went to Dallas for QuakeCon 2017 where my son was in the Finals for Quake Champions (which is a video game for anyone else, like me, who doesn’t know). My ex-husband was kind enough to Uber it over to the Galleria Mall in Dallas with me and summed up visiting the store well, “This must be how you feel when I take you to a computer store.” Uhm…yup.

Inside, a quick glance to the right shows the new hotel set…

And to the left, here’s Tenney!

Off further back on the right, the new versions of the Truly Me line…

In the center as you enter, Nanea gets center stage.

I love both the swimsuit and Hawaiian dress (I actually have a dress similar to this that belonged to my grandmother I will have to drag out of my closet and see if it fits).

Aside from the pricetag, how do you not love the store set?

Nanea’s collection

The other new Dolling – Z

A lot of Z’s collection was out of stock but they did have the new backdrop.

More later…including what I picked up and how my son’s team did in the Finals.

in store report: Penelope at AC Moore

My daughter had a craving for Tuscan Garlic Bread from Wegmans so like a good mom, I went into the AC Moore next to Wegmans when I picked up the bread. 🙂

Penelope was well represented at our store (although the blond was missing).

I really enjoyed the new carded outfits. I hadn’t seen these before (no after work runs for bread lately).

This panda hat set is on my list to use a 50% off coupon on…

The kitty set is very cute too!

Plenty of furniture…

And it looks like almost all of the Springfield line has been retagged as Penelope. Interesting. (The pink t with the kitty faces on it and gray skirt set is SO CUTE).

There were a couple Springfield dolls chillin at the bottom of the isle but that’s it.

I like the face of the Penelope line but I don’t know much else about them from first hand experience.

Now where’s my coupon?

spotted online – new colors on OG favorites

Have you seen these new colors of our favorite OG products? (as always, the images link to the host site)

Presenting the PINK camper!

I think this looks really snazzy in coral pink with the mint green cabinets and lime green accessories. Maryellen would love this for a fun getaway!

How about the PURPLE kitchen with GOLD handles? (doll with outfit shown is not included)

I think the Battat folks have seen the Bé Chic Forever youtube channel and that’s A-OK with me!

I love the GREY retro cruiser convertible! (dolls still not included)

My dollies would prefer this over all pink. Look at that rumble seat!

BLUE bicycle anyone? (doll and outfit with bandaids not included)

I had a bike that I spray painted to be this color (an old Schwinn). OG bikes hold up to play well and look great.

TEAL tent with OWL print sleeper bag

This one is pegged accessory so look for it hanging up. These owls are adorable! (If only they would reissue the owl lunchbox that I missed!)

There are also some great new sets like the Vet Clinic and school sets. Visit Target.com or OGdolls.com for more.

new JGs spotted online

Journey Girls are apparently headed to Australia!

So far, I’ve been able to find Callie and Ilee online (photos and names link to TRU US site).

As you might imagine, I’m very excited about the change of Callie’s hair. It’s her first major change in awhile. I have ordered one to check out the brown hair.

Ilee is pretty too.

I’ve also spotted a new scooter color combo.

And a couple more accessory sets…

Keep your eyes open. We should see more JG soon!

no self control – dolly finds!

Well, it should come as no surprise that I have no self control when it comes to shopping for dolly stuff.

I recently found all these pets at Target in State College, PA when we took my son up for an apartment hunt (still no apartment, think good thoughts for him please).

We have a guinea pig (who would not use that type of water bowl!) and a ferret (an overlooked dolly pet for sure!)

A bird that is completely sized wrong for his cage (I’ll make a new one!), a kitten (Kirsten is so excited she is getting a grey kitten!), a turtle (our household favorite) and a bunny (we love bunnies!).

We also hit every thrift store I could find and I managed to only buy this fabulous tea set for under $6. The doll under the tea set was $13 on Walmart clearance. With the outfit and shoes, you’re ahead at that price. I love that outfit and boots (there is a fox purse!).

Watch for a follow up post too because I also picked up … Our Generation’s new boy, Raphael.

He will not stay “Raphael” and who knows what they were thinking when they chose that name! I have a Battat Jack so I want to pull him out and do a full comparison to share with everyone so please check back. (Both the photo and the name link to the Target sale site. If he’s still available, he will show from that link).

What have you found lately?

Kit and Lindsey

“Whatcha doin, Kit?” asked Lindsey.

“Just hangin around,” answered Kit.

Both dollies burst into giggle fits. Kit was laying with her head hanging off of a box so her hair could dry. Nonna had cleaned them both up with Magic Erasers (which Nonna always mistakenly calls “those miracle sponges!”) the day before. She thought overnight about whether to also wash Kit’s hair and decided she must. The top of Kit’s head was tacky. Kit’s vinyl had been quite dirty and judging from how loose her legs were, Kit had been well loved and played with. She even had some faint sparkles around her eyes that thankfully, came right off with a tissue.

