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We went to Dallas for QuakeCon 2017 where my son was in the Finals for Quake Champions (which is a video game for anyone else, like me, who doesn’t know). My ex-husband was kind enough to Uber it over to the Galleria Mall in Dallas with me and summed up visiting the store well, “This must be how you feel when I take you to a computer store.” Uhm…yup.

Inside, a quick glance to the right shows the new hotel set…

And to the left, here’s Tenney!

Off further back on the right, the new versions of the Truly Me line…

In the center as you enter, Nanea gets center stage.

I love both the swimsuit and Hawaiian dress (I actually have a dress similar to this that belonged to my grandmother I will have to drag out of my closet and see if it fits).

Aside from the pricetag, how do you not love the store set?

Nanea’s collection

The other new Dolling – Z

A lot of Z’s collection was out of stock but they did have the new backdrop.

More later…including what I picked up and how my son’s team did in the Finals.

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