campfire cutie finally found!

I’ve been on the lookout for Our Generation’s Campfire Cutie outfit since it came out. I really wanted that plaid shirt. It was funny to me that American Girl’s boy Logan comes in a t with plaid shirt over it. I wanted to try this plaid on Thomas.


Thomas’ cargo pants are from a random retailer as are his boots. They may have come from Antina’s eons ago but I can’t remember. His shirt is not labeled Corolle but it came from a French department store Corolle section almost 20 years ago. My kids had just gotten their American Girl dolls (of which Thomas was one of them) and we didn’t have the dolls with us but purchased on faith that it would be a close fit. Somewhere there is also a light yellow one. I am still so happy they fit!

Out of the box, you can really see how much is in this set – a great value even at the full price of $17.99. In addition to the plaid shirt, you get denim look leggings, boots, a guitar, two smores, a pack of jumbo marshmallows and a stick with a marshmallow and hot dog. Before you think it, no, there’s nothing that hot dog goes with but my daughter determined that the hole in it is smaller than the marshmallow so it’s entire purpose seems to be to keep the marshmallow on the stick.

Thomas was originally a PC Kirsten. As such, his tummy and bum are a little fuller than modern Mattel AG counterparts. OG clothes are often slightly smaller than AG clothes too. I could absolutely use this shirt unbuttoned if I had to. And yes! These are REAL BUTTONS with BUTTONHOLES. How awesome is that?

I do think the shirt is a little snug. Gen popped over to offer her opinion. “I think it fits ok but it would look better on me!”

“I think the rest of the outfit looks great on you, Gen!” Thomas told her.

Gen’s shirt is part of a dance outfit from My Life As (Walmart). The set does not appear on the website right now. It went over something; it wasn’t intended to be worn as a crop top with a wide neck showing. It looks ok to me but not really child play spectacular.

Thomas, being a gentleman, offered Gen a smore. She was delighted.

Suyin popped over to see what all the fuss was. Gen talked Thomas into letting her try on the plaid shirt.

“It looks great!” Thomas told her.

I do think the shirt will fit the newer AGs better. Since the colors do go with Thomas’ blue shirt, I should have tried it over that but didn’t think of it until I saw these photos later (although I think his blue shirt is longer). I am impressed that Gen’s feet fit in these boots with no issues. The leggings also have good coverage.

We had an intruder come check out the accessories. He loved the hot dog. That’s why it’s there! (The bear is a Valentine’s day stuffy from Target. He came with a small box of candy around his neck).

Suyin went to help get the tea ready. Everyone else settled in for a photo. Gen said she might have to learn how to play the guitar because it’s so cute. Our bear friend joined us too!

Gen invited Thomas to tea but he thought it would be more fun to hang with the bear. I mean, how often does one get to hang with a bear?

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3 thoughts on “campfire cutie finally found!

  1. A great outfit set! So many good mix and match opportunities. Looks fabulous on Gen. I’m not usually a fan of crop tops on the dolls, but this looks perfect on her – not too much showing. So glad the boots actually fit without any adjustments necessary.

    Thomas is adorable. You may need to search for the old AG Cargo Outfit (Circa 1999) for a plaid flannel for him. Gen and Thomas make a cute couple.

    The bear is adorable! Love how it stole the hot dog.

    • This is going to sound funny but I wonder if we have that…I’ll have to go through the clothes (when I can get to them again as they’re all in storage at the moment). I have the (largest) girl’s size of the grey t-shirt. I still sleep in it. It did not hold it’s shape but has been a few years!

      I don’t think we have it but yes, it would be perfect. Maybe I will have to go on an etsy quest for boy’s plaid shirts!

  2. That shirt looks great on Thomas! I have slowly gathered clothes for our boy doll. Some I made, some are AG outfits that are neutral. It’s fun finding new things for him to wear.

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