Lindsey was surprisingly in much better shape.  For a Lindsey doll, her legs were remarkably tight (still loose but Kit’s legs are much looser); she can stand on her own. Although she was a little dirty, it seemed more like Lindsey had lived on a shelf while Kit had been quite the explorer. Lindsey’s curls were in beautiful shape and she even had her original bobbypin.

“What do you see?” asked Kit.

“Nonna said we were in the doll room but I don’t see any dolls. There’s a chair on your legs so you won’t fall on your head. I can also see some shelves full of doll stuff. I wonder if all this stuff is for just us?” Lindsey said very excitedly.

“Hello! Hello out there!”

The closet was talking. Kit and Lindsey got a little anxious.

“Hello?” they said to the closet.

Saige popped her head out and Lindsey could see that the closet was full of more dollies.

“Hi!” shouted Lindsey, “Are you an American Girl too?”

“Yes,” she said, “I’m Saige. I was the Girl of the Year in 2013.”

“Wow!” said Lindsey, “I was the Girl of the Year in 2001. And this is Kit.”

“Hello?” said Kit. “I wish I could see you.”

“Nonna’s not here, Kit. You can open your eyes,” said Saige.

“Oh, right, I forgot. Wow! Look at this place!”

“Better not sit up yet though in case your hair is still wet. You wouldn’t want to mess up your eyes,” Saige offered.

Lindsey reached down and checked Kit’s hair. It was dry. Kit sat up to talk to Saige too. There were a lot of dollies in the closet and just like Lindsey had said, there was a lot of doll stuff in this room.

“So, what’s the story?” inquired Kit.

Lindsey giggled. Kit was an explorer but she also wanted to be a reporter so if there were facts to be had, she would have them!

“Well,” Saige hesitated, “You’re at Nonna’s house and this was the doll room for awhile until her son needed it and now it’s become storage. A lot of this stuff, the stuff that’s not the doll stuff you see, is from Nonna’s mom’s house. She lived a few houses over and Nonna’s been trying to clean out her house for awhile.”

Lindsey and Kit exchanged looks. They knew not to ask Saige any more about Nonna’s mom. Saige looked a little sad. They could ask her later, they thought.

“So how many of you are there?” Lindsey really wanted to know.

“Um, I don’t know. I don’t think Nonna knows. We tried to count once but some of us are still in boxes and there are more dolls in Nonna’s room right now. Nonna’s daughters also have dolls so we figure there are at least a hundred of us.”

“A hundred dolls!” shouted Kit.

The closet was now in a fit of giggles.

“That’s nothing! Tell them about the movie theater and the stores and the kitchen and the…” the other dollies were talking over each other from the closet.

“Did I hear movie theater?” asked Lindsey.

“Yes,” said Saige. “We have a lot of dollie stuff to show you but there will be time for that. Nonna has never given of any of us away. She even writes a blog about us so I think you’ll be here a long time. Do you mind if I ask where you came from?”

“A cardboard box,” answered Lindsey.

“I don’t remember anything before the box, do you, Lindsey?” asked Kit.


Nonna’s note: Nonna  is convinced that once dollies enter a cardboard box their memories reset. They can get them back but so they have a chance to love their new families, they forget for a little while.

“Don’t worry,” said Saige. “You’ll probably remember later.”

Neither doll seemed worried. They had been well taken care of and shown off since their box was opened.

“Did you have clothes?” asked Saige.

“Oh, yes!” Lindsey replied.

Kit looked a little annoyed but Lindsey continued, “We came with a whole box of clothes including skis! And I was wearing a ski jacket and ski pants but luckily Nonna changed me as soon as she went through the box. She says my whole original outfit was there even my shoes! She was very excited.”

Lindsey realized Kit looked a little sad so she continued, “Kit came dressed in a tennis outfit. She even has a racket! Nonna didn’t find Kit’s original outfit but she did say she knows she already has Kit’s Christmas dress around here somewhere. I can’t wait to see what Kit looks like in her Christmas dress!”

That seemed to cheer Kit up a little bit then she remembered that Nonna’s daughter said something about having Kit’s typewriter somewhere and she forgot to be sad altogether.

Kit and Lindsey told the other dollies that Nonna’s sister had taken all the clothes to wash by hand (Nonna said her sister was a Master of Hand Washing) so they didn’t know when the clothes would come back but they didn’t mind waiting. They rather liked the thought of clean clothes.

“So what do you all do for fun around here?” Kit inquired of the closet dollies.

They told Lindsey about the movie theater (when Nonna set up Molly’s theater seats in the living room in front of the big tv) and how Nonna and her dad made two busses out of Lego storage boxes (and guest blogged about it). They told Kit how Nonna had made them books and games and food to play with and how they had several horses to ride and even a unicorn.

Kit and Lindsey thought they had come to a magical place. And the last I overheard, the dollies were still telling Kit and Lindsey what they liked to do for fun with no indication that they would run out of stories or things to share.