Welcome to Mommy’s Doll Club!


Mommy’s Doll Club is intended to be a resource for FREE patterns and crafts for your 18 inch play dolls.  Many of the projects will be easily resizable for other dolls too.

I’ve come to find the doll community as very welcome and inviting.  As such, this site won’t focus too much on who came up with an idea first or even best.  I’ll list every option I find.

If you have a link to share, please email it to me at nonna (at) mommysdollclub (dot) com.  If you’re a vendor, please don’t send me a link unless it’s to a free craft or project on your site/blog.  If you’re looking for something that you can’t find, let me know that too and I’ll gladly help you hunt.

To get started, select a tab above or pick a tag on the right.  All entries will be listed in the blog tab if you just want to work your way back.  Remember to click on images for links to their original sources.

Wherever you are in life, this site has been set up to help you be the best doll mommy you can be.  We’ll highlight blogs, crafts, free patterns, ideas, party themes – you name it!

For many practical purposes, this site will focus on 18 inch vinyl play dolls like American Girl, Madame Alexander, Gotz, Our Generation etc because that’s the focus of my collection.  With doll play, it’s all about scale so please, scale up or down as needed (and ask if you need help with that!).

If you make a project from a link you’ve found here, I’d love to see it!  Please email me a picture!

Love you all, dollings!


NOTE: The subscription tools have proved a disaster so they have been completely discontinued. Please follow along on Facebook if you would like a reminder to visit when there is a new post. Thank you for your understanding.

34 thoughts on “Welcome to Mommy’s Doll Club!

  1. Sorry about my pictures on my blog. I know what the problem is I just have to take the time to work on it. I don’t know when I will get to it but, thanks for following!!

  2. Hello! This blog looks like it is going to be very popular! I can’t wait for more updates! Can you give me some feedback for my website please? Thank you so much!


    Abby =D

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    I am enjoying all the great information on your site. So fun to talk with others who share the same passion. I am always incredulous when friends say their daughter has an AG doll and they can’t remember which one! That’s when you know you need blog friends who would never confuse McKenna and Saige

  4. Hi, Nonna. Thanks for visiting my new blog (dollthings.wordpress.com)! Looks like we do share a goal and I am subscribed to yours, so will look forward to seeing your posts.

  5. The doll at the top of this page is just like a doll I purchased and redressed for my daughter’s birthday last year! I love the Madame Alexander 18 inch dolls!

    – Momma Cat

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  7. So happy to join “Mommy’s Doll Club”. Nice to have a place to share a common interest. I’m doing the same thing the lady from Canada is doing. I have twin granddaughters that I purchased dolls for, one brunette, one red head just like the girls, and a blond one for me so she can help me make new clothes for the girls. I am a member of DAR and Colonial Dames XVII Century and plan to make period dresses etc. for my doll.

    • I’m not gone! Life just got in the way! We’re trying to move and pack up my mother’s house among many other things. I’ll be back with regular posts soon.

      • Oh Good! I didn’t want to be mean or anything, I just missed you! Glad to hear that you are back! Best of luck with the moving and packing!

